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  1. Its a bit (very) weird that a forward with 55 league goals & 19 assists in 76 league games is polling so massively behind a centre forward with 49 league goals & 28 assists in 139 games. This idea that Firmino makes us tick .. sure, he's central to it, but exactly which games were they where his absence undid us? Because I certainly can't ever remember a remotely similar feeling of pure doom to when Salah hobbled off against Madrid in Kiev. Bobby's a cult favourite but he's just not in the same class as Salah. Every single statistic and area of their play says as much.
  2. Mane & Salah by a country mile. Firmino is a very good player but his abilities are flattered by the other 2. Mane & Salah both have GOAT winger potential; you can probably count on two hands wingers as good as them in the game in the past 20 years. Out and out ability, they are way out in front. Mane vs Barca in the semis, Salah vs Roma in the semis .. if Firmino ever has games like that then he merits inclusion in the conversation on an individual-talent basis.
  3. They haven't got a functioning midfield. Won't clear 75 points this season - that's optimistic.
  4. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Wilshire is completely finished - looks awful. Legs have gone.
  5. Alex_K

    Norwich (H) 9/8 Premier League

    Carragher was always a moron -- he was never really that far removed from a John Terry type. Hardly the most cultured player and now he displays hardly the most cultured opinions. As like everyone I was v dismayed with the lack of summer activity, but .. you look up down that teamsheet yesterday and there is a sound argument that 8 or 9 of those players are or may emerge as legitimate world class talent this year .. Salah, Firmino, TAA, VVD, Robertson, Alison, Gomez, Fabinho, Mane .. if the supporting cast stays fit and Origi can nab say 10 league goals through the season we may just end up sweeping everyone before us. Sane/Kompany should be a huge miss for City and while its hardly a groundbreaking comment given our points total last season, on paper we genuinely have one of the greatest sides the league has ever seen.
  6. Alex_K

    FPL Draft Game

    Yes I flirted with choosing Giroud, he looks like their only out and out striker. But bloody hell - he's scored 9 league goals in his last 3 seasons! He's absolutely verging on making latter-day Emile Heskey look prolific.
  7. Alex_K

    FPL Draft Game

    Patricio Hennesy Azpilicueta Alonso Chilwell Jonny Delph Pepe Richarlison Mahrez Felipe Anderson Ozil Abameyang Deeney Haller Came in to find my timer ticking down, so bit of a mad rush on the first pick. Ozil looks to be off and I wouldn't be surprised to see Abameyang go too which would be a bit gutting to the side. Figure Mahrez will get more gametime this year. Pepe + Haller big unknown quantities.
  8. Alex_K

    FPL Draft Game

    Made a bit of a dog's meal of this; should have got in the room earlier. Presumably points are calculated for players just as for their Fantasy Football counterparts?
  9. Alex_K

    FPL Draft Game

    I've joined up - that makes 5 teams at the moment. Worth tagging whoever else needs to sign up? Not sure who is in and who isnt
  10. Alex_K

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Because football is in a state of unparalleled wealth. All but LFC.
  11. Alex_K

    La Liga Draft - The Final

    Good game. Worthy winning team. Dim should have got some points. Easily 2nd or 3rd best out of the 5.
  12. Alex_K

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    If Spurs take Dybala and Coutinho on the back of the stadium spend & N'Dombele it reflects so, so badly on FSG. Proper Ferguson "no value in the market" moment. We are so close.
  13. Alex_K

    FPL Draft Game

    I need to sign up but definitely in. Thurs evening is good for me
  14. Alex_K

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    His debut penalty save against Stoke aside, my only memories of Mignolet are dominated by woe and infamy. An awful goalkeeper who, if he had ever actually been neeed, would almost certainly have led to us being knocked out of Europe. Thank god he's gone.
  15. Alex_K

    La Liga Draft - The Final

    That's probably a pretty accurate team - other than Ayala (a CB who people are overly nostalgic about -- never scooped up by a European titan and you'll be v hard pressed to find an all-time Argentinian list that has him ahead of Ruggeri or Passarella) & Makelele (who didn't make his own national side in his prime). Would actually takes Busquets ahead of Makelele.