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  1. Moin K

    Norwich City 0 Liverpool 3 (Aug 14 2021)

    Our squad is strong and we should do better in the PL and CL compared to last season but I am worried about the African Cup of Nations taking place in January - if we lose Mo and Sadio for 1 month then I'm not sure we will be able to cope with just Jota and Firmino up top.
  2. Moin K

    Liverpool 0 Burnley 1 (Jan 22 2021)

    Great report. Watching football at the moment is no fun at all - I'm an arm chair fan so watching a fired up crowd at Anfield on the TV (especially under the lights) is always the highlight of my week and now it's just like watching a kickabout in the local park - it's dry. I agree with your thinking - let's forgot about winning the league but keep plugging away until things start clicking again - go on an amazing run (which we can do) - try to have some fun and see where that takes us. By the way, you did not say if you are comparing current Rebel Wilson with current Pamela (in her 50s and been around-the-block a bit) Anderson. If it's Baywatch Anderson then yeah there definitely is no contest. But on current form - I think I might just pick Rebel, lol
  3. "If you watched that game tonight then post underneath here as I’m genuinely interested to know what motivates you to do that." I'm definitely like you - when we are on a bad run of form I don't want to watch any of our games or any other matches either. Hell - I don't even feel like reading your match reports or your other content but I pay my subs - so here I am, haha. Having said that, we've had it a lot worse before so let's not get too depressed about things at the moment. It's also good that the NFL playoffs are on at the moment - welcome distraction. Cobra Kai is definitely ace if not a bit unbelievable - hopefully we can see Kreese teaming up with Terry Silver in Season 4 (we didn't actually see this in KK3) and ham up their sadism to another level.
  4. With our defence and keeper (as long as they all stay fit) we will probably lose only 1-2 games again this season. The problem will be whether we can still covert the draws into wins - like when we played Leicester home, Villa away and Wolves away. Having said that, City and United have not strengthened their defences and so they will still be inconsistent. Chelsea will be inconsistent as well - Thiago Silva is 35 and he is not going to be able to fix them alone and their keeper is shite. Arsenal are a work in progress. Spurs will be Spurs. The other factor to keep in my mind is the absence of crowds for the beginning part of the season and how much that will influence results - it may help or hinder teams - I think United might actually play better without their fans. I think the league will be a lot closer this season - could be 3 or 4 teams in the mix up until the last few games - maybe a bit like 2013/14 - when there was us, City and Chelsea.
  5. Would definitely be great to have Suarez back for 2-3 years if he was happy to be a squad player / senior member - he's still got the skill and ability to destroy most teams in the PL.
  6. Moin K

    Premier League Round Up (Jul 26 2020)

    Yeah that template seems pretty accurate - also need to include the obligatory laugh at David Moyes every time he loses a game which usually happens every other week.
  7. Moin K

    Premier League Round Up (Jul 26 2020)

    I would have loved for us to be in the upcoming CL tournament in Portugal trying to retain it but since we are out - do you think it will be better for us for preparing with the new season? Would it have been better for the players to have more competitive games in the CL or would the 6 weeks off with a bit of rest be better for them?
  8. Moin K

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Atletico have a history of giving us a sucker punch at Anfield in extra time. I might be an arm chair fan but when extra time started I had bad memories of Diego Forlan from 2010.
  9. "Meanwhile, on this day 19 years ago we beat Roma 2-0 in the Stadio Olimpico." That was a such a great game - they had Cafu, Devlvecchio, Batigol, Capello as manager and won the league that year. Owen's first goal in the game was such a quality finish. I'm still not sure how the ref changed his mind for heir penalty in the second leg though, lol
  10. Moin K

    Liverpool 1 Flamengo 0 (Dec 21 2019)

    "Maybe I’m being harsh, but look how close that was to not being a goal." Bobby was running at full pace to catch up with ball and if he hit first time then his options would have been either to hit it at the near post or across the keeper and he could have messed it up either way - he decided to control it with his right foot which meant the defender and goalkeeper caught up with him but I thought it was great skill to side-step them and put the ball in. I thought it was a lovely goal.
  11. "Solskjaer has lost as many Premier Leagues as Klopp, despite being there less than a year and having played 104 games less." To be fair to the Baby Faced Gremlin - this fact references all his Premier League games which includes the time he managed at Cardiff.
  12. "I didn’t like seeing H*sk*y back playing in red" His goal against Rangers reminded me a bit like the one he scored against Bayern in the Super Cup in 2001. He was my favourite Liverpool player in the treble season - I remember him smashing in goals for fun - like the goal against Leeds in the FA cup at Elland Road (I hated Leeds and David O'Leary). Not sure why it went downhill from there - he could have been our Drogba.
  13. "Why is he randomly just putting stuff like that out there? Is this just an ongoing campaign from him, or was it in response to something I’ve missed?" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-48799115
  14. What's happened to the Premier League Round Ups mate? I miss reading them. 


    1. dave u

      dave u

      Yeah sorry about that mate, I've recently moved house so the first couple of weeks there just wasn't any time to get it done. I had planned to do it this week but I still don't have broadband in the new place so haven't been able to catch up on MOTD. 


      I'm definitely going to get back on track next week as the plan is to watch it in my mums on monday or tuesday and take notes, so I can write it up on thursday.


      After that, I should have broadband here and everything will get back to normal.

    2. Moin K

      Moin K

      Wish you all the best in your new house!