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  1. Yeah it’s incredible isn’t it? The UK series it was based on was called Criminal Justice. It was on BBC iplayer not long ago. Don’t think it’s on there now though. The US version is far superior in my opinion. Worth checking the original out though. Pete Postlethwaite and Ben Wishaw play the main roles.
  2. Soft Joe

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Not a particularly massive Beach Boys fan but just watched Love and Mercy on iplayer after seeing it recommended above. Great film. Loved it. I think I had something in my eye at the end. Paul Giammatti is a great actor.
  3. Any idea if/when series 4 is coming to bbc I player? Still no sign of it. That CIA fella is a great character as well. Teddy. No spoilers please but I’m guessing at some point his relationship with Franklin won’t end well.
  4. Soft Joe

    Prince Philip...

    Where’s all the funny pictures taking the piss out of the Royals? I was expecting pages of them when I logged on tonight. Did not expect to get bogged down in this gay viper nest. Very disappointed.
  5. Soft Joe

    The shitness of modern football

    That thing modern footballers do when they cover their mouths when they talk to each other. I’m sure it’s probably been mentioned in this thread. Just been reminded of it after seeing that little gobshite Foden and Haaland doing it this week. Pair of cunts.
  6. Succession series 1. Outstanding 10/10. The characters are a bunch of loathsome cunts. Hilarious in places as well. Off work at the moment after a wisdom tooth extraction went wrong so was able to binge watch the entire series in one hit yesterday. Very rare I get hooked that easily. Will probably do series 2 today!
  7. One goal in his previous 31 matches Lineker just mentioned. Fucking typical.
  8. Mcmanaman creaming his kecks over City going ahead again. Fuck off you soft cunt
  9. Soft Joe

    Line of Duty

    Surely he should crush them up and snort them or bang them up though for more authenticity?
  10. Soft Joe

    Line of Duty

    Ted Hastings like the Battle. He even did the letter of the law quote in the last episode. It’s all a bit daft isn’t it? Become a pastiche of itself. Steve with his diclofenac as well. Will still watch it to the end though!
  11. Banshee - finished the final season the other day. Mindless nonsense but watchable. I would put it on a par with something like Bates Motel. 7/10 maybe. Some of the posts in the Banshee thread saying it was the best thing on TV etc were a bit OTT in my opinion. Its A Sin - Got around to watching this last night. Very sad. Amazing to see how attitudes have changed over the years since AIDS first surfaced in the 80s. Keeley Hawes was good in it in the final episode. 8/10. Gomorrah - On season 3 of this and still going strong. Fucking great stuff. Relentlessly violent and grim but straight out of the top drawer. 9/10
  12. The memory of Man City tearing us a new arsehole earlier this season at Anfield looms large. If someone knocks them cunts out then you never know? If we went on to win it this year with this rookie centre back pairing I think it would go down in history as one of our greatest ever achievements. The fume from other fans after our disastrous title defence would be exquisite. I would be deliriously happy for fucking ages if it actually happened! Not going to though is it.....?