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  1. Shooter in the Motor

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Mockney gangster.
  2. Shooter in the Motor


    With pleasure.
  3. Shooter in the Motor


    I don't fight after 9pm. Get a ticket for 12pm GMT tomorrow.
  4. Shooter in the Motor


    Tactic? You called me a fucking retard. You apologised to Bjornebye saying it was out of character but in some kind of sorry statement to me you followed it up with another insult. Like I said, going up to anyone and calling them a retard is bad bell behaviour that is certain to trigger a response and you know it. There's no wall that stops that jumping into the online world.
  5. Shooter in the Motor


    I'll give nothing more for him to respond to.
  6. Shooter in the Motor


    I can't really comment too much as I wasn't in the house when it happened. All I know is four people in the same house ended up with Covid-19 and no-one can be sure who passed it on, with them all saying we kept away from each other.
  7. Shooter in the Motor


    And I'll keep negging your posts as long as you neg mine. Yes, I'm a revenge negging cunt. Now go get your fiucking shine box.
  8. Shooter in the Motor


    The one in Kent - where most of my family are - is extremely contagious. My mum and sister caught it from one of the carers who was in the house for about 30 minutes, fully PPE'd, deliberately staying well away from each other. I suspect it was a case of one person touching something and the other two then touching the same thing. That can happen in seconds.
  9. Shooter in the Motor


    Then stop talking to me, I have no interest in continuing to argue with someone who has their mind made up and constantly uses derogatory terms to try and reinforce their own standards. And as for knowing whether I'm smart or not, you have no idea. The same as your disgusting comment about being a retard, as unfortunately my dad is bed bound as a result of multiple sclerosis which has completely stopped everything from working except one hand. If you'd said that to my face, you know very well that you'd get something coming to you, but because you're sitting behind a keyboard and screen you see no problem with it. And you can justify your comments by adding context to them but I quoted your words as you wrote them, same as you quoted mine. Put me on ignore, same as I have now done with you. And your posts are nonsense. That is my opinion and you are not going to stop me writing about nonsense opinions. You dafter cunt.
  10. Shooter in the Motor


  11. Shooter in the Motor


  12. Shooter in the Motor


    Absolutely and that's always been the right of people who run pubs. Their license is dependent on how their clients behave. But there is a big difference between clients getting drunk and starting fights compared to getting drunk and mingling among other people in the pub. Can you imagine sitting in a restaurant, eating your steak and chips when another person just comes up to your table with their steak and chips and starts talking to you? When pubs opened up before, they were expected to be run like a restaurant. The experience you had was probably in line which would have been quite boring. The experience I and @Bjornebye described is a pub being run as a pub. Sure, it's a lot more exciting but it just shouldn't be happening yet.
  13. Shooter in the Motor


    Absolutely right, but when there's money to be made from the drinkers it's not in their interests to enforce them.
  14. Shooter in the Motor


    Yep, the same. I could see through the window. Four people on small tables. People going up to the bar. People walking between tables. People outside sitting in groups. People walking out of the pub pissed into shops with no masks. At least in restaurants there is a certain amount of etiquette required to be able to stay in there. In pubs, people getting obliterated means the pub is making a financial killing with very little responsibility.
  15. Shooter in the Motor


    So what you're saying is you can rip into people for what they post but they can't do the same to you? What makes you so special? You've absolutely torn into me for what I posted and I'm reacting to the nonsense that you seem to be posting about justifying opening society up when you have no idea what is actually happening in the UK. You're in another country for crying out loud. I won't be fucking off on your command as it's absolutely obvious that would just play into your delusions that 3 stacks is the big man and what he says, goes. I'm more than happy to stop posting what you see as 'nonsense' on one condition. You fucking stop doing it too.