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    Selby was boss, but the adulation that goes to O'Sullivan is beyond ridiculous at times. If he's winning it's "Oh yes, that just what we expect from the genius, best player ever to pick up a stick etc. etc." If he's not winning, it's "Oh dear, that's just not the standard we expect from the genius, best player ever to pick up a stick etc. etc." His opponents just don't get a look in. During that final the other night, when he started to come back at Selby they cut to the studio where Parrott and Davis started talking about how amazing O'Sullivan was and how he was at that point playing the best snooker anyone had ever played, ever. Then he got beat.
  2. Kant

    Sky Broadband

    We have Talktalk at work, and I have an annual phone call where I call them up and call them a bunch of cunts because broadband speed has gone to shit. Then they "have a look at the settings" and hey presto.
  3. Kant

    Other football 2016/17.

    N.Ireland 0-3 Croatia. Cracking strike for the third.
  4. Kant

    Good footie/sport blogs & podcasts

    I like TAW, although I didn't know Boardman used to do it. Jay McKenna from Spirit of Shankly is always good value when he's on.
  5. Kant


    Anyone else listening to the True Geordie? He does a bit of the unmentionable, but mostly it's just a big fat beardie fucker telling sweary knobbing tales and taking the piss out of his soft Southern mate. Funny as fuck, the latest one where he talks about his previous life as a deep sea diver had me in tears. I'm not a fan of the ones where he brings a guest on, it's better with just the two of them IMO. The format reminds me a bit of the now-defunct Henry Rollins podcast (Henry and Heidi - also highly recommended) where the 'straight man' mostly acts as a foil for the main one telling funny stories.
  6. Kant

    Will we score 10 in a game this season?

    I voted yes, although I agree it's stupidly bullish but what the hell. Let's enjoy how great we are. We're more than capable and we're actually missing a lot of good chances. Was saying to my lad the other day that someone is going to get a serious bumming from us this season. After the 6-1 he asked me if that was it, and I couldn't help thinking it wasn't.
  7. Kant

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just lacking that wee bit of stopping all the goals going in.
  8. Kant

    Is it Swaps, or Swapsies.

    Agreed. I'm definitely not having "toe taps" either.
  9. Kant

    Emeka Obi

    Has this cunt said if he's wearing a poppy or not yet?
  10. Fucking bottle flipping. That's the sound of 2016, slap slap fucking slap on the ground everywhere I go.
  11. Kant

    Other football 2016/17.

    Heard a Newcastle fan the other day laughing that they still have a more recent PL win than Sunderland.
  12. Kant

    Mel C

    I'm disgusted. GF on the FF?
  13. Kant

    One Great Album Wonders

    Slint - Spiderland
  14. Kant

    One Great Album Wonders

    The couple of EPs before Isn't Anything - You Made Me Realise and Feed Me With Your Kiss - are an astonishing collection of songs as well. I bought You Made Me Realise twice as I wore my first copy out.
  15. Kant


    Cult hero written all over him, that lad.
  16. I remember our chemistry teacher doing that potassium in water thing. We all egged him on, putting in bigger and bigger pieces until one overly-massive chunk exploded across the room, leaving purple trails everywhere in the air. I still remember the expression on his face; he definitely thought he'd maimed someone. Apart from burning holes in a couple of pencil cases, he got away with it.
  17. Kant

    Gerrard to return?

    I support Jurgen Klopp FC not Steven Gerrard FC.
  18. Kant

    Greatest Entertainer Born since 1980

    Timberlake's entire musical career just sounds like a pastiche of Michael Jackson to this old cunt's ears. Same goes for Usher (not that one) and Bieber. Why fuck with a winning formula, right?
  19. Kant


    Never heard of the cunt.
  20. Good game, but I managed to get 10 on my first go... [/smugness]
  21. Six! Very addictive block/puzzle type.
  22. Kant

    Clown Quiz

    "I seen on my mammy fb that u" What the fuck are they teaching in schools these days?
  23. Kant

    LFC Tat

    I'm struggling to decide whether to invest my kids' inheritance in this LFC toast stamp or this LFC dog hoody. Amazingly, both still available from the club shop.
  24. Kant

    The GF Handy Hints

  25. Kant

    The GF Handy Hints

    It's always better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Oh, and something about honey.