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  1. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Of all the permutations, this is probably the most insightful. If Spurs lose to City they will most likely find themselves out of the top 4 after the next round of fixtures, with both Chelsea and Arsenal playing at home against fodder. A draw would be a very useful result for them though as it would put them above Chelsea on GD and also they'd have a game in hand with 4 left to play. While tonight was euphoric, they'll know better than to think the CL offers them any more than a 25% chance of getting into the CL again via winning the competition .. so its so important for them to keep up in the league. This should also highlight how absolutely certifiably insane United and everyone associated with United were to entertain Solskjaer as more appealing prospect than Pochettino. The two managers are absolutely oceans apart.
  2. Amazing how quickly people can lose their heads with a short term bounce. OGS was only ever going to end disastrously for them. Total nut job appointment because it brought into the equation exactly what they don't need at the moment - sentiment. Get past the adrenaline rush after Mourinho left and there is nothing under the hood for them there.
  3. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I think any shred of pride United fans think they have will vanish the moment they're faced with the prospect of the scousers winning the league. They've enjoyed success in the past decades but at heart they have tendencies that are every bit as small-time and bilious as the blues across the park. We'll see.
  4. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I completely envisage City/United being this seasons version of City/Everton during the last run-in, where Everton fans were booing when their own team ever crossed the halfway line. I'm sure Old Trafford will be willing City on in that game - even if United could still get top 4 out of it. Their rabble is pathetic.
  5. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    We're on for 90+ points a year on from 75 and barring absolute catastrophe we're going to get more points in a season than United ever have in their history. Nothing "fucked us up" and it's simply banal and stupid to say it did. That said, I just can't imagine City dropping any more points so have a very sanguine approach to it all. At least in Europe it's in our own hands.
  6. I see -- following their spawny 2-1 home win against West Ham through 2 penalties -- that misgivings are already beginning to surface around their glorious new manager (once of Cardiff and Molde). His golden streak was the greatest thing that could ever happen: it'll signal another 18 months at least of written-off time at Old Trafford. Just please nick something off City in the meantime.
  7. Alex_K

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 3 (Apr 5 2019)

    We were one of the very few teams to beat them because we ourselves are a world class team that -- at that time -- were on the cusp of becoming the 90+ point goliath we are now. There is no mysticism at play. Great teams can be beaten by other great teams. City could well have dropped -- come the end of this season -- around 35 points in 76 games. Their record - if they do win the league - will likely read 64 wins, 6 draws, 6 losses in 76 domestic games. It is an insanity never witnessed before in the history of english domestic football - but an insanity founded on far more rational causes than the league conspiring to keep the title out of Merseyside.
  8. Alex_K

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 3 (Apr 5 2019)

    Agree here - we are an absolutely great football team. We're probably already one of the top 10 sides of the Premier League era ever - regardless if we win this title or not. Its belittling of our achievements though to suggest that the financially-doped golem we are competing with are where they are because of other teams "rolling over" - as if there was something for other teams to achieve in playing that way. The reason teams so consistently register 0 shots on target against City is because they cannot get the ball. They - quite literally - cannot get the ball. And they cannot get the ball because City have constructed a side in the Barcelona tiki-taka way -- overseen by every key executive football personnel from the involved in Barcelona's construction from the manager upwards -- staffed with two-dozen of greatest technical footballers on earth in every area of the pitch who keep 90% of the ball game-on-game. And the reason they are staffed with two-dozen of the greatest technical footballers on earth in every area of the pitch is because we publicly know they have illegally thrown £1.4bn at the project -- and who knows what else has been spent outside the public eye in foreign off-shore accounts to keep the likes of Silva and Aguero there while every other domestic team are abandoned by their Latin superstars the moment they hit their prime. So what we are doing is a fantastic, almost unparalleled achievement - but it doesn't need to be belittled by suggesting that other teams lie down against City. They play a different way to us. We afford team's much more of the ball than City do - and the impact of that is that we leave ourselves open to far more games lived on the margin. We've shown ourselves that there is a way to get at City - but no other sides are gifted with the genius of Salah, Mane and Firmino leading from the front that bring our strategies against City to action.
  9. Klopp is a great man-manager. He will well know the reaction to Henderson from part of the fanbase; Henderson will no doubt know it himself. Its nice to give him a gee-up in public. He's a good player to have; he's not remotely near the Mane/Salah/Van Dijk/Firmino/Alisson equivalent for his position. There's probably a very strong argument to say he's not at an equivalent level to Fabinho/Robertson/Wijnaldum, too. Of the first 11, that then leaves Trent & Gomez .. both of whom (at 20 & 21) I think have a far higher trajectory in them than Henderson has ever shown - if Gomez can ever get fit that is. So - he's not one of our better players, and if we ever do manage to get in a midfielder on the David Silva/De Bruyne level (or if Keita ever evolves into that), then he's the one that looks most immediately replaceable in the first 11. But its a squad game, he has great tenacity and fits our system well, so he'll always get minutes here.
  10. I think Carrick was a really clever, classy player. Far better on the ball than Henderson, but less energy in the press. Think he's probably a level or two above Henderson. While it's not nice saying it, our performances often have not befitted the position we are in - and vastly that is due to the lack of creativity and composure in midfield. Despite the negative reactions to the opinion, Butt started the 99 CL win for United. I'm not quite sure how good people think Henderson is in isolation of some of the all-time-best players in the positions around him.
  11. Liverpools Nicky Butt or Ray Parlour. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that. Both regular fixtures in European & Domestic trophy winning teams. But equally neither off the top shelf in those respective teams. Sloggers.
  12. I don't care - if Pogba bags a couple of goals against City again this time around I'd build a statue of him. With the way City are playing it's going to take a supernatural act to rip points away from their grasp. Pogba, please again be the man to do it.
  13. Alex_K


    Hmm - he's started all games against United, Arsenal & Everton, so not sure it's as clean cut as that. Conversely he's started neither of the games against City or Spurs. Suggests it's tactical.
  14. Alex_K

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Pressure is definitely on Spurs & United to put a shift in against City. Arsenal's remaining fixtures should see them coast to one of those top 4 spots now.
  15. Alex_K

    International (Sections) Draft - FINAL League

    It's at 6 votes now (forgot to vote previously). It was passive-aggressively shuttled off from the main forum so gets no visibility (presumably there were private complaints sent about the prominence of the thread on the forum??). Shame as there's some real dirge posted, whereas at least this is creative and prompts some interesting football conversation.