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  1. 16 hours ago, Scooby Dudek said:

    I am expecting not to be able to remember the name of the VAR official in maximum 43 days, never mind 43 years.

    We go on about our past, they go on about a past they never had.

    True story.


    A few days ago, I asked my mate how he was, and he replied, "Life is coote". I asked what on earth are you talking about, then he told me he was still pissed at the VAR ref.


    I had already forgotten who that bastard was.

  2. Messi to City would be terrible for us. Whether or not, Messi does well on the pitch with City, time will tell. But as we all know, class is permanent and all that. Pep, as much as I hate his guts, is the one guy who knows how to use Messi, so I believe the odds of Messi succeeding is a lot higher than we care to admit.


    Football reasons aside, it's the off the pitch effect which concerns me.


    As someone already mentioned, a large part of the Barca fanbase is basically supporters of Messi FC. Imagine millions of Messi die hards transposing their loyalties to City. This can instantly inject millions into City's bank accounts (yes, they don't need the money, but this would make their case of fulfilling FFP in the future so much easier, and a much harder case for any authorities to argue against).



  3. No idea if Ayre is really going/gone... 


    But if he is going/gone, then FSG needs to bring in someone who clearly knows what he is doing.


    Someone who has a track record of:


    1. Mega gazillions from sponsors.

    2. Expert negotiator in tying up deals one way or another, by hook or crook.

    3. Getting decisions leaning towards our way or whatever way we wish for it to fall., 

    4. Influences all across the globe.


    There is an outstanding candidate available right now and most importantly he is available immediately (so we don't have to pay anyone compensation). 


    I present you... Sepp Blatter.


    We get him, we are guaranteed to win the League...














    And the Copa America, African Cup of Nations, and the FIFA Women's World Cup.

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  4. I don't post much but since we're on the topic of YNWA during weddings, a Utd mate of mine once asked me to emcee their wedding (yes, I know this is about the BS, but bear with me).


    The day before the big day, another Liverpool mate of mine (he was going to do a speech with his wife during the wedding) came up with the dastardly plan of doing a "song item" during said speech. 


    Halfway through the whole thing, I invited the speech couple to do their speech, and they said whatever they had to say, then said they has a song item to present to the newlyweds (both Utd fans). 


    With the wife on the piano, both of them launched into YNWA, with full lyrics on PowerPoint and Liverbird in back ground on the big screen. Then sprang up from all end of the room, all the Liverpool fans who were part of the plan. All came forward like a flash mob, waving Liverpool flags and scarves and singing at the top of their voices, and the crescendo ended with the recording of the Kop in full voice drowning out everyone.


    The look on the newlyweds was priceless as with every single Manc supporting vermin in attendance. 


    The absolute ultimate kicker was that the official photographer/videographer enjoyed it so much, he added this whole thing in the official wedding video of the newlyweds (as he thought they were Liverpool fans no thanks to all of us). From memory, the video actually ended with Liverpool badge right at the end too, with 'You'll Never Walk Alone' prominently placed right in the middle.


    When the video went up on Facebook, the newlyweds spent the next couple of weeks explaining to every single Manc supporting friend they had on 'why they have turned'. 


    Still laugh to myself when I think of this. 

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  5. Hi Folks,


    First post here although I have been reading from this site for more than 10 years now (yes, I am extremely laid back and passive, preferring to let my more well-read and informed fellow Reds do the talking instead).


    Just a random thought after reading the 'Premier League players who would improve us' article...


    We all know that over the last 2 decades or so, the Mancs (pre-Moyes) became the darlings of the press with the advent of the Premier League and the all-invading influence of the likes of Sky etc... It is also fair to say that English national team over the same period more often than not consisted of Manc players (especially during the 90s'). This was in spite of how rightly rubbish some of them were and (in my opinion) were there because of they played for i.e. the Mancs. Good examples would be Phil Neville, Wes Brown and Nicky Butt.


    It also helped the Mancs when Ferguson boycotted the BBC, thus resulting in the subsequent grovelling from the media as a result of not wanting to miss out juicy exclusives from the most successful English club during this period. As such, almost everyone in the press and the FA treaded ever so carefully for fear of upsetting their press favourite.


    All these in turn helped the Mancs bit by bit with getting away with murder week in and out e.g. their foreign players getting work permits easily, Respect campaign etc.


    And then this evil cycle repeated itself every year since i.e. the press loves them, the FA loves them, they get unfair advantages, they get more players into the national team, which makes the press and FA love them more and so on...


    Now the following is going to be bit of a stretch, but be patient with me...


    1. Ferguson is obviously 'gone' and possibly doesn't wield as much influence as he used to with the press.

    2. The English press loves to build their heroes up and tear them down when the going gets tough. Moyes is now starting to receive flak from all sides after the 3-0 mauling from us.

    3. The English press is subtlely/not-so-subtlely xenophobic, often criticising evil Johnny foreigners for diving etc, but usually blind to the obvious flaws of their own English heroes... perhaps explaining their love for the Mancs (in the past at least).

    4. We are now the biggest provider of English national team players.


    So considering all the above... Liverpool managed to provide 5 players in England's starting line up most recently, plus the slow decline at Old Trafford, plus the English press' and the FA's failings, plus how the press is now slamming Moyes' United and waxing lyrical over Rodgers' Liverpool, is Liverpool about to overtake the Mancs as the English press' and FA's favourite?


    Could we possibly see a twist of fate for us?

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