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  1. Numero Veinticinco

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Jordan Henderson

    Good end to the season, ever since he moved forward. In the other position, he’s a 6/10. Lately an 8 or 9. His attitude... 15.
  2. Numero Veinticinco

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I personally hope it happens. Decent enough defender. Not with anywhere near that amount, and will use up a good chunk of their budget.
  3. Numero Veinticinco

    Charlie Brookers 'Black Mirror' Trilogy

    If people want to see what poor and lazy writing actually looks like, they should watch that Miley Cyrus episode. She actually performs quite well as an actress, but the idea was really poorly executed, especially the ending.
  4. Numero Veinticinco

    Boxing 2019

    Hard to think of a bigger cunt in all of sport than Paulie.
  5. Numero Veinticinco

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    It really is. Reality doesn’t matter to some people. They just have an axe to grind. It was obvious then, when improvements and finals were twisted into failures, and it’s twice as obvious now that we’ve built an incredible squad that held up big ears. It’s still not good enough.
  6. Numero Veinticinco

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Well, you'll certainly never see ours breaking world record fees for players. Stingy cunts. Can't win. Get accused of buying the European Cup on opposing forums, implied that they're pocketing funds on friendly ones. I guess it just depends on your bias. Yacht, etc.
  7. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    It’s easy to understand when you consider those people don’t have the critical thinking skills to do anything other than parrot the shit their read on Twitter, and have that shit form their opinion of Corbyn as some mentalist, hell bent on destroying the UK because he hates Jews. When you listen to that shit and accept that it is the truth, it’s very easy to say ‘he’s soooo bad, I’d rather have Boris the liar’.
  8. Numero Veinticinco

    Economics for idiots

    Name one person who wouldn’t find that appealing.
  9. Numero Veinticinco

    Economics for idiots

    It’s not just public statements though. He might get very well be the biggest philanthropist in the history of the world, to be fair. Same with the other squillionaire who complains at taxes (from the other angle), Warren Buffett. You be got nothing against people creating and earning wealth. It’s up to the government to deal with how they collect and use tax income.
  10. Numero Veinticinco

    Boris Johnson

  11. Numero Veinticinco

    Boris Johnson

    You’ve really got everything twisted. Just like you did when voting Tory and blaming Labour for Brexit.
  12. Numero Veinticinco

    Boris Johnson

    So... Corbyn?
  13. Numero Veinticinco

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Yeah, it’s a great show.