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  1. Paul Wright

    Were they really here?

    Eric Meijer and Istman Kozma would be 2 to add for me
  2. Paul Wright

    Were they really here?

    McGarvey was a stitch up. Celtic wanted him St Mirren wouldn't sell so Liverpool bought and moved him onto Celtic. These were the days when we were joined at the hip to the Hoops.
  3. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 1 Crystal Palace 2 (Nov 8 2015)

    Mignolet barely reaches the half way line from a free standing ball, he is so weak and has virtually no fkin accuarcy. Watch Bogdan in the LCup he drives the ball well into the opposition half. Also spot on with Can, I like him , but he thinks he is better than he is and he is culpable on many occasions. Needs to learn Everyday is a schoolday.
  4. Paul Wright

    Declaring war on Rodgers

    Me too. He took the piss out of 6000 travelling fans that night.
  5. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 0 West Ham 3 (Aug 29 2015)

    We have drafted in Benteke, Ings, Firmino, Origi, but look less like scoring than ever before. As we all say effectively 3 defensive hard working midfield players at fucking home to a team that have had their arses handed to them last 2 games it was crying out for high tempo pressure pressure pressure and agression. When bedding in new players it's important that there is a well thought through plan that will allow for a few errors here and there. not sure what's on those charts, guess Dyche had them upside down!. Worry for me is that we all take the piss out on Man Ure as Not knowing what their style or plan is I am as baffled as anyone as to what "style" we are playing and what the plan / formation really is Rodgers will dodge a lot of the press shit as they dance all over the rent boys struggles but we all know the arrogant twat will get it sorted. Very down now but nothing that 3 points at Old Twatford won't cure.
  6. Paul Wright

    Improvement the key for 'my boy' Danny

    I hate to say it but I don't believe for one second there will be any top class strikers coming in unless a make weight on a sterling deal we are useless from top to bottom fuck me BR sacking his mates never . so much crap going on and all this one year left nonsense on contracts I will feel better when moreno markovic borini balotelli et Al are gone first said it before I want a smaller top quality squad backfilled with youth team players so the latter can play and get experience in the europa league let's get 18 top players and compete for the league and guess what Mr Ayre you will probably finish top fuckin precious four each year
  7. Brilliant, cried laughing at the "Coaches" its like the 4 Yorkshiremen. Cheered me up after the palace report. 53 years of age and as depressed about this season as any since Souness. The hurt never fades. But top round up always makes me laugh cheers
  8. I get irrationally pissed off about it, like when my missus watches regular ITV1 or BBC instead of the HD version. Amen to that - need to start a self help scheme, my Mrs Hopeles
  9. No Arnie being out acted by Russian meerkats and Sly looking a wanker in a warbutons bread van Where will it end as Dave rightly says!!!!
  10. There is more interest in the relegation battle and the pile up that is the Championship promotion race. No one give a rats arse about the title other than those snidey blue twats, which is quite brilliant really, them winning is like the worst kept secret. One thing is for certain Moaninho will be whinging about lack of respect and credit for "what his team have achieved" So even when they get over the line due to City & Arsenal ineptitude he still won't be happy and the nation couldn't care less
  11. Everton on the other hand are completely irrelevant to us now, they’re so far behind us we might lap them before the end of the season snotted my lunch out when I read that - superb sir
  12. That tosser waving the banner fucking off Lampard (arguably their best ever player and a long successful servant ) reminds me of the vitriol we served up to King Kenny when resigned from us under stress the re appeared winning the league with Blackburn. Oh actually we didn't we shared his joy recognised our hero had moved on a little and done well for himself and he remains a liverpool God and always will. Proper fans recognise top class players that's why Zola on his last appearance at Anfield as a sub got a full on standing ovation from all reds who knew a genius and a top bloke when they see one and we wish we had had him. Mindless cunts Chelsea all that is shit about football
  13. Paul Wright

    Featured: "Ones that got away XI" by Dave Usher

    Wilkinson rang red nose to enquire about buying Irwin (he had been at Leeds prior to Oldham), and the trouser stainer said no but is the Cuntana available, and unfortunately the rest was history (Story from Irwin himself)