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  1. Allow me a bit of wankery: I guess he means he prefers Erasure’s more generic (a.k.a.boring) take, and that he’s confused by the 7/4 beat of the original, which mirrors the lyric’s theme of stumbling into uncertainty. When the rhythm changes to the more familiar 4/4 in the «son he said, I’ve come to take you home»-part, the song reaches its ecstatic denoument.

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  2. 3 hours ago, SasaS said:

    Did they correspond, or does he mention her? I remember from the Habit of Being she thought he was an example of the sorry state of contemporary American literature. Jones has some interesting paragraphs on stereotyping of Southerners in the US, in Some Came Running.  


    Is Whistle the one where he goes on and on how they discovered oral sex in the hospital?

    Are you sure that’s James Jones? I can’t find any mention of him in a particularly bad light there, although her pen and tongue were plenty sharp enough for others? She does mention that she has never read him... As for Jones’ letters, he doesn’t mention O’ Connor once, so I doubt they ran in the same circles...

  3. 2 hours ago, YorkshireRed said:

    I selected From Here To Eternity but it could easily have been this. Whistle, the other book in the trilogy, is also good. 

    I agree. I absolutely devoured the trilogy. Reminded me why I love reading. Entertaining AND quality! Not always the case... Whistle, while not bad, doesn’t quite reach the heights of the first two novels, I thought. Still, a pity that Jones seems pretty much forgotten these days.

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  4. A list of best books before 18 years, and one for after. 

    After 18:


    Cormac McCarthy: Blood Meridian.

    James Jones: The Thin Red Line.

    Flannery O’ Connor: Wise Blood.

    Kazuo Ishiguro: Remains of the Day.

    Johns Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath.


    Before 18:


    Tolkien: Lord of the Rings.

    Bram Stoker: Dracula.

    John Fowles: The Magus.

    Alan Moore: Watchmen.

    Alistair Maclean: Take your pick, probably Where Eagles Dare.