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  1. Norbert

    The Virtues

    Ending was pretty provoking I thought. Forgiveness, revenge and surrender. Thought it was great to see the cycle of abuse in there too. Wish they'd went with 5 episodes though.
  2. Norbert

    Community Shield & Supercup 2019

    If Liverpool entered a competition on Cbeebies I'd want them to win it. We're here to win. Even if it's an opportunity to design a home for the Go Jetters, show no mercy, reds.
  3. Norbert

    The Hangover Thread

    Went through all of this alcohol-free and yet still feel like I've got a hangover.
  4. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    Commute into town this morning was rammed with people who had all lost their voice. Whole train of people whispering about how boss their weekend was whilst wearing their LFC shirt/scarf/hat to work. Shops all out giving their windows a clean/tidying up the rubbish with grins on their faces. Then there's plastic mic guy fucking about bright and early.
  5. I was discussing this with a mate during the game. Reminded us both of games like Napoli where Robbo and Trent were reluctant to push up and we kept the emotion down with a "don't make it mad" approach. I think going all out for a 2nd would have suited Spurs quite well as they were finding routes in but falling short at the final pass/shot. We were often getting overran in midfield because Rose/Trippier had pushed up so much but the long balls into the back corners worked wonders for Salah/Mane. Thought we struggled to keep the pressure in their half when we had it and often put unnecessary pressure on us through a misplace ball or an poor cross. Still, interesting tactical game - not the most entertaining - but I'd take a 2-0 win in a final any day.
  6. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    Was that you who skied it onto Oh Me Oh Mys roof? Gobshite.
  7. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    The noise that came following the red smoke was great. Not as boss as the footies getting twatted about in the hours prior.
  8. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    That was fucking boss.
  9. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    Route: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=12HJN5JTGIkiZLqNSiob5b0EUxEkH7SDU&ll=53.403263521850874%2C-2.98898052505956&z=16
  10. Norbert

    Three Finals in a row?

    Pretty sure if we won the CL (and the PL) in one season the City would just become a fucking year-long piss up and shut down. You'd just hear faint songs in the wind all over the country... Siiiiii...... Senoorrrr......
  11. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    See what time I get there, might have to be Derby Road. Trying to work out the time for when it hits Pier head - 5-5:30? I might actually make that.
  12. Physically, emotionally and fucking mentally drained yet feel off my face still. What a season. What a night. What a team. What a club. What a city. Up the fucking reds.
  13. Norbert

    Homecoming Parade

    Can't decide - West Derby Road or Pier head.