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  1. I've got that, it's warm and comfy as fuck, like walking around wearing a sleeping bag.


    Just make sure it fits you, don't do what I did.

    Which was get it, realise it was a bit too big but thought I can't be arsed sending it back, I'll just hit thy gym and grow into it.

    But 3 years later still weigh exactly the same.

    Ha, it would be the opposite for me, need to exercise to drop a size!!

  2. Him and a few Sporting players are trying to get there contracts written off because a group of ultra attacked them in training and it was rumoured that the club president ordered it. Rui Patricio had a move lined up to Wolves but the aforementioned president moved the goal posts at the last minute so Rui Patricio is leading the way.

    Wow - the Ev are supposed to be looking at him, maybe if he does go there someone should remind him what happened to Nyarko!PA-1420027.jpg