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  1. Alex_K

    Takumi Minamino

    Shaqiri has scored some very big goals for the club. He has different issues (fitness; more evidently not being a part of the long-term Klopp picture; whatever reason he is in and out of top clubs frequently) but as a talented footballer there is very little comparison between him & Minamino, especially in this style of league.
  2. Alex_K

    Takumi Minamino

    Inferior Benayoun is probably a fair tag. Was being out-muscled by kids at times last night. His lack of pace & physicality is a pretty fundamental problem. Probably bottom of the selection pile if all are fit. Would far rather have Shaqiri playing.
  3. Alex_K

    Thiago Alcantara

    That’s a really, really stupid take. The team has dropped a lot of needless points of late & were just humiliated going into half time evens against a non-pro team. There was nothing to celebrate with the goal. It was absolute bare-minimum to avoid professional humiliation for Gini & co who Klopp likely made furious with themselves. This set of players has the quality to be epoch-defining. We’ve let ourselves down recently (through blend of reasons). RE: Thiago - his CV probably places him as a top 5 PL mid in the last 20 years. Possibly even better. Even someone like David Silva didn’t whip up the global reputation Thiago has. V excited to see him play United & total game changer for the team, as he was always going to be.
  4. Hassenhuttl is great. Comparing the structure & dynamism of his team with Wilder's efforts at Sheffield is, well, laughable. I was confident we'd win the title by 10 points this season, heavily caveated with keeping the first 11 fit in the manner we have the previous 3 seasons. What is unfolding is a bit difficult to discern. We're not playing badly - we're dominating the ball, getting into dangerous positions, regardless of opposition. At the end we're not getting enough bodies into the box though, presumably because of the structural fear with the defence as it is, so chiefly not getting enough goals. Klopp is highly system oriented, and the system is being hamstrung by the central defender absences. Difficult to navigate. Think the team selection last night is how we should move forward though.
  5. Mariner has been absolutely woeful here
  6. Suspect Klopp took that one a little too much for granted and played the energy conservation game. We never really amped it up. Can’t really legislate for the mistake for the goal. Chamberlain is a strong midfielder: good to have him back in the fold & if he stays fit he adds a different dimension to the midfield. Henderson / Gini / Ox becomes a strong midfield until (if) Thiago is back.
  7. He doesn’t have so much as a league assist or goal to his name? He’s comfortably hidden in a team of European Cup / League winners; the absorption with recent performances was wildly overboard.
  8. Curtis Jones just isn’t very good. He’ll be an OK player but he doesn’t have the innate athleticism the best do.
  9. Alex_K

    Do you think we should sell Keita?

    Lost, I believe, 1 game in major comps in 3 seasons that he has played in (Atalanta H). Best 3rd choice CB in the league by a wide margin. Another 3 full seasons at least at his age at the very top level. Not the kind of quality you gamble on finding a replacement for.
  10. Alex_K

    Do you think we should sell Keita?

    There is absolutely no argument whatsoever to sell Matip. He's one of the top 10 centre backs in the league, if not top 5. Keita played very well at Palace. Doesn't really pull his weight generally. If selling him means we can meet Wijnaldum's contract demands then its a no brainer to push for more leagues on the bounce.
  11. Alex_K

    Arsenal Post-Wenger

    Bit of a wayward thread but Nuno has done a great job at Wolves. They've lost Jonny, Doherty, Jota, Jimenez from last year's team; Moutinho is now 34. That's half the outfield, and they've still had enough to beat Chelsea. The loss of Jimenez is a real killer because he's basically their only striker. They'd probably be 4th without that loss.
  12. Alex_K

    Arsenal Post-Wenger

    Other than when we knocked that very side out of the European Cup?
  13. Nuance is clearly lost on you. Try to read my post and comprehend what it is actually saying rather than blurting the obvious all over the screen. Gerrard did his best work when untethered by Hamann/Alonso & latterly Alonso/Mascherano to cannon forward as a force of nature but was, typically, an ill disciplined midfielder when tied to the central role. Henderson is the antithesis of Gerrard as a midfielder - a very different type of player lacking the star-dust & creative/attacing spectacle but with other qualities of discipline & nous that he is superior in. Henderson has evolved into one of the key pivots that this 95 pt form year-on-year, World-conquering team rests upon.
  14. Alex_K

    Arsenal Post-Wenger

    Yeah like I said, when you have 2 mil a week outlay on attacking players and you literally cannot score a goal in open play, then it becomes a scenario of anyone-but-Arteta. His style is the antithesis to the squad he has. They will, inevitably, have a bounce and score a heap when he leaves. Won’t last in of itself, but it’s something at least. This is terminal.
  15. Alex_K

    Arsenal Post-Wenger

    Arteta’s position is untenable. They’ve got about £2 million a week wrapped up in attacking-players salaries and can’t score a goal in open play.