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  1. Cricket Rugby Formula 1 They would be the main ones. Just never had even the slightest interest in watching them. I’m quite disappointed actually if I’m talking to someone and they don’t like football but start enthusing about rugby. May as well be from a different planet!
  2. Soft Joe

    Nike deal

    Not that arsed really. The players said it’s “fire”. So that’s nice isn’t it? The last kit I had was the Adidas crown paints one when I was 10. As long as we win loads of trophies wearing it then I’ll be happy with it.
  3. Soft Joe


    Ok thank you. So averaging around 70 deaths per day since lockdown easing. So obviously not good but lower than I was expecting
  4. Soft Joe


    The daily UK death toll seems to have vanished from the news. Can anyone tell me what it is like recently since lockdown has been eased?
  5. Soft Joe

    SEGA vs Nintendo

    Nintendo every time for me. List of consoles owned from first to last: Atari 2600 Sega Master System Sega Mega Drive (jap import) SNES N64 Nintendo GameCube Then handheld I had an Atari Lynx and then later on a Gameboy Advance. For me the SNES was probably the best console out of all of them. The quality of the games was incredible and it was a definite step up from the Megadrive at the time.
  6. Soft Joe


    Fascinating reading the last few pages. Thoroughly enjoyable. Anyway back to the drugs. The mistakenly snorted Ketamine posters a few pages back have my utmost sympathy. On the Sunday night at Glastonbury years ago after being on it all weekend this happened to me. Did a massive line in the dance tent with some fella and his French girlfriend thinking it was coke. Within seconds my legs had gone and ended up with them babysitting me until the morning! Didn’t think I was ever coming back from that one. It was fucking horrible.
  7. On the last season of The Shield. 3 more episodes to go. Started it at the beginning of the pandemic. Think I might bust open the champagne. It’s been a massive commitment but the last few seasons have been fucking mad. Especially since Forest Whitaker turned up. It can rightly go up there alongside the great TV shows. I’ve really enjoyed it.
  8. Soft Joe


    Nonsense. I once had the misfortune to do community service (only 40 hours admittedly). I can assure you that the consumption of class A drugs didn’t really deter my co workers or I from approaching even the most menial of tasks with a sense of civic pride. Its almost a pre requisite whilst on these kind of assignments.
  9. Of Mic’s and Men. The story of the Wu Tang Clan. This was on Sky documentary channel. Really good. Charts the rise and fall of the influential hip hop collective 25 years after the release of their debut album. Even if you’re not into this kind of music it’s a really good watch. Four hour long episodes flew by.
  10. Soft Joe

    Pubs Re-Opening

    Been down the pub for a quick one? First in 3 months was it?
  11. Soft Joe

    Sadio Mane

    That quote is fucking outrageous. Although it’s 4 years old in fairness and the preceding 4 years we had bought shite including a couple of expensive underwhelming signings from Southampton. So probably a bit more apprehensive back then. Once bitten and all that. Klopp (and Edwards) has been almost flawless since then in his transfer dealings and pretty much everything else. He can do whatever he likes really. Who am I to question it? Well done though for making me feel silly on the internet!
  12. Soft Joe

    Sadio Mane

    I never get tired of rewatching his debut goal against Arsenal away. Waterway to announce yourself in your first game.
  13. They’re currently 37 points behind us and we’re Champions. Fucking beautiful. Couldn’t happen to a nicer set of cunts.