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    Supermarkets in Auckland are closing early because they're being overrun by panic buyers. We've got one confirmed Covid-19 case in the entire Country. One.
  2. Waitak

    Annoying Americanisms

    "Quarter of"....the hour, rather than "Quarter to"
  3. Did anyone see the sniper in the crowd who shot Kane in the face when Lovren put his hand on the slobbering twat's chest ? No ? Thought not. Just for that alone I'd love Lovren to have gone to him at full time and said to him "European trophy and 3 points, cheers y'cunt." Lovren could also have reminded Kane about Croatia's 2-1 semi-final defeat of Engurland in the 2018 World Cup.....
  4. Waitak

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 22 2019)

    Had to laugh in that last 15 minutes. Chelsea - yes, fucking Chelsea - complaining about time-wasting. What short memories some people have.
  5. "my bad" - your bad what ? "I haven't got the bandwidth" = I'm too busy "I'll reach out to...." = I'll contact....
  6. Waitak

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    100% agree with Beejay. The lack of fight is the single most depressing thing about this performance.
  7. If only........ This system worked well when people in need took the whole appliance, piece of furniture or whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, scavengers starting to scour the streets for items of value - like the internal circuit of a TV or monitor. Instead of taking the whole thing, these bastards would just smash up the set and leave the broken bits of glass and plastic on the front garden for the local kids and dogs to cut themselves on. We stopped putting stuff out years ago, then the Council finally stopped the collections altogether.
  8. Waitak

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 25-27 2018)

    Great report ! I don't think Snodgrass ever made "my boy" status, but you always rated him. Excellent summaries on Rafa and Mourinho.
  9. Waitak

    How much sleep do you get/need?

    I get off to sleep really easily, and sleep deeply for about four hours. After that, the slightest noise wakes me and I just doze from then on. Been like this for years, and I still function OK.
  10. Waitak

    Your first and last live gig

    The Beatles - Great Yarmouth July or August 1963 Fat Freddy's Drop - Auckland - January 2018
  11. Waitak

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 3-5 2018)

    I can just imagine Allardyce spitting tea all over his telly when he heard him say "it's nothing to do with me, it's all about the players". No no no no you silly boy, you say that when you've LOST. Gold
  12. Waitak

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Nov 25 2017)

    Hand on heart - if I'd have been offered 1-1 before kick off, I'd have taken it. Chelsea ARE a good team, and we did well to score a smart goal. Their flukey equaliser was disappointing, but shit happens.
  13. Waitak

    Premier League Round Up (Fen 11-13 2017)

    Showing my age here, but Courtois always reminds me of this bloke:-
  14. Waitak

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 21-22 2017)

    Good job, Dave. The Lescott references gave me my first football laugh for a week.