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    Leicester City 3 Liverpool 1 (Feb 13 2021)

    Dave you summed it up again, mate. We have been shafted from all angles this season and I am coming to the end of the line with it. The whole style of TV presentation and the ludicrous commentaries is a massive wind up. Was there anyone on that BT panel yesterday who was not rooting for a Leicester win? We were miles better than them and should have been well clear in terms of goals.Their equaliser was a disgrace - no wonder heads dropped after we had put in so much work to get the lead against another bunch of bus parkers...
  2. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 0 Brighton 1 (Feb 3 2021)

    Usual spot on report Dave. Very disappointing and difficult not to feel hard done by in many ways over the season so far. I don't want to get drawn into another sort of debate, but unless there is some sort of sea change in the way we are dealing with and thinking about 'the virus', I'm not sure we will ever get fans back into stadiums in the 'normal' way - do you?
  3. Fred Oldfield

    Fulham 1 Liverpool 1 (Dec 13 2020)

    "we can’t win away from home anymore" - yeah, but we were robbed of away wins agains Everton and Brighton by shit VAR decisions. We should be 4 points better off than we are now... You've said it all about VAR and the inconsistencies...
  4. Dave and others, You may be right about us slipping back, but there is always 'worry' near the surface, particularly during close season. We had similar when Couthino left -'Why aren't we buying X, Y, or Z etc?' I can't see that the team are 'ageing'; we have a couple in the 'approaching 30' category and Milner is 34. The rest aren't 'ageing' are they? I don't think I am suffering from 'blind faith', but basically I trust the manager's judgement. He has gotten more or less everything right so far...let's wait and see..
  5. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Well, I calmed down today as the day went on, but the way we lost was a fucking sickener. I was confident if we’d gotten through this one we could go all the way again. As usual Dave, you cover all the bases and I’m taking heart from your point of view at the end - yep, we’ll be back - and we owe these scummers as well as Napoli...
  6. Fred Oldfield

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    Good perspective there Dave. I live in the Midlands and saw us get tanked several times at Coventry in the 70s - not to mention a 5-1 loss to Villa in December 1976. Can’t be helped. Agree, that Atletico looks like it will be a severe test. Last time we played them in 2010 it went to ET didn’t it....and they scored in the very last minute to go through on away goals..
  7. Fred Oldfield

    Atletico Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 (Feb 18 2020)

    ZonkoVille77 - you summed it up perfectly..!
  8. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 4 Southampton 0 (Feb 1 2020)

    Top report, as ever, Dave. I said for a while - this is the best LFC side of all time. I am amazed At what they do every time I watch them. Would love to retain Champions League as well this season - and who would bet against us? Glory days....
  9. Fred Oldfield

    Leicester City 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 26 2019)

    Brilliant performance, brilliant report...
  10. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 5 Everton 2 (Dec 4 2019)

    Great report Dave - really enjoyed reading it...
  11. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 (Nov 10 2019)

    Epic report Dave. I’ll say it again - best Reds team I’ve seen - and I had the privilege of seeing them all since we won promotion all those years ago...
  12. Fred Oldfield

    Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2 (Nov 2 2019)

    Another top report Dave....
  13. Fred Oldfield

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 22 2019)

    We know Tyler is a twat, but I wasn’t too impressed with Carragher’s commentary either to be honest..
  14. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1 (Aug 24 2019)

    Best Reds team I’ve ever seen - and I’ve been privileged to see them all since 1961. Just brilliant...
  15. Love the report, as usual, Dave. Thanks for all your efforts during the season. Looking forward to the fanzine and some more trophies in the bag next season...
  16. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Yes - love that report mate......
  17. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Sensational game, sensational report. Brilliant again Dave.
  18. Fred Oldfield

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 3 (May 4 2019)

  19. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 5 Huddersfield 0 (Apr 26 2019)

    Nailed it, as usual Dave...
  20. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    Brilliant report mate - as usual. Pure gold dust!
  21. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Mar 31 2019)

    Dave - as I always say to my mates - subscribe to TLW for the match reports alone. Always classic...
  22. Fred Oldfield

    Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3 (Mar 13 2019)

    Usual cracking report Dave..
  23. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Hi Dave, I give you an A* for English....nice one as ever...
  24. Fred Oldfield

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    Usual great report Dave - worth the subscription for these alone....
  25. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 5 Roma 2 (Apr 24 2018)

    Top report as usual Dave - and glad you highlighted the incorrigible tendency to want to be negative over the smallest things. Yes, we could get knocked out (unlikely), but as you point out, we have been watching some of the most breathtaking football ever played by LFC and we are just privileged to witness it...