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  1. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Im even less sure why the NFL franchise system is used as a comparision to football clubs and, their relegation \ promotion that can impact a club's 'price.' But the fact remains and is supported in that position, that mega rich owners tend to buy run down or smaller clubs. The major exception to that is, as Ive said numerous times previously, when the glazers 'bought' united. They were already top of the pile and worth more than any other club in England by some considerable amount.
  2. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Depends if you see getting an owner with 'deep pockets' as the panacea to the perceived problems with the club. Then, there's the issue would such an owner treat the club as his \ her personal play thing like mansour at city never mind would they spend their personal wealth to the level of some fan's expectations. Of all the clubs that have been sold, only one to my knowledge has been sold for mega money, manchester united. So, I think on the balance of probability any new mega rich person or conglomerate will buy a smaller club and spend money building that up. Im aware of many mega rich people in the world, same as you. I dont know anyone personally and I dont see any of them rushing to buy football club's right now, you? But that's not the point. Abramovich bought chelsea for about £80m, shinawatra bought city for about £150m and mansour bought the club off him for around £200m (I think). Im not sure how much the qatarii's bought psg for. How much has moshiri paid for his near 50% stake in the shite?
  3. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Ah, that old chestnut. We've just added 8 thousand seats and the stadium is effectively sold out for all PL and the CL games it's hosted to date.
  4. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Well, I was open to moving to a new build stadium that matched our ambitions and status back in the late 80's but Al Edge and a few others mounted an Anfield4Eva campaign with website. They managed to sway many fans with their 'souless bowl' argument and even had meetings with david moores. I think that option is not so much dead but extinct now!
  5. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    It's the old answer, worth as much as someone would pay to buy. I'll be majorly surprised if anyone is willing to pay a billion for virtually any club, mega rich people prefer to build something virtually from scratch rather than a turn key purchase. Different financiers such as Deloitte, KPMG and Forbes etc use different formulas to value clubs and businesses but it wouldnt surprise me if the paper value of the club is near £800m - £1bn.
  6. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    KD stand yes. You've got Skerries Road full of occupied houses right behind it. Im no engineer but it may be possible to jack the entire roof up and stick another 10 rows on it. I just cannot see massive redevelopment of a relatively new stand myself. ARE there's outline planning permission to extend. This is likely the only via extension of Anfield left due to the large empty space behind the current stand.
  7. jimmycase

    Emre Can

    I watch a lot of Serie A, apart from Juve and Napoli on current form the top 5 wouldnt batter us. But Can would be suited to the pace of football there.
  8. jimmycase

    FSG are not shit

    Sunday manc wank story alert.
  9. Harry fucking macguire is a fucking yard dog. How anyone can think he'd be even level with matip and lovren is beyond me. It doesnt matter who we have at the back, even jamie carragher who you think would know a thing or two about defending has said as much. We ask our defenders to play a high back line and appear to ask them all to push forward.You're always going to be susceptible to getting caught out. Even macguire got caught out on a leicester attack when we played them in the league. Neither do I think we need a whole new back 5 etc, etc. Unless we adopt a more defensive strategy to games, we'll continue to conceed goals whether we have a new keeper, back 4 and defensive MF.
  10. jimmycase

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Looked like he was attempting to block a ball at the near post come shot and got the last touch. All the media always say its a Skrtel og in such situations. Fuck me, even the Havant & Waterloo lad scores but Skrtel get's the last touch again and it's his og. If it had been against united or someone else it wouldnt have been credited as an og.
  11. jimmycase

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    His favourite team as a boy might have been Liverpool but I bet he wants to go somewhere else when push comes to shove.
  12. jimmycase

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Gini like a few others, needs to find his mojo pretty fucking quick, in my opinion, of course.
  13. jimmycase

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Take away the non English players in the PL and you likely have the shit that is left. Didnt harry wank \ winks or whatever get a call up? How many times has he played in the PL?
  14. jimmycase

    Mohamed Salah

    How anyone can say Salah is massively wasteful in front of goal, is without parody.