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    Blimey that was a quick revival!
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    Scones - Clotted Cream - Jam

    You do know this is a thread about scones, not toast?
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    That's quite the revelation and it appears to be have been confirmed for over 40 years? (Something about being debunked in 1979?)
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    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

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    Scones - Clotted Cream - Jam

  6. Liverpool fan buys 'cheapest coach in UK' and charges just £1 for travel to Champions League final in Paris (msn.com)
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    Ray Liotta - RIP

    Field of Dreams is a film that I can testify to not having witnessed.
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    Ray Liotta - RIP

    Doesn't sound corny at all... Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his cornfield tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets it as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm, upon which appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago White Sox players banned from the game for throwing the 1919 World Series. When the voices continue, Ray seeks out a reclusive author to help him understand the meaning of the messages and the purpose for his field. All his life, Ray Kinsella was searching for his dreams. Then one day, his dreams came looking for him.
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    Ray Liotta - RIP

    Ray Liotta, Hollywood star best known for playing a mobster in Martin Scorsese’s Mafia classic Goodfellas – obituary (msn.com) Ray Liotta, who has died in his sleep aged 67, made his name in films for his portrayal of hoodlums and corrupt cops teetering on the edge of psychopathy. © Alamy Ray Liotta in Martin Scorsese's 1990 film Goodfellas - Alamy His most famous role was in Goodfellas (1990), Martin Scorsese’s gripping drama constructed around the experience of Henry Hill (played by Liotta), a real-life, small-time New York crook turned mobster who eventually becomes an informer and is spirited away into a witness protection programme. The movie was nominated for six Academy Awards, including for best picture and best director, with Joe Pesci winning for best supporting actor. Liotta prepared for his role by spending time with the Brooklyn-born, half-Irish, half-Sicilian Henry Hill, who, after seeing the film, lauded the accuracy of his portrayal. Liotta had been made to work hard to get the part in the first place. The story goes that he tried to lobby Scorsese on the beach at the Lido in Venice when the director was attending the Film Festival, but was turned away by bodyguards (hired to protect Scorsese from protesters against his 1988 picture The Last Temptation of Christ). Liotta managed to talk his way past them, and convinced Scorsese to cast him as Hill. Even then there was initial resistance from the studio executives – including the producer, Irwin Winkler – who wanted a bigger name. Real stardom never quite touched Liotta, despite the intensity and considerable charm that he brought to the most unpromising of roles and the good looks that were reminiscent of Tony Curtis. Liotta claimed that making a lot of money never motivated him, and that he had no ambition to be a screen idol; he liked playing working-class characters because, he said, they tend to be “much more emotionally charged”. Video player from: YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms) Born Raymond Julian Vicimarli in Newark, New Jersey, on December 18 1954, he spent the first six months of his life in an orphanage before being adopted by Alfred Liotta, the owner of a store selling car parts, and his wife, Mary, a local government officer. The Liottas lived in a middle-class area of Union, New Jersey, and were active in local politics on behalf of the Democrats. When Ray was three they adopted a daughter, Linda, having taken their son with them to the orphanage to help “select” her. Liotta knew from his earliest years that he was adopted, and in his forties hired a private detective who successfully traced his biological mother. At Union High School, Ray excelled at basketball, then went on to the University of Miami, graduating in 1978 with a degree in theatre and Fine Arts. He claimed that at that stage in his life he was far more interested in sport than in acting, but at college he appeared in several plays and musicals, partly because it enabled him to meet pretty girls. Having moved to New York City, he was working as a bartender when he was fortuitously offered a role in a television commercial. This led to a small part in a television movie called Hardhat and Legs (1980) and, in 1981, in eight episodes of the long-running soap opera Another World. Invited in 1983 to play Sascha the barman in a television series based on the classic movie Casablanca, he moved to Los Angeles, where he took twice-weekly acting lessons. Liotta’s debut on the big screen came in The Lonely Lady (1983), in which his most memorable contribution is sexually assaulting Pia Zadora with the nozzle of a garden hose. The critics were unimpressed: “If The Lonely Lady had even a shred of style and humour,” one wrote, “it could qualify as the worst movie of the year. Unfortunately, it’s not that good.” In 1986, however, Liotta scored his first notable success, in Something Wild, starring Melanie Griffith. He had secured his part through his friendship with Steven Bauer, Griffith’s then husband and a contemporary at the University of Miami. Liotta’s turn as Griffith’s violent ex-husband, a convicted armed robber, won him a Golden Globe nomination, the Wall Street Journal calling it “a screen-stealing, chilling performance”. © Provided by The Telegraph Ray Liotta in Goodfellas (1990) - Alamy Now suddenly inundated with job offers, Liotta said that he declined some $2 million worth of roles that would have typecast him as a “psychopath”. He did not get another significant part for two years, but when he did it was a very different one: for the well-received Dominick and Eugene (1988), Liotta showed a new dimension as a medical student caring for his mentally disabled brother. The following year he co-starred alongside Kevin Costner in the corny baseball movie Field of Dreams. Liotta portrayed the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson, the Chicago White Sox baseball player who, with seven of his team-mates, was banned from the game for “throwing” the 1919 World Series. Following his success in Goodfellas, in 1992 Liotta had top billing, alongside Kiefer Sutherland and Forest Whitaker, as a crusading surgeon in the black comedy Article 99. Researching for the role before filming, he fainted while watching a liver transplant. Although thereafter never short of work, Liotta was increasingly cast in roles that showcased his talent for criminals, misfits and outsiders. As he told the Guardian in 2007: “You can’t just sit around and wait for the perfect ones to turn up. You try to make the best choices that you can.” He was a psychopathic Los Angeles cop in the thriller Unlawful Entry (1992); a former marine captain sent to a penal colony for murdering his commanding officer in the sci-fi/action film No Escape (1994), of which he said: “In addition to beating people up, I get to cry and emote”; a corrupt police officer in Cop Land (1997); a policeman with a gambling problem in Phoenix (1998). In 2001, appearing in Hannibal (sequel to The Silence of the Lambs), Liotta was Justice Department official Paul Krendler, whose brains are sautéed and eaten by Dr Lecter. © Provided by The Telegraph Ray Liotta as Bill Wozniak in Shades of Blue - NBC Liotta’s many other credits include the cocaine-smuggling movie Blow (2001); the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002); the thrillers Narc (2002), Identity (2003), The Son of No One (2011), Killing Them Softly (2012) and The Place Beyond the Pines (2012); and the successful biker-comedy Wild Hogs (2007). Among his many television roles were that of Frank Sinatra in The Rat Pack (1998), which won him a Screen Actors’ Guild Award nomination. He also appeared in the Western miniseries Texas Rising (2015), a drama about the origins of the Texas Rangers. From 2016 to 2018 he starred as the corrupt cop Lt Matt Wozniak in the television series Shades of Blue, alongside Jennifer Lopez. In 2021 he had two roles, as the main character’s father and uncle, in the Sopranos film prequel The Many Saints of Newark. Unlike the screen characters with which he was most associated, Ray Liotta was a quiet, thoughtful personality who had little enthusiasm for the glitz which surrounds the movie business. He married, in 1997, Michelle Grace, an actress and producer who appeared alongside him in The Rat Pack. They had a daughter, and divorced in 2004.
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    An interesting take. Although they were around, they are known as crocodilians and there were others who were there too. As they're cold blooded they survived the fallout that destroyed the dinos as they were warm blooded. They also can survive with only one meal per year.
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    Scones - Clotted Cream - Jam

    Will you have scones next weekend? Which order will you load up your scones?
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    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Forget Tchouameni: FSG can get Liverpool rocking by signing "dangerous" £21m brute - opinion (msn.com)
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    Boris Johnson

    He should have distinguished himself by going by the name Dick Bacon.
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    How have these not got a thread of their own? Triceratops might be my favourite because they look so bad-ass and yet are herbivores! Even the T-Rex would have to think twice about taking on this bad boy... Triceratops vs T-Rex: Who Would Win in a Fight? T-Rex and Triceratops were two incredibly powerful dinosaurs that roamed the Earth together some 65-68 million years ago. The T-Rex is often considered one of the most powerful, terrifying carnivores to ever live. The triceratops was an herbivore that had all the power needed to defeat enemies and ensure it could live a peaceful life. What happens if we pitted these two against each other in the heavyweight bout to end them all: triceratops vs T-Rex? We have some fossil records to give us clues, but we’re going to rely on data and educated guesses about each creature to tell us which one would likely walk away from a fight alive. Discover which of these mammoth beasts is tougher than the other. Comparing a Triceratops and a T-Rex T-rex vs. triceratops pits two of the most iconic dinosaurs against one another. Triceratops T-Rex Size Weight: 12,000lbs-20,000lbs Height: 9ft – 10ft Length: 25ft – 30ft Weight: 11,000-15,000lbs Height: 12-20ft Length: 40ft Speed and Movement Type – 20 mph – Probably used an ungainly gallop 17 mph -bipedal striding Horns or Teeth – Has two, 4ft horns on the head – Has a third horn, about 1ft-2ft long 17,000lbf bite power – 50-60 D-shaped serrated teeth – 12-inch teeth Senses – Most likely had a good sense of smell – Could hear low frequencies – Somewhat good sight but restricted to front-facing eyesight. – A very strong sense of smell – Powerful vision with very large eyes – Great hearing Defenses – Massive size – Powerful bones resist damage to the skull – Massive size – Running speed Offensive Capabilities – Used horns and ramming to topple and kill enemies. – Could potentially use its weight to stomp on foes. – Bone-crushing bites – Speed to chase down enemies Predatory Behavior – Herbivore that may have been territorial – Evidence suggests frequent ramming contests against other triceratopses. – Possibly a devastating predator that could kill smaller creatures with ease – Potentially a scavenger The Key Factors in a Fight Between a Triceratops and a T-Rex The winner of a triceratops vs T-Rex fight would be based on speed, power, and killer instincts. Deciding whether the T-Rex or triceratops would be the winner of a fight requires an examination of the most important factors of each dinosaur. We have decided that comparing five physical dimensions and the combat abilities of each creature will grant us enough insight to say which of them would win a fight. Take a look at the advantages each dinosaur has over the other and learn how they would leverage their bodies and skills to battle. Physical Features of a Triceratops and a T-Rex Triceratops is shorter but heavier than the T-Rex A-Z-Animals.com The triceratops and T-Rex were both massive creatures, but size alone does not tell us the whole tale of the tape. Instead, we must examine several other facets of these creatures’ being to get a clearer picture of which dinosaur is more powerful. Discover the advantages that each dinosaur would have in a fight to the death. Triceratops vs T-Rex: Size The T-Rex was a massive, bipedal creature that weighed up to 15,000lbs, stood 20ft tall, and grew to lengths of 40ft. Not to be outmatched, the triceratops was a quadruped that could weigh 20,000lbs, measure 30ft long, and grow 10ft tall at the shoulder. The T-Rex was bigger than the triceratops and has the overall advantage in size. Triceratops vs T-Rex: Speed and Movement Triceratops was rather speedy for a creature its size, capable of using an ungainly gallop to reach a top speed of 20mph. Tyrannosaurus Rex could only reach 17mph using a bipedal stride. Triceratopses are faster than T-Rex, and they have the advantage in speed. Greir/Shutterstock.com Triceratops vs T-Rex: Horns or Teeth Triceratops and T-Rex used different methods for an attack, so we are going to compare each. The triceratops has three horns on its head, two 4-ft horns and one, 1-ft horn. T-Rex was a terrifying carnivore that had 17,000lbf bite power and up to 60 teeth that measured 12-inches long. It could bite deeply into just about anything. For sheer attack power, the T-Rex has the advantage because of its amazing bite. Triceratops vs T-Rex: Senses Good senses prevent other creatures from launching an effective ambush. T-Rex had a great sense of vision along with a powerful sense of smell and hearing. Triceratops had limited vision, low-frequency hearing, and a good sense of smell. T-Rex was better-equipped in terms of senses. Triceratops vs T-Rex: Physical Defenses Both the triceratops and the T-Rex relied on their massive size and running speed to keep them safe from predators. Triceratops also had an extra-powerful skull to help them survive trauma. Triceratops was slightly faster and had powerful bones in the vital area that is the head, so it gets the advantage in terms of physical defenses. Combat Skills of a Triceratops and a T-Rex T-Rex is a vicious fighter that uses its teeth to kill enemies. Herschel Hoffmeyer/Shutterstock.com The T-Rex was a monster that would find, pursue, and kill creatures with relative ease. It only needed to land a single powerful bite to do fatal damage to most creatures. Moreover, they hunted throughout their lives, giving them a lot of experience identifying the weak points of other creatures and using that information to their advantage. In other words, they knew where to bite as well as how to bite. Triceratops did not hunt, but evidence shows that it likely clashed against another triceratops like rams do today. That means they knew how to use their horns offensively; they’re more than decoration. Their combat skills would likely include charging and then looking to attack enemies in their vital areas. T-Rex was a far better fighter and killer overall, so it gets the advantage. What Are Key Differences Between a Triceratops and a T-Rex? T-Rex vs. Triceratops would have pit two massive dinosaurs against one another. Triceratopses are heavier than T-Rex, and they are quadrupedal while T-Rex was bipedal. T-Rex was taller and longer than the triceratops, and it was a carnivore while the triceratops was an herbivore. T-Rex hunted with its massive teeth and triceratops would only fight using a powerful charge that put its horns first. These are the key differences between the two creatures, and they give insight into how each dinosaur would approach a battle. Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Triceratops and a T-Rex? Triceratops would win a fight against T-Rex freestyle images/Shutterstock.com A triceratops would beat a T-Rex in a fight. That answer might be surprising, but we can’t just consider the T-Rex’s strengths in this situation. We have to consider its weaknesses. The T-Rex is taller, longer, and deadlier with its killing instincts, but it is helpless if it gets knocked over. Perhaps no other creature is well-suited enough for the task of bowling over and killing a T-Rex than the triceratops. If these two creatures fought on an open plain, the fight would begin with a charge toward one another because that is the only thing a triceratops knows how to do. Remember that triceratops is heavier and faster, so it smashes into the T-Rex with a much greater force. The triceratops is quadrupedal and much more balanced on the ground compared with the bipedal, unwieldy T-Rex. When it meets the T-Rex, a few things could occur: T-rex is knocked over and the triceratops drives 2, 4-ft horns into its lungs, heart, viscera, or head while it’s fruitlessly trying to get up The triceratops’ horns penetrate directly into the T-Rex as it tries to counter The T-Rex times its attack perfectly and bites the triceratops on the neck, either preventing a counterattack or getting hurt by the counter In any of these most likely scenarios, the T-Rex either earns a victory that leaves it severely injured or dies in the attempt to kill a triceratops. That is not to say the T-Rex couldn’t kill this dinosaur, but it would need to come at it from a safer angle than head-on. That is hard to do to a faster enemy. What other dinosaurs had horns? Beyond the Triceratops, a number of other dinosaur species had horns. Predators such as Ceratosaurus and Carnotaurus had horns and were large therapods like T-Rex. Other relatives of Triceratops include Styracosaurus and Monoclonius.
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    Boris Johnson

    Two more Conservatives pull support from UK PM over 'partygate' (msn.com) LONDON (Reuters) - Two lawmakers from Britain's governing Conservative Party pulled their support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday over a damning report that detailed a series of alcohol-fuelled lockdown-breaking parties at his 10 Downing Street office. © Reuters/PHIL NOBLE Conservative Party's Spring Conference takes place in Blackpool A day after the report was published, describing a boozy culture in Downing Street during COVID-19 lockdowns, Conservative lawmakers John Baron and David Simmonds said they could no longer support the prime minister. Their voices add to a growing list of Conservative lawmakers who have called for Johnson to resign over what has been dubbed 'partygate', despite the prime minister's repeated apologies. Baron, first elected in 2001, said he was withdrawing his support because he believed Johnson had "knowingly" misled parliament -- a charge the prime minister denies but which is being investigated by a parliamentary committee. "Given the scale of rule-breaking in No. 10, I cannot accept that the prime minister was unaware. Therefore his repeated assurances in parliament that there was no rule-breaking is simply not credible," he said in a statement. "Having always said I would consider all the available evidence before deciding, I'm afraid the prime minister no longer enjoys my support -- I can no longer give him the benefit of the doubt." Simmonds, who was elected in 2019, said Johnson had lost the confidence of the public. "Accordingly it is time for him to step down so that new leadership can take forward the important work of the government," he said in a statement. More than 15 Conservative lawmakers have publicly called for Johnson to quit since the reports of lockdown-breaking parties began to steadily drip into the media. But Johnson has refused, saying he still has work to do in government. To trigger a confidence vote in Johnson's leadership, 54 Conservative lawmakers in parliament must write letters calling for one to the chairman of the party's 1922 Committee. The letters are confidential, so the chairman is the only person who knows how many have actually been submitted.