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  1. You actually wanted Origi on!! There's been some absolute bollocks posted on here tonight. But you won 1st prize. Ever played the game to any decent standard by the way?
  2. Some shameful shit comments on here about some of the players picked to represent my club tonight. Some of you need to have a word with yourselves.
  3. AB13

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fuck them. The people they employed should have foreseen this. It has been excuse after excuse with the dogs trying to bum a new ground. It was never going to be as straightforward as something like Kirkby etc. I'd be more than happy for them to build a McDonalds on there if it stopped that bunch of twats progressing in any capacity. As for £500m. Dream on. Throw another £250-300m on top. Horrible horrible club with a shithouse bunch of dogs as supporters. Don't let all this cloud your judgement on what they're capable of throwing about week in week out. Murderers, Hillsborough references, wall pushers, other teams kits bought, in bed with the Mancs in The Brick, throwing games against City, Reid, Bellew. The list goes on.
  4. Who is this tit. Stinking WUM bin sniffer through and through Just mute the twat. His ma is turning his WiFi off soon anyway then tucking him in under his Colin Bell blanket.
  5. AB13

    Brown Shoes & Jeans?

    There exists not one valid reason to wear brown shoes with jeans. It is 100% certified wool behaviour. If you get yourself to town on a Friday and Saturday this is only confirmed by the amount of stag night groups etc dressed in this inappropriate manner. Normally in a Spoons giving it large necking Carling and shots. The aforementioned dress is normally accompanied by a shirt that’s too big and not designed to be worn hanging out 10’ below the belt. Throw in a pair of jeans emblazoned in slogans/dragons heads/ripped by manufacturer etc and that would be licence to get a dig from anyone. The biggest crime with brown shoes is the slip on type or are that long and pointed they could audition for a part of Ali Bongo’s wardrobe. Trabs or boots (not highly polished) with jeans only. Don’t get me started on necklace type items on fellas or leather bracelets.
  6. AB13

    Lyrics You've Got Wrong For Ages

    I'm not a fan of UB40 and never will be. However, I have for years when i've heard it played thought the song Ivory Madonna was actually, i'm a Prima Donna. I had the piss taken out of me for weeks in work. Im 51 soon and not ashamed of this confession.
  7. AB13

    Nike deal

    New fella in work has a family member who works in the shop. 20% off. I'll take some of that for a new kit for the brat.
  8. AB13

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Not very often I come on here but fuck me. Werner been brought into it again. What has he got to do with club right now. Nothing or no one can justify his name appearing on here again. There’s a mention of when VVD starts to decline. He’s about to be tied down to a longer contract. Selling one of the front 3 in stages over the coming years. I hope Klopp keeps his eye on this thread each day so he knows who to sign and how much players sales can raise. Best he does this instead of finding out from the scouts and financers at the club.
  9. AB13

    This VE Day thing.

    What are you on about?
  10. AB13

    This VE Day thing.

    Can't believe what this thread has desecnded into. Show some respect for those that went before you and those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Whether armed or not. My grandfather was a Jap prisoner of war for 4 years. Went down to 6 stone, had to at one point eat rats and watched most of his mates die. He never ever spoke about his experiences. When my nan found out he was coming home they organised a street party for him. He hadn't turned up at one point and was found to have slipped into the house and was sitting in the kitchen. Couldn't bear to face anyone or anything. Lived out his days in a hollow existence. I served myself and for quite a long time. But even I can't begin to imagine what any member of the forces went through at some point during that period. Some of you on here need to get a grip. Fucking disgraceful.
  11. AB13


    He works for that unmentionable rag. He should not be praised at any level. The whiny voiced twat.
  12. AB13

    Prog rock thread

    Hopefully this will be the third time I can get to see them if i can get my hands on tickets tomorrow. Best album, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Fave song, Suppers Ready. An absolute masterpiece. Anyone throw it up here in a video for us all to enjoy?
  13. AB13

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just one massive shit stain and an irrelevance in the footballing world. Their entire existence at the moment (and has been for a very long time) is based on what we do or don't achieve. That about sums them up. I'd give more respect to a dog shitting in the street than that bunch of deluded obsessed muppets. Hate them and love taking the piss out of them.