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  1. Fluter in Dakota

    Nintendo Switch

    Still not played this, currently on links awakening. Flipping brilliant.
  2. Fluter in Dakota


    Hasn't been as good since lockdown. Has conceded lots of goals.
  3. Fluter in Dakota


    So either the antibody test doesn't work or the virus does not leave antibodies. Neither scenario is particularly good news.
  4. Fluter in Dakota

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Kevin lasagna... Meet Spaghetti Legs
  5. Fluter in Dakota


    “Xherdan is not a champion,” Swiss manager Arno Rossini told Tio, as cited by the Daily Express. “We certainly cannot say that he left his mark with the teams with which he won. Not with the big guys at least. “He was the protagonist in Basel, certainly not at Bayern or Liverpool. "Let’s say that over the years he has often followed the games of his teams as a spectator, sitting in the best places. And millions have also been paid for it. “This, taking everything into account, makes me think that the Swiss is not one who always gives his best. “If not as owner, at least one important reserve role, from first choice on the bench, would otherwise have managed to carve it out. Instead nothing. Only the crumbs, for a disheartening situation. “Of course, Xherdan is filling the bulletin board and seeing his bank account grow dramatically. I don’t know how many, in ten years, will remember him thinking about the great teams in which he has played.” Meanwhile, Donis Avdijaj has rued his decision to snub a “mega money” transfer to join Liverpool earlier in his career, saying he “bitterly” regrets the decision.
  6. I remember reading an article somewhere that Timo Werner was a shoe-in to sign for Liverpool and any bids by other clubs would be pointless. Funny, because Chelsea were somehow involved in that story too.
  7. Fluter in Dakota

    Best phone out there right now?

    Cos it causes Coronavirus, innit.
  8. Fluter in Dakota


  9. Fluter in Dakota

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That's very disrespectful to Italian women.
  10. Fluter in Dakota

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It's a concussion pandemic, targeting goalkeepers.
  11. Fluter in Dakota


    Yes you can, you put the swab where the tonsils used to be. In @Mook's case, that's up the arse.
  12. Fluter in Dakota

    Henderson: This title is for Stevie 

    This thread should be emblazoned in gold and a a fridge badge should be made in the shape of a @dennis tooth statue.
  13. Fluter in Dakota

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It's what he does.
  14. Fluter in Dakota

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes is expected to choose between Everton and Napoli by the end of the week. Both clubs have agreed a fee of €22m. (L’Equipe) Get ready for le fuuuuuuummmmeee!
  15. Fluter in Dakota


    I did each tonsil for 5 seconds and then one nostril for 10-15 seconds.