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  1. Shooter in the Motor


    https://www.itpro.co.uk/security/malware/358393/laptops-sent-from-gov-to-schools-infected-with-malware?_mout=1&utm_campaign=itpro_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter School laptops sent by government arrive loaded with malware Calls grow for Gavin Williamson to resign as the Department for Education urgently investigates Laptops issued by the UK government to support vulnerable children as they adapt to homeschooling have been found to contain malware. Teachers have been sharing details across online forums of devices they have received from the government that contain suspicious files, the BBC has reported. A number of the devices were found to be infected with a "self-propagating network worm", according to the forum, and they also appeared to be contacting Russian servers, one teacher wrote. The Windows-based laptops were specifically infected with Gamarue.1, a worm Microsoft identified in 2012. The Department for Education (DfE) said it was "urgently investigating". "We are aware of an issue with a small number of devices," the department said in a statement. "And we are investigating as an urgent priority to resolve the matter as soon as possible. DfE IT teams are in touch with those who have reported this issue. We believe this is not widespread." Despite the DfE's suggestion that it is a "small number", the incident will only add more pressure on Gavin Williamson, who is facing calls to resign over his performance as education secretary. The MP for South Staffordshire has been criticised for his slow response during the lockdown, particularly with getting hardware and data to the most vulnerable children. So far, more than 800,000 laptops have been shipped, an effort that has been branded as being too little, too late. The shadow education secretary, Kate Green, has also called on Williamson to resign. "Gavin Williamson's record throughout this pandemic has been shambolic. He has bounced from one crisis to another without learning from his mistakes or listening to the parents, pupils and hard-working education staff who have been left to deal with the fallout," she said.
  2. Shooter in the Motor

    Ouija boards

    I just started watching 'Survivng Death' on Netflix which is all about near death experiences (NDEs) and it's just started on mediums. The episodes on NDEs are quite compelling. Lots of science to back up the possibility of an other side, most significantly that most people would assume the visions people have are psychological. However the brain is more likely to go into a conscious anxious state as it loses oxygen, yet most people who experience it talk about how peaceful it was. Many people talking about how it completely changes their outlook on life, which is really difficult as people around them still have the same outlook to life. Second episode starts to introduce mediums into the equation. Third episode starts witha physical medium holding a seance. They are tied up so they cannot get to the people in the room. All goes dark and the medium switches from a Dutch woman to 'Tommy' whom the spirits communicate through. The voice says 'Beta', and a guy in the audience says that means 'son' in his language. Good start. Tommy says this person is communicating in their language which he doesn't understand and invites the audience member to speak to his supposed father in his native tongue. He speaks, obviously no-one in the room understands him. After a few sentences he says he feels a presence with him. At this point, I'm thinking if Tommy starts relaying what the spirit is saying in their language (even though Tommy wouldn't understand what is being said, but the audience member would) that would be quite compelling evidence of the spirit. But Tommy says the spirit is fading away and wants his son to know that there was nothing he could do to change what happened and that he needs to let it go. So Tommy now understands what is being said by the spirit. At that point, all credibility is lost on me.
  3. Shooter in the Motor


    Get them all to the showers.
  4. Shooter in the Motor

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    Was there any chance of Ashley Barnes getting to the ball that he kicked past Alisson? It went passed the goal, out of play. It didn't look like it to me, it looked more like an attempt on goal. Just a few minutes earlier Mane had a shot and almost instantly the defender slid through him, taking him down. Why was one a penalty and not the other?
  5. Shooter in the Motor

    Rate the last game you've played...

    I'd suggest eneba.com as well as cdkeys. Example of Madden 21...https://www.eneba.com/xbox-madden-nfl-21-xbox-one-xbox-live-key-global
  6. Shooter in the Motor

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    This week's Inside Anfield is being retitled to Outside Anfield.
  7. Shooter in the Motor

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    @Tony Moanero Farleys Rusks are looking more and more like biscuits every game.
  8. Shooter in the Motor

    Takumi Minamino

    The two games he's been involved in (Palace and Villa) Liverpool have scored 11 goals. Maybe that's coincidence but he scored the opener against Palace and assisted a goal against Villa. Nothing overstated about that. Whether that would have continued if he had been selected to play against the dross that we drew against, we'll never know as he wasn't selected. All we know is the players who were selected against those teams have scored 1 goal against the dross. What is the worst that can happen if the players are selected? They don't win? We're not winning anyway. All the players need to own up to what is going on but give them all a chance rather than keep playing the same players/formation when it's obvious it isn't working right now.
  9. Shooter in the Motor

    Roberto Firmino

    He's waving with his crutch and bandage.
  10. Shooter in the Motor

    Movie Franchise Tournament - Round 1 - Monty Python vs Bond

    Shaken, not stirred.
  11. Shooter in the Motor

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    Really? I knew he left his wife for another woman but didn't know about that...
  12. Shooter in the Motor

    GF music review club

    I'm going to give this a crack. Been listening to some less famous Pink Floyd tracks tonight and it's got me in the mood for some new music. @Skidfingers McGonical @ZonkoVille77 @TheHowieLama <--- @Jose Jones @Carvalho Diablo @Fluter in Dakota As I believe it was Howie who selected the Professor Longhair album, I'm expecting great things. No pressure.
  13. Shooter in the Motor

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    Yes. It's a genuine possibility. In the same way that Farleys Rusks are a biscuit.
  14. Shooter in the Motor

    Ouija boards

    You'll change your tune when some fucker uses one and you are the spirit that starts moving the glass around the board.