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  1. Shooter in the Motor

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    When he can do this in a Hyundai i20, he will be watched. Until then, I'm out.
  2. Shooter in the Motor

    I have an idea need help.

    Is he a comedy actor?
  3. Shooter in the Motor

    I have an idea need help.

    I'm guessing the idea that this Simon had didn't involve the use of brain cells?
  4. Shooter in the Motor

    Other football 2016/17.

    And of course what Dyche and Pulis are doing is having the same effect because West Brom and Burnley are first and second in the league. What? They're not? Oh.
  5. Shooter in the Motor

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    That is simply brilliant.
  6. Shooter in the Motor

    The Eagles

    Have Queen really carried on? How does this work. Do they have a wax work of Freddy and play his lyrics over live music?
  7. Shooter in the Motor

    Call Of Duty - Infinite Warfare

    Depends on the type of game you like, Battlefield 1 is indeed very good. I just picked up Dishonored 2 as I really enjoyed the first one and the second one is just as good, if not better.
  8. Shooter in the Motor


    Interesting word Misandry (/mɪˈsændri/) is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. It is parallel in form to misogyny, and either "misandrous" or "misandristic" can be used as adjective forms of the word. Misandry can manifest itself in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of men, violence against men, sexual objectification of men, "or more broadly, the hatred, fear, anger and contempt of men.
  9. Shooter in the Motor

    Call Of Duty - Infinite Warfare

    I cannot claim to know whether it's worth buying or not as I haven't and don't really plan on but I think this says it all... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-11-07-call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-launch-sales-down-nearly-50-percent-on-black-ops-3 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch sales down nearly 50% on Black Ops 3 Both Infinite Warfare and Blops 3 launched on a similar Friday in November. Both games had a huge marketing push. But, for a number of reasons, Infinite Warfare sold only half as well. That's not to say Infinite Warfare flopped - far from it. Infinity Ward's sci-fi shooter was still 2016's second-largest launch in the UK - behind FIFA 17 - despite losing half its sales year-on-year. But what caused all those lost sales? Firstly, Infinite Warfare launched without PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 editions, as Black Ops 3 did. However, even accounting for the loss of last-gen platforms, Infinite Warfare's sales were still down by 43.6 per cent, UK numbers company Chart-Track noted. In a financial briefing last week, publisher Activision said it expected Infinite Warfare to sell less than last year as it was a new sub-brand, compared to the return of the popular, established Black Ops franchise a year ago. This will have been a factor - Black Ops is by far the biggest sub-brand for the series. But to suggest this as the only cause overlooks the huge negative backlash against Infinite Warfare which has persisted among many fans since its unveiling. Many COD players have not warmed to Infinite Warfare's space-set gameplay. Others have criticised Activision's decision to only bundle Modern Warfare Remastered with premium Infinite Warfare editions. Fan reaction has been tempered since the game's unpopular unveiling back in May (when the trailer was downvoted to become one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history). As for how good the game is - well, Eurogamer's review will be online shortly now we've had a chance to play the game on live servers. Edwin's already weighed in with his view on Infinite Warfare's campaign, however - branding it "slick, morbid and a bit dull".
  10. Shooter in the Motor


    Why has this not been repped yet?
  11. This game would be the making of Stourbridge's season if he scores the winner.
  12. Shooter in the Motor

    Roy Keane

  13. Shooter in the Motor

    Roy Keane

    Only words two and three have any meaning here.
  14. Shooter in the Motor

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    If Wenger is a specialist in failure, why does Mourinho deserve respect when he's taken over this accolade? He's a joke. He looks quite unwell, maybe he should get on the gin.