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    Wearing gloves is a terrible idea for those with health anxiety or those who would never condone using any form of PPE that hasn't been approved or scientifically reviewed by TK421. How's that for a good ole shoehorn? Please refer to your GP for further guidance* * just in case Lifey wakes up on the wrong side of the bed again.
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    Sad to see this thread go the same way as the other one, with jokes and GIFs of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Such a strange attitude we have to PPE in western society, something that could genuinely make a difference and save lives. Sometimes I think we deserve to be allowed to discuss important topics on a football internet forum without distraction or childish humour.
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    Amazon do some fantastic washable gloves for about £23. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Padded-Gloves/dp/B009ARE45G
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    You all should be ashamed. Apparently they started shooting people in the Spanish Flu. Time to cleanse TLW, TK.
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    I guess 5. 5 was the number of posts before TK came in and corrected your decision to even discuss this topic without approval.
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    The NHS

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/12/exclusive-treasury-blueprint-raise-taxes-freeze-wages-pay-300bn/ If anyone has a minute or two, it'd be great if you could write to your MP about this. Just a note on the public pay freeze: Hitting those who are already on poor standards of pay is a really sour way to recoup that money. The Office of National Statistics shows the UK Average Salary 2019 (full-time) was £36,611. The average frontline salary ranges from approximately £20,349 per year. They've been living under the average for a number of years and pay freezes have been a constant argument. This will only push more people further into debt and create serious mental health problems. Edit: The National Health Service (NHS) pays its employees an average of ₤26,343 a year. Your registered nurse will be somewhere between 20-31k (probably more around the 26-28k with a good few years experience). A few other professions will be towards the lower end of that figure. It's really fucking annoyed me this. Further reading: https://www.ft.com/content/c78c6b82-2c61-11e8-9b4b-bc4b9f08f381
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    https://twitter.com/AVMikhailova/status/1260311767948951557 #ClapForNHS
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    Happy middle ground really.
  10. I heard BoJo said parades are counted under the unlimited exercise conditions as long as social distancing measures are enforced. This means that the parade will probably need to be extended to Manchester and behind to ensure all fans can exercise safely.
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    Man City - the new bitters?

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    They should be accountable to the relevant authorities, not an uncontrolled mob. The same way a newspaper (or any broadcast media) would be accountable to the relevant bodies. Twitter is not the relevant body as they have absolutely fuck all power if someone finds personal details (let's say of a relative) from another platform and takes matters into their own course of action. He's committed a crime and therefore this should be a police matter.
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    The usual timeline is 2 weeks initially to review, and then a course of treatment can be up to 6-12 months. It's worth stating that different SSRI's work for different people as do dosages. Additionally, medication helps to provide a more consistent baseline which can then enable people to review their coping strategies or seek professional help. That said, discussion of medication and what may work for you should be something you consider speaking to your GP about.
  14. )))

    Moment of the season 19/20

    Just went down the rabbit hole of watching some of our highlights. Fucking hell, we're on another level. If our conversion rate improved we'd have twatted most of these teams 10+ goals.