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  1. I’d like to see the following: Back 5 exactly the same as usual. Shouldn’t be fucking about with that for an important league game. midfield of Fabinho Gini Shaqiri Same front three as usual with the benefit of Bobby having only played last 20 on tues. Hopefully Mo play himself into a bit of form against a so called “easier” team. The reasons for tinkering with the midfield is it gives Jimmy Milner a blow in spite of his excellent form he’s going to need a rest now and again. Hendo whilst excellent on tues night doesn’t offer much guile against shite teams that come to Anfield and sit back hoping for a point whereas Shaqiri hopefully will do. Gini has been boss all season. Finally if you’re going to pay £40 odd million for a highly rated defensive midfielder surely we shouldn’t all shit our kecks if he’s given a home debut against Southampton??? He’s going to have to start contributing sooner or later. Play the rezzies in the league cup. Then back to full strength for the Chelsea league game (ie Hendo, Milner, Gini) Not drastic changes in my opinion. The way we play some minor rotation is going to be essential before they all end up gassed around new year again. And I completely forgot about Naby....!!
  2. dick sack

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    I liked the bit where he backheeled their goalie in the bollocks. If his first touch had been better he could’ve scored another the wage thieving cunt. In all seriousness if he stays fit for the season and pops up with a few important goals for the rest of the season you’d be happy with that wouldn’t you? Him staying fit for the season however....
  3. dick sack

    Neville Southall

    Nev just gets us
  4. I’m not sucking my own dick just yet but how can you fail to be buzzing off winning your first 5 games. 3 tough aways to boot. I’m gonna day Mbappe purely for potential. I’d take him over an aging Messi
  5. Bit of harmless fun on a Sunday evening. Ill try and remember: Anfield Goodison Old Trafford Ettihad Hillsborough City Ground Filbert St Highfield Rd Hawthorns St Andrews Villa Park Molineux Manor Ground Highbury White Hart Lane Upton Park Selhurst Park Stamford Bridge Wembley Millenium Stadium Nou Camp St Jakob Park Basle Cardiff FC (whatever the fuck that’s called is it bluebird stadium?) St Mary’s Southampton Emirates! Instantly forgettable I’m sure there’s others I’ve forgotz but I’m a bit pissed...... That is a fucking meagre total of watching Liverpoool since mid 80s. Be interested to know if anyone’s nailed every ground in the league or something.....
  6. dick sack

    Worst Song of All Time

    Anything by Kaiser Chiefs or Mumford and sons
  7. dick sack

    Alisson Becker

    I think he’s boss. I know he’s only played 4 games but I reserve the right to make that statement. He exudes self belief out of every blocked pore the sexy bearded bastard
  8. dick sack

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Quality not quantity
  9. dick sack

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Fabinho, Keïta with Shaqiri playing as the furthest advanced midfielder at least once? That’s what I want to see. Go ead’ Jurgen. Might be completely naive and leave us totally exposed? Either way that midfield today was dull as dogshit
  10. He didn’t make a single unforced error for Roma all season last year. 4 games in for us. Uncanny isn’t it?!
  11. dick sack

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    £50 grand a week. Fucks sake. Criminal some of the unflushable shite we’ve wasted money on.
  12. dick sack

    Winter 'who's coat is that Jacket?'

    Family sized frozen steak and kidney pies if my memory serves correctly. No crispy pancakes though or those French bread pizzas that were the height of sophistication back in the 80s!
  13. dick sack

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Ha ha!!