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  1. bollocks, forgot the SOS Band
  2. Talking Heads Blondie ZZ Top The Doors Van Halen RHCP Earth Parliament/Funkadelic Sly & The Family Stone Chic O'Jays Isley Brothers Cameo Zapp Kool & The Gang The Whispers Pointer Sisters Odyssey i'd put Hip Hop separately because there is utterly loads
  3. thegreatelephant

    Nike deal

    could murder some hot and sour soup
  4. thegreatelephant

    British Band Tournament - Round 2. Blur vs Madness

    capable of great pathos too
  5. enjoyed that 'One for the road' documentary he did in the US, travelling in an R.V. - which you've probably seen? kin'ell, over 15 years ago very down to earth and obviously extremely talented. nice bit when someone had the Squeeze singles CD in their vehicle on spec at a camping site- seems they were popular there in their heyday
  6. thegreatelephant

    Favourite Sportsmen/women Of All Time

    Athletics - Daley Thompson American Football - Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe Baseball - Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn Basketball - Billy Hoyle Boxing - Nigel Benn Cricket - Ian Botham Darts - Eric Bristow Formula One - Nelson Piquet Golf - Nick Faldo Ice Hockey - Reggie Dunlop Rugby - Mick Skinner Snooker - Alex Higgins Tennis - John McEnroe
  7. Black coffee in bed - 'There's a stain on my notebook where my coffee cup was'.......made a very early impression on me as regards descriptive writing when in primary school. takes me right back to the classroom that one. everyone had the Squeeze singles LP so it seemed back then.
  8. Wow, what is this? Tobacco or... Pink Floyd?
  9. thegreatelephant

    Well this is turning out to be a shit day

    penis extension
  10. thegreatelephant

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    been on here have they?
  11. thegreatelephant

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    we always further strengthened when on top in the past which proved successful. so it's a genuine concern if we don't now. it's a fair shout and no-one is being unreasonable to expect same when we have finally got back to the summit. it's the desire for more fantastic nights we have already experienced under this great genius. maybe Klopp likes a bit of adversity in this regard to motivate the squad even more and further build their bond and trust? a sort of siege mentality within? but yeah, always on the look out for real value (Robbo) or the right big one (VVD and Alisson) who don't grow on trees or everyone would have them. so more selective- and if someone comes in that's fully accepted. the players then know they are fully in the driving seat and the young ones see a future way through. all i don't want is Klopp taking any sort of shit if there is a drop-off or injuries which we have been largely ok with if we don't buy for whatever reason. we've offloaded some high earners, more to follow. we can afford some class.
  12. thegreatelephant

    Primal Scream

    bollocks. that is very sad news indeed. great voice. 'gonna get high 'til the day i die'