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  1. ._.

    Public toilet etiquette

    There was some old fella in the Total Fitness gym I used to go to who'd go into the sauna (had one in the changing rooms) bollock naked and it was fucking rank. Saw some fella's go in after he'd used it and half expected them to find a skid mark on one of the seats. On another note, the amount of old cunts walking about with their cocks out in gym changing rooms is a bit mad. Full conversations are had with pubic bushes pointing at one another.
  2. ._.

    Road Cycling

    Been using Zwift over the last few weeks but finding after about 40-50 my willy starts to tingle and goes numb. I'm thinking the vibrations are causing exercise-induced nob seizures.
  3. The thing about this breakfast is that I can actually taste how shit it is without tasting the abomination. Would still eat it though. Did you ask for chips on the dish or did someone use the chip scoop and add cross-contamination to your breakfast?
  4. A grim artist's representation of society, that. Let's begin with the plate - a foundation piece that dictates how the story usually plays out. In this instance, the artist has chosen to use a plate from the 1900's in which forces everythnig to be close together and places more emphasis on the decorative art, than it does the food. A poor start in many eyes. Next on the judgment table is the beans. I'm lover of beans but keeping them contained in a mug is both confusing and idiotic as it prevents the juices from mixing and adding flavour. If one wishes them to be contained, they should be placed in a jug of some sort. A mini jug if you're all about scale and social significance. There appears to be two sausages. One hidden under the egg. I have no problems with the amount, I'm just confused at why the egg is mounting one of them like some graphic porno. Perhaps the artist wanted to establish a sense of inequality here, or sexism. The bread is a fucking disgrace and represents how Tories have fucked up the country with irreversible damage. The artist chose well here. Not only is the butter half melted but the whole shape is wrong and offensive. The empty plate on the table represents poverty. A sad and honest account of where we are as a nation and society. Morally bankrupt, financially fucked and the bread Tories out in numbers fucking up the only good thing on the table, the eggs. Eggs are alright, broken and damaged. Like everyone's mental health and future. An insight into what the future holds for our children and future generations. An insightful piece, one that I'll score 6/10 for the effort but deducting 4 points for the grim and cold feeling it's left me with.
  5. ._.

    Britney Spears

    This. There's something really wrong and I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
  6. ._.

    Other Football 2021/22

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jan/14/arsenal-tottenham-premier-league-covid They should just play their kids...
  7. There's a fella near mine who's had his barbers for years apparently. He's the most delicate barber I've ever encountered, even when he's combing it's like a feather. No chat just asks what you'd like and then cracks on touching you with his feather hands and caresses your hair like it were his own pubes. He then upped his price by £2 so I tried the other one across the road which seemed equally as popular for the same price. Now these fuckers ask you want you want and then do whatever they want whilst giving you a concussion. I actually went home and checked the mirror because I'd been twatted with the comb that much my head felt like it was vibrating an hour after. Went back to the OG barb and ended up getting some woman who spent the entire time asking me questions about my life, what I was doing today and how the weather was. Just want my pube man back.
  8. ._.

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    Can we have the results in another thread?
  9. ._.


    Going to put myself and my opinion out there that the Hovis biscuit is the cornerstone of any biscuit/cracker spread. The same way the green triangle and purple one are with chocolate. You can take great comfort that once you've had a water biscuit with glorious slice of cheese or pate you can reach for that crunchy, crumbly goodness. It's a bit like when you're having it on with a new girl and she randomly pushes her thumb in your arse. It shouldn't be there, it's not what you consensually agreed to but it's not out of place. In fact, you wonder why you've ever gone without. It marks the finale of any encounter. Just like the Hovis biscuit does.
  10. Has anyone mentioned that we're fucking shite yet? Hope we get beat.
  11. ._.

    Sir Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish

    Heart sinks whenever this is bumped. Glad our boy is safe and well.