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    Celebrity sex pests don't come much bigger than these two whoppers
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    I have suffered from sciatica for many years as a result of a herniated disc in my lower back. Fortunately I am still reasonably active and I have found that the sciatica is less of a problem if I keep my "core" muscles engaged - walking briskly, sitting upright, even doing jobs around the garden etc. The sciatica is much more pronounced if I slouch, walk slowly, stand for any length of time, or do anything that puts direct vertical pressure on my spine. The back specialist I consulted did an MRI scan then told me that the hernia is in the front/side of the disc, so operating would be very difficult, with no guarantee it would improve things - in fact, it could even make it worse. I've had a cortizone injection into the disc, but it didn't lead to any long term improvement. I asked the specialist about a brace, and he recommended avoiding that as he feels it is better to build up core muscle strength, and a brace has the effect of weakening the core muscles by removing the load. I am not taking any medication as I really worry about the long term effects of anti-inflammatories and pain killers. My advice would be first to get an MRI scan and find out the basic cause of the sciatica, then consult a reputable specialist about the best course of action. You never know, it may be operable. Avoid chiropractors, and I honestly don't think pain killers are a good long term solution as he may be doing more damage without realising it. I'm going to make a disclaimer here - I am NOT a medical professional, I have no medical qualifications of any kind, and the above is just a description of my personal experience with sciatica. I have concluded there is no "cure" for my condition, so I have to find the best way I can to manage it and live with it. Good luck with your Dad's diagnosis, I sincerely hope he can find some relief.
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    Premier League Round Up (Mar 12-14 2021)

    Fucking hell Dave - you had to remind us that Stewart Downing once played for us ? I'd almost wiped that from memory. Your destruction of Lamela redressed the balance a bit, but still.......
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    Signs that you're behind the times.

    I have no tattoos
  5. Waitak

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    Being able to double de-clutch
  6. Waitak

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    I don't give a fuck if I go somewhere without my phone
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    Australia / New Zealand

    Two separate cases. The euthanasia legislation had already been passed by parliament, the referendum was an opportunity for the public to approve or disapprove. The cannabis referendum asked whether a legalisation bill should be put to parliament or not, so even if the vote had been yes, a bill would still require enactment. It looks unlikely that the Greens will have much say in the new Government, so there's no guarantee the legislation would have passed even if the public had voted yes. No doubt this issue will be back on the table in future.
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    Perfectly Cast Movie Roles

    R.Lee Ermey as the Gunnery Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket . Apparently he was brought in as a technical advisor, but turned out to be better than the original choice.
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    Premier League Round Up (Sep 19-21 2020)

    I'm currently watching the Spurs documentary on Amazon. Mourinho and Levy come out of it better than expected, but the thing that strikes me most is the absence of real on-field leaders in the Spurs team. Kane tries hard but isn't convincing, while Lloris can influence very little from the back. It makes me realise how fortunate we are to have Henderson, Van Dijk and Milner and appreciate what they bring to the team.
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    France in a camper van

    We did this trip decades ago, but with a small caravan rather than a camper van. It was great. Find a nice campsite (plentiful and cheap back then) and set the caravan up, then explore the local area by car. After a few days, hitch up the caravan and drive on to the next location. Much easier than packing everything up every time you want to drive a few miles to just look around. And take your own empty wine bottles to the local shop in the small villages, they'll fill 'em up at a fraction of the cost of a labelled bottle, and it's all good stuff. The biggest cost by far was petrol, other than that it was possible to have a great time on a low budget.
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    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Can't help noticing the absence of tattoos on most (if not all) of these lovely ladies. Has there been a change in fashion ?
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    Getting Old

    Suffering from sciatica and generally just having a back in bits. When I was 28 I pulled my back in the gym and it's never been the same since. It's gotten better over the years but up until a few years ago my back would completely lock and I'd be in bed for about 5 days. This seemed to happen regularly every 5 to 6 months. Like I said its not that bad anymore but I still get those twinges to the point I've had to buy a back support. Its shit as I used to be really active. Go the gym 3 times a week play football and go hiking but ever since then when I do exercise my backs in bits. Turned into a right fat cunt as well. Mate - see a specialist and get yourself an MRI scan. Sciatica indicates pressure on the spinal cord, possibly from a herniated/slipped lumbar disc. You need to find out the cause before deciding on the right treatment. Getting a physio/osteopath or chiropractor involved before you know the reason could make things much worse.
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    Supermarkets in Auckland are closing early because they're being overrun by panic buyers. We've got one confirmed Covid-19 case in the entire Country. One.
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    Annoying Americanisms

    "Quarter of"....the hour, rather than "Quarter to"
  15. Did anyone see the sniper in the crowd who shot Kane in the face when Lovren put his hand on the slobbering twat's chest ? No ? Thought not. Just for that alone I'd love Lovren to have gone to him at full time and said to him "European trophy and 3 points, cheers y'cunt." Lovren could also have reminded Kane about Croatia's 2-1 semi-final defeat of Engurland in the 2018 World Cup.....
  16. Waitak

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 22 2019)

    Had to laugh in that last 15 minutes. Chelsea - yes, fucking Chelsea - complaining about time-wasting. What short memories some people have.
  17. "my bad" - your bad what ? "I haven't got the bandwidth" = I'm too busy "I'll reach out to...." = I'll contact....
  18. Waitak

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    100% agree with Beejay. The lack of fight is the single most depressing thing about this performance.
  19. If only........ This system worked well when people in need took the whole appliance, piece of furniture or whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, scavengers starting to scour the streets for items of value - like the internal circuit of a TV or monitor. Instead of taking the whole thing, these bastards would just smash up the set and leave the broken bits of glass and plastic on the front garden for the local kids and dogs to cut themselves on. We stopped putting stuff out years ago, then the Council finally stopped the collections altogether.
  20. Waitak

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 25-27 2018)

    Great report ! I don't think Snodgrass ever made "my boy" status, but you always rated him. Excellent summaries on Rafa and Mourinho.
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    How much sleep do you get/need?

    I get off to sleep really easily, and sleep deeply for about four hours. After that, the slightest noise wakes me and I just doze from then on. Been like this for years, and I still function OK.
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    Your first and last live gig

    The Beatles - Great Yarmouth July or August 1963 Fat Freddy's Drop - Auckland - January 2018
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    Premier League Round Up (Feb 3-5 2018)

    I can just imagine Allardyce spitting tea all over his telly when he heard him say "it's nothing to do with me, it's all about the players". No no no no you silly boy, you say that when you've LOST. Gold