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  1. Shooter in the Motor

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    I fancy a pint of that.
  2. Shooter in the Motor

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Who is Divock Origi's best brate?
  3. Shooter in the Motor

    Has This Season Changed Your All-Time Liverpool 11?

    U wot m8? No Beardsley?
  4. Shooter in the Motor

    Has This Season Changed Your All-Time Liverpool 11?

    Where has Beardsley gone?
  5. Shooter in the Motor

    Farage man of the people my arse

    Just like Farage to be driving through a place called Titsey.
  6. Shooter in the Motor

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I told you not to tell anyone.
  7. Shooter in the Motor

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Mauricio Pochettino: I would be stupid to stay with no plan, says Tottenham manager Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says he would be "stupid" to stay at the club if they expect similar levels of success without changing the way they are run. The Champions League finalists have not signed a player since 31 January 2018. Pochettino plans talks with chairman Daniel Levy this summer after five years in charge. "I am not open to start a new chapter with no plan, with no clear idea, with not being transparent," he said. Pochettino, who has four years left on his contract, hinted before Wednesday's stunning Champions League semi-final second-leg victory over Ajax that he could quit and go home to Argentina if they won the competition. He has turned Spurs into a regular top-four team during his time in charge, while spending less money than their rivals - and nothing in the past two transfer windows. The last player he bought, almost 16 months ago, was Lucas Moura, who scored a hat-trick - including an injury-time winner - against Ajax to set up a Champions League final with Liverpool in Madrid on 1 June. Spurs moved to their new £1bn, 62,062-seater Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last month. "I know very well how this business works," Pochettino said. "And we know we need to operate in a different way - that doesn't mean to spend more or less money. "But if we expect every season to be in the final of the Champions League, we need to create a plan. And the plan maybe is different to what has happened in the last five years. "If we believe that if we operate in the same way that we have operated in the last five years we are going to be every season in the final of the Champions League, and in the top four and competing against projects like Liverpool or Manchester City or Manchester United, I think we are very naive," he said. "If you want to expect the same from Liverpool, from Manchester City or Manchester United and Chelsea, and you put the same expectation on Tottenham, give me different tools to work. "If not, I see the people working in the same way, in the future I'm going to be this guy. I am the most stupid person to work." Spurs are fourth in the Premier League table going into their final game against Everton, but could only lose their top-four spot if they lose and Arsenal win at Burnley with an eight-goal swing.
  8. Shooter in the Motor

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    So that when players like Ramos try and get feisty, we can send out the whoppers.
  9. Shooter in the Motor

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    We could do with a grade A whopper or two.
  10. Shooter in the Motor

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Been looking forward to seeing this...
  11. Shooter in the Motor

    Someone's having a real laugh - sperm of gollum to Utd.

    He has said a title challenge next season would be miraculous. I thought that was the reason he was appointed?
  12. Shooter in the Motor

    Klopp interview / press conference thread

  13. Shooter in the Motor

    Tony Moanero is...

    Is he covering up a massive boner?
  14. Shooter in the Motor

    Trent Alexander Arnold

  15. Followed by the top ten cliffs you would love to jump off with a camera and a parachute.
  16. Shooter in the Motor

    Top 10 films you haven't seen

    He might be a cunt, but he's a cunt who is good at magic and shit.
  17. I haven't seen a lot of these films. I think I might need to go find a desert island somewhere and pick ten of the films I haven't seen, watch them and jump off a cliff.
  18. Shooter in the Motor

    GF music review club

    I'm gonna post my Walker 4 and Ladyland reviews this weekend...
  19. Shooter in the Motor

    Wolves (H) Premier League 12/5/2019

    Raheem Sterling will score the most bizarre hattrick in history. One with his nose. One with his left buttock. One with his bollocks. Just our luck. But we'll smash Spurs right in the bastard.
  20. Shooter in the Motor

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    I'd be disappointed if he wasn't.