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  1. 3 Stacks

    Other Football 2021/22

    Watching Betis-Leverkusen, Fekir's had such a weird career. Very talented player hovering around at a pretty average club in his prime years. I wonder how we would have used him. Thought at the time it would be in a Firmino type position, but I think it would have been a bit how we use Elliott in right midfield.
  2. Shambles, no. Don't put words in my mouth, it's unbecoming. We're not defending well and I think they can sucker punch us. As for not winning anything, yeah that's a prediction I've made based on the way we've played this season. Not sure why it's bothered you that much. Get over it, mate. It doesn't mean it will come true, although I'm notoriously right about many things. It's just an opinion.
  3. I don't think we'll win. Their full backs usually do a good job of being disciplined against us and they do the thing of playing long balls to their wide forwards on the counter well, which we have trouble dealing with. We're also not really defending well at the moment. They aren't good, but they're well placed to get a result vs. us.
  4. 3 Stacks

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Agreed. From memory, Rodgers and the club handled it very poorly. Treated him unlike the very important player he had become.
  5. 3 Stacks

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    What do you mean, where would he play? He's a versatile forward who can play all 3 positions and interchange during the game. That's textbook what we do. He'd rotate with the other 4. The Sterling discussion is completely hypothetical, it's never happening, but let's not pretend he's this shit player who'd get nowhere near our team. On paper football wise, it's a great fit.
  6. 3 Stacks

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    I threw around a number, but yes, he'd be very good under Klopp. He's the exact type of forward we use. Would this transfer happen? No. Should we do it if it was possible? Obviously. He scored 23, 25 and 31 goals in all comps in three straight seasons. Someone calling someone who can do that an "abysmal finisher" is the same person who thinks Mane and Salah are bad finishers because they miss chances. And I say that saying Salah is obviously a better finisher than Sterling, but you get the point.
  7. 3 Stacks

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    He'd score 20 goals a season with Klopp. Yes.
  8. I don't think they'd sack him with the group stage still going on and also they're only 5 points back in the league. Once they don't make the knockout stage if they don't make it, he'll be a goner.
  9. I'm not gonna respond to the 10 replies I've gotten about my very fair post, but we're unbeaten with most of our midfield and van Dijk being shite this season, which to be fair is something. And we're great in attack.
  10. My argument is that we've shat ourselves a bunch of times this season when we've had leads and our defending and game management stinks. 4 off the top of my head, but the City game is a different scenario, so whatever on that one. That's a lot of games. Some of those games we won like tonight and Milan, but I hate how we played in those games and I don't think it bodes well for when nut crunch time comes. Sue me. Leave it to the likes of you to be cocky about arguing against something that is quite obviously a weakness of ours and that we've seen a bunch of times already early on this season. Also, drop the dear boy thing, you don't have the swagger, intelligence or internet gravitas for it, mate. You're not me.
  11. Lol, dear boy? Settle down, Morris. I think we've shown big weaknesses in game management this season. Multiple clear examples, which scares me. I also said we're very good. You can disagree with me, but don't act like what I said was nonsense, makes you come across as a dickhead when I have a good argument.
  12. It's my feeling after the game. I think we're fragile and there are Brentford, Milan and this game that support that argument. It's very much not nonsense when there's stuff to prove what I think. We're a very good side with a few very bizarre weaknesses.