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    Featured: Euro 2016 Round Up (Days 7-8)

    Graham Poll to referee Croatia next game ?
  2. dylstar

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Id prefer Wagamama myself ........Each to their own I suppose .
  3. dylstar

    Euro 2016 France

    No way would Iniesta get in a Tony Pulis team hes not tall and big enough . Hed pick Yacob over him all day long .
  4. dylstar

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    So did Joachim Loew . Imagine the fun he could have with them 2 beach balls .
  5. dylstar

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    SLIMani = Sakhos new favourite team mate .
  6. dylstar

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Days 1-2)

    Whatcha you talking about Usher
  7. dylstar

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    I know who his father is now from his picture . It's that singer from that annoying GO COMPARE Advert so that means he's eligible to play for Wales and Turkey then .
  9. dylstar

    Other football 2016/17.

    What a shame it wasn't Alberto Moreno .
  10. dylstar

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    I Wonder what sort of player Ramsey would be know if it wasn't for his horrendous injury he suffered v Stoke a few seasons ago . A miracle really that he overcame that incident and to still be playing in the Prem and for his country at a decent level too . That injury Would of finished a lot of players careers so deserves great credit for coming back from that really . Great prospect pre injury as well , better than a certain Bale if I remember and he chose Arsenal over the Mancs as well . Definitely would of liked us to have signed him then but now not so sure if he would be an improvement to what we've got already in midfield IMO .
  11. dylstar

    Loris Karius

    At least he didn't drop his shirt during the photo ..........a good start , a safer pair of hands hopefully !!!!!!!
  12. dylstar

    Other football

    I wonder if shitface will go back to Chelsea for some players . Hazard , Fabregas , Ivanovic maybe im sure they would all love to play under him again in the near future as we all know how much he was loved at the bridge . A phone call to Eva Carneiro and an apology and she would be back at his side like a shot but he would have to keep an eye on Giggs if that happened as he would want more than a sports back massage . A coaching role for Terry to complete the set of cuntishness and to learn him the art of shithousery , park the bus , boring football tactics and win at all costs shenanigans . Fuck him and them as this will not have a happy ending and would rather Klopp any day of the week as he is a class above and we are lucky to have such a nice , humble, down to earth man in charge of our great club .
  13. dylstar

    Other football

    Can't see any other outcome but a convincing win for Barca tonight in the Copa Del Rey final v Sevilla . I can see Barca passing rings round them and being clinical in front of goal and so dominant in possession that Sevilla wont no what's hit them . They also wont be gifted any goals by Barcas LB or will they capitulate in the 2nd half like we did against them Wednesday night .
  14. dylstar

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

  15. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-11 2016)

    Fuck me they' ve just released 4 pictures of men police want to question in connection with the attack on UTD's team bus on the way to Upton Park the other night and they are the spitting image of some of the cast off East Enders , so maybe they were filming an episode of the soap before the game Dave . Maybe that will explain some of the things we saw before the game as I thought it was a rerun of the London Olympics ceremony and I was half expecting the Queen to parachute in with James Bond to land on the centre circle with the match ball .
  16. dylstar

    Liverpool 4 Everton 0 (Apr 20 2016)

    Regardless of how poor Everton were we still had a job to do and boy did we deliver . After a nervy start the game swung dramatically towards us with a beast of a tackle by Sakho on Lukaku who was 2nd best to get the ball . It steadied us down and from that point onwards we controlled the game and could EASILY have been 4 0 to the good had we taken our chances in the first half . The second half was a training session after that jabroni went through Origi who deservedly was sent off for his reckless tackle which wouldn't of looked out of place in a Sunday league game . How good is Milner playing lately ? If only he could sort his corners out he'd be phenomenal . Also Dave thought you would of mentioned Lucas shot that barely touched the Ad hoarding and Klopp and the bench pissing themselves laughing had to rewind that 5 times as it was hilarious . Special mention to Moreno who had a very disciplined game as I was fearful before the game that he was the 1 that might get sent off for us but he went under the radar with a no nonsense performance . Should and could of been a more emphatic scoreline and to see the faces on some of the Evertonians was memorable , bring on the Geordies .
  17. dylstar

    Bournemouth 1 Liverpool 2 (Apr 18 2016)

    How many of the 10 players klopp brought in on Sunday would of been out on loan and the others thought maybe not good enough for the 1st team whilst playing for u21s and eventually being let go (Brad Smith nearly ) under the previous regime . Just goes to show what effect a good manager can have on the young kids . Thought klopps handling of Ibe has been telling in that hes taken him out of the1st team whilst his form was suffering and helped him get his confidence back before bringing him back on Sunday and was rewarded with a decent performance . Think Ojo has a good chance of making it big here , would of scored with that jinking run and shot just before HT without Cooks good defending beacause Boruc was beaten , class. He looks good with the ball at his feet and a great physique for someone so young . Klopp took his time bringing in Ward for his debut and didn't let him down with an excellent display .Deserved a clean sheet . Smith impressed once again and an able understudy to Moreno just needs more time and experience . Randall and Stewart are probably the least talented of the aforementioned but as Klopp knows through his own career the right attitude and hard work can just be as important as talent . The match itself had similarities to the Southampton game in that we scored 2 and should of killed the game off only for them to come back at us 2nd half with a few chances but we defended better only to concede in the last few minutes but saw the game out . Bring on the Derby , whatever team he'll put out you can guarantee a performance and 3 pts methinks !!!
  18. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 2-3 2016)

    Now the drugs dont work They just make you worse Not true of Leicester then boys is it ? Champions elect having nearly been relegated last season.
  19. dylstar

    Liverpool 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Apr 2 2016)

    Just show them the corner that Heighway delivered and Smith attacked and scored in the '77 European final.Now thats what u call a proper corner Precision by Heighway and hunger , desire by Smith and the Commentator shouting incredulously "Its Tommy Smith "after the ball nearly broke the net .Happy memories indeed !!!!
  20. dylstar


    We got punished that day because of Chelseas time wasting in the 1st half and the ref added if I remember 4 minutes .If it hadnt been for Maureens under hand tactics and shithousery we would of been back in the dressing room with the score 0-0 and the Gerrard slip would never of happened and who knows what might of happened in the 2nd half of that game .
  21. dylstar

    Southampton 3 Liverpool 2 (Mar 20 2016)

    Spot on (pardon the pun ) with the pen decision Dave concerning Lovren and Long in your report .He deffo holds his run and waits for Lovren to collide with him . Very harsh on that Allen offside goal as well because Sturridge was technically offside for Couts 1st goal as well and that was allowed to stand .A bit of consistency wouldnt go amiss .Also before their 1st goal a corner should have been given after a fantastic save by the Ming from Romeu and the ref awarded a goal kick for us .Now anytime the opposing team doesnt score from that kind of decision im not bothered in the slightest but because they scored directly afterwards im feeling very aggrieved .And finally does anyone agree with me that Skrtel was absolutely bulldozed over by Ward-Prowse (tory sounding fucker) leading up to their 3rd goal and only hindered a little by Allen .Talking of Allen he should have buried that chance 1st half and that scuff of a shot by Benteke was a joke .Definitely Klopp should of replaced Lovren with Toure(if at all ? ) and he should of put Hendo on after they missed a pen instead of Benteke as they were building momentum and we were being overrun in midfield and it cost us in the end!!!!!
  22. dylstar

    Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1 (Mar 17 2016)

    Yeah funny now how Sturridge is pissed off about being substituted while for the last 18 months he couldn't be arsed pulling on the red shirt with his constant niggles.I wonder if he's thinking about being picked for the Euros, that might explain his playing more for himself than for the team the self indulgent fanny .
  23. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 12-14 2016)

    Also Spurs should of played their stronger side on Thursday and played their 2nd string on the Sunday given how poor Villa are these days . Hell even the Spurs ladies team would give this Villa team a game .
  24. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 12-14 2016)

    Cue for Tadic to score the winning goal this weekend against us with his right foot then , a 25 yard screamer giving Ming no chance . Plus Forster with a MOTM performance !!!!!