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  1. I can't seem to find the rating for the warm bread there mate? Good to see they got Lifey in to take care of the mushroom too. Lotus biscuits are for coffee and that looks as light as tea.
  2. Seasons

    Expectations 2018-2019

  3. Seasons

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    This is what I can't get my head around. The whole withdrawal is a timebomb. Who controls the bomb and who deals with the aftermath? Logic would say to let Labour do all the work and then come in and blame them for everything including austerity and cancer.
  4. Seasons

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Lamp himself too. Cunt.
  5. Seasons

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I just want tbe speaker to walk over and start lamping each and every Tory bellend.
  6. Seasons

    Go Sober for Mind

    Anyone watched that Drinkers Like Me - Adrian Chiles? Interesting subject to bring into focus.
  7. No oil. Google how to do it. Some jarg website said use butter and throw water on it and cover with a lid. Didn't have a lid so just ended up with whatever the fuck that is above. Tasted alright like.
  8. Can someone just ban me? I have absolutely no justification for this.
  9. Seasons

    Rate your local chippy

    Lad, fuck off back to Wigan already.
  10. Seasons

    Shite things about Winter.

    Let's be serious about this mate, 23-25 is perfect. Anything above that and we're all burning and moaning about it.
  11. Seasons

    Rate your local chippy

    Meat pies are for gobshites. Meat & potato was always the winner. Closely followed by Rustlers extra-processed BBQ Rib.
  12. Seasons

    Rate your local chippy

    Get on you dining at a 3 star establishment. When I worked on Old Hall Street the best part of the month was risking your life on Marybone's 2 star wonder. The even have a seating area with missing seats and embedded gravy stains on every table.