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  1. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1 (Aug 24 2019)

    Best Reds team I’ve ever seen - and I’ve been privileged to see them all since 1961. Just brilliant...
  2. Love the report, as usual, Dave. Thanks for all your efforts during the season. Looking forward to the fanzine and some more trophies in the bag next season...
  3. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Yes - love that report mate......
  4. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Sensational game, sensational report. Brilliant again Dave.
  5. Fred Oldfield

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 3 (May 4 2019)

  6. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 5 Huddersfield 0 (Apr 26 2019)

    Nailed it, as usual Dave...
  7. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    Brilliant report mate - as usual. Pure gold dust!
  8. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Mar 31 2019)

    Dave - as I always say to my mates - subscribe to TLW for the match reports alone. Always classic...
  9. Fred Oldfield

    Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3 (Mar 13 2019)

    Usual cracking report Dave..
  10. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Hi Dave, I give you an A* for English....nice one as ever...
  11. Fred Oldfield

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    Usual great report Dave - worth the subscription for these alone....
  12. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 5 Roma 2 (Apr 24 2018)

    Top report as usual Dave - and glad you highlighted the incorrigible tendency to want to be negative over the smallest things. Yes, we could get knocked out (unlikely), but as you point out, we have been watching some of the most breathtaking football ever played by LFC and we are just privileged to witness it...
  13. Fred Oldfield

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2 (Feb 4 2018)

    Spot on as usual Dave..
  14. Fred Oldfield

    Huddersfield 0 Liverpool 3 (January 30 2018)

    Don't really get the pessimism Dave. You'd think we'd messed up at Huddersfield. As for weakening the squad, Klopp is not a cheque book manager and values the team over the individual. Coutinho it seems wanted out and could have become a disruptive influence like Sanchez appears to have been at Arsenal. Who exactly should we have bought to replace him? We have Ings, Solanke and Lallana (at some point) available. Sturridge is hardly ever available, so shifting him on to WBA loses us very little I would say. Yes, I will go with the manager's decision...he is right more often than not.
  15. Fred Oldfield

    Mignolet needs to up his game (ESPN article)

    Whatever weaknesses Reina may have had in recent seasons, and whatever the story with Barcelona may have been, he is clearly a better keeper than Mignolet, but for some reason Bodgers didn't fancy him. No way Reina should have had to put up with sitting on the bench behind a clearly inferior team mate, so who can blame him for clearing off. He was shabbily treated in my view, but more to the point we have simply got rid of our best keeper in favour of one who is much more error prone....