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    Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 8 2018)

    "City will have a stroll in the park against Everton while we’ll have to find a way to unlock Mourinho’s eleven man defence." Not so sure I agree with this, Dave .....Everton are not the soft touch they used to be. Don't be shocked if they manage to get a point from City.
  2. Klopper60


    You think that Achterberg is teaching our keepers to let in goals at the near post or miss balls hit directly at them ....? A good keeper at Sunderland or Mainz is not necessarily a good keeper at Liverpool. Our history is filled with players who were boss at other clubs but could not make the grade at Anfield ...why should it be different for a goalkeeper? If the argument is that they've not improved then yes, the coach can be responsible for that ....although there are times when not even Walt Disney can turn a duck into a swan. But neither Mignolet or Karius, especially Karius, have looked near as good as before they came here. So Achterberg would have to be responsible for making them worse keepers according to your logic ....? And he's been at the club since 2011 during which time neither Kenny, Rodgers nor Klopp have been able to suss out that he's the reason our keepers are rubbish ....? Sorry but that makes no sense to me.
  3. Klopper60


    Do you think that Acherterg coached Mig not to punch that shot at Arsenal or Karius to let that one in at his near post on Sunday ....? They're just not good enough and asking any coach to improve them is like giving someone a basket to carry water. Just ain't happening .....
  4. Klopper60


    Thanks for the tip but I like the sound of phuck better. Now phuck off ..... :P :D :P
  5. Klopper60


    Mignolet is a lot like Lovren .... a decent player prone to mistakes and therefore just not good enough to start for us. Karius oth is absolutely phucking horrible ...he doesn't seem to have even the most basic idea of what goalkeeping is all about and it shows plainly. And, since he was given a run at the start of the season and then dropped til now, there has been no discernible improvement. So what the phuck Klopp is hoping will be different between now and May is beyond me. Karius may come good one day but he shouldn't be entrusted with our hopes for silverware this season. We need to either buy a proper keeper in this window or ride it out with Mignolet til May.
  6. Klopper60

    Philippe Coutinho

    I'd rather beat them in the round of 8 so they don't even make the final. Those snidey, self-important motherphuckers ..!
  7. Klopper60

    Philippe Coutinho

    It doesn't matter to me if we get Lemar or Goretzka, or both, as replacements in this window. We should under no circumstances sell him in this window ...! He's under contract with massive wages that he was delighted to sign a year ago and we are Liverpool Football Club ...we should not be bowing to pressure from player or any other club. If he wants to go to Barca and play in the sun with his friends ....fine ...he can go. But they will have to pay thru the nose and he can only leave when it suits us ....not him or them. And it doesn't suit us right now at all. Barca and Nike can take all those pre-printed shirts and stuff em up their arseholes. And Suarez and the rest of the players can put all their Instagram messages in the same place. He can leave at the end of the season but not a moment before.
  8. Klopper60

    FSG are not shit

    Coutinho is not leaving in January. That is all.
  9. Suarez is just as energetic and aggressive in knicking balls as Firminho but a much better passer and goal scorer. He's absolutely the perfect fit for Klopp's style and I'd take him back today even though he's a bit under his best now.
  10. Klopper60

    Sadio Mane

    What kind of a club are we that one player's injury can ruin the season? Some on here are moaning about this like the world has come to an end ...WTF ..? We are Liverpool ffs ....we will deal with Mane's injury and keep on winnning. If not then we may just as well be Stoke or West Ham or any other no mark club.
  11. Klopper60

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Not knocking Klopp ...love the fact that he's an idealist who spends frugally and would rather buy a player for 25 mill and coach him into an 80 mill one ...love his enthusiasm and intensity and how the players respond to him in kind ...and the fact that he throws kids like TAA and Gomez into the deep end and gives them the confidence to swim. Much rather have him than Guardiola, who was willing to spend 60 mill on Sanchez when he already has Aguero, Sterling, DeBruyne, both Silvas, Jesus and Sane, or Conte, who has never seen a young player good enough for the first team. Also cognizant of our recent score in the clean sheet department and that our defense is improving. However, it's still our Achilles heel and will be the cause if we prove unable to win the title this year. So I think a bit of old-fashioned German pragmatism would have served Jurgen well here. If Sakho had to go, then fine. But surely there must have been a stop gap replacement available for cheap somewhere until we, hopefully, can get Van Dijk in January.
  12. Klopper60

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I have to believe that we talked to Southampton privately about Van Dijk and were told to piss off which is why we didn't make a bid. If not, this must be the most bewildering piece of (non)-transfer business ever. Klopp wanted him, he wanted Klopp, we needed him badly and yet no bid ....WTF ...!! And what about Sakho ....Klopp sent him to Coventry months ago but was his crime so bad that he couldn't have atoned and let back into the team. He's our best defender, despite his flaws, and would surely have made the team stronger. We must have known that VVD wasn't coming days ago so why ship Sakho to Palace ...? Klopp is a brilliant coach but too pig-headed and idealistic for his own good sometimes. For him to think that Klavan, Lovren, Gomez and Matip are good enough for us to win the league is madness. He should have had a plan B.
  13. Klopper60

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    BBC says a deal is done for 40 mill. I trust Klopp's judgement and his ability to make him a better player so if we can now get VVD over the line it will be a decent window for us.
  14. Klopper60

    Virgil Van Dijk

    My post as about two possible substitutes to Dijk, there are others. My post was also about not being held to ransom by Southampton or paying out our arse when there are alternatives. My apologies if I'm not as current with footie transfers as you.
  15. Klopper60

    Virgil Van Dijk

    He may have been shite at City but he's not shite now. He was also 21 at City. He's now 26 and a very strong player for Atletico. For 20 mill he's worth a look I would think.