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  1. Spring

    The McCanns...

    Stranger Thighs.
  2. Spring

    Upcoming Films

    So Toy Story 4 is all based around a spork and a design change to Andy:
  3. Spring

    The McCanns...

    But he didn't take them all on holiday and plan out a murder plot. He worked within his means after discovering that body disposable is beyond crafty business.
  4. Spring

    The McCanns...

    Just putting this out there from a health perspective, I communicate with GPs on a daily basis and the majoriry of them are idiots. I'm struggling to see how either Kate or Gerry are capable of a brilliant body disposal when they look like a pair of gobshites.
  5. Spring


    Once had a 'hot 'n' spicy' cider at a festival once. Was lovely but I have no idea what it's called or what it tasted like. The point here is that I've contributed more than anyone to this thread.
  6. Where the fuck are the drugs at? Ban him already, Usher!
  7. Spring

    The McCanns...

    Like where it had a shit? That fucking cat.
  8. Spring

    The McCanns...

    This would be presented completely differently too. They'd find past pictures of them drunk off their face and try and blend it into the story. In fact, it would be a non-story until hints that they'd murdered her came out and then it would be 'alcoholic mum shows no remorse for dead daughter'. Classic class factor, eh?
  9. Spring

    The McCanns...

    If we're being honest here, I don't think any of us know how we'd react to this situation. Personally, I'd like to think I'd be out in the streets getting rid of the body hunting her down but in reality, I'd be back at the tapas bar finishing off my all-inclusive Sangria. Maddie's a rogue, she'll be back when she realises there's a Pizza Hut-esque ice cream factory.
  10. Spring

    The McCanns...

    Maybe they should get rid of court rooms/the justice system all together and just have Netflix decide who's guilty? It's more fun when justice is presented in a series!
  11. Spring

    The McCanns...

    What's the evidence? That there's some DNA in the room? Sound, I know that. Now, where the fucks my daughter fucked off to?
  12. Spring

    The McCanns...

    The DNA report was originally written in English and then translated into Portuguese for the authorities. Only the summary of the report was submitted to the police in Portuguese, a section which did not include the conditions and limitations regarding validity of the results. There was no evidence to confirm whether the source of the DNA was in fact blood. Second, it was not confirmed that the source was Madeleine.
  13. Spring

    The McCanns...

    Tongue in the bumhole still makes my insides feel like the drum of a washing machine.
  14. Spring

    Sadio Mane

    He's a bit like an uncle who is absolutely nothing like Sadio Mane.