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  1. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    Not a single dangerous free kick position Not a single VAR review Shaw tackling Salah in the box going to ground and Shitierney gives them a free kick! all too slow, TAA losing the ability to cross the ball Another mention to the "last kick" Free kick crying out to be dropped on the pen spot all rushing in, no he knocks it short for straight punt into the box. 3 fkin times now he has done that 2 corners and that. Feels like something is going on in the background for so many to be so poor for so many games. Also last season we won tons of points in the last 10 mins. That now lack of belief that they will score goes hand in hand with the lack of confidence, i thought that Spurs win would push the belief back into the team Its actually quite sad to see the lads like this, never mind our frustrations. As you say Dave this was supposed to be out time, i also thought get this one in the bag as well, we go back to the grounds level on titles with them, in the boss seat after all their glory years we were level with them, then rub their collective noses in their own shit. Keeping the faith....
  2. Paul Wright

    Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2 (Oct 4 2020)

    He floats around being neat and tidy, but he’s meek as fuck and our midfield My missus actually said as they lined up for kick off about how weak and spindly Keita's legs were
  3. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0 (Jul 5 2020)

    This team thrives on pressure and momentum the bigger the pressure the better they are (and driven by the fans). We all know that any break, time off, cup weekends.... the next game they are off colour. They are driven, but when there is nothing to strive for, no pressure and a lay off we get this. I am expecting we are in ticking over mode then bang off we go for the new season.
  4. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 3 West Ham 2 (Feb 24 2020)

    Bobby just waiting to score THE goal at Anfield that clinches the title, That is how that lad rolls.
  5. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0 (Jan 19 2020)

    Long balls are for teams who can't play the long pass. Everyone in our team can PASS long. Allison ball was a pass, not a long ball. Paisley summed it up. no such thing as a long pass or a short pass, just the right pass.
  6. Paul Wright

    Leicester City 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 26 2019)

    Kloppo summed it up before the game. You cant stop Vardy so stop the ball getting to him. Great job done.
  7. Paul Wright

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    I wonder if we struggle when the pressure is off. It's an easy looking group, big game Sunday "we will be fine" do we look a bit sloppy. Everyone knows in Eurooe l how we dominate in knock out games . Even though we scraped through the group last year no one wanted us cos they knew that when the heat is on we fight it with fire. 15 wins on the bounce in the premier league because those money dopers up the road keep winning. The group stages seem a bit trite for us. They need high pressure situations.
  8. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 23-25 2019)

    Us and Citeh are so far in front of everyone that the next position anyone should be allowed to fill is 7th
  9. Apparently people tell me I am 57. They can't all be wrong. can't see it myself, 37 yes. One last thing someone said to me. "you know you are old when your kids are funnier than you".
  10. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (May 3-5 2019)

    Spot on about Luke Shaw. Although those knobheads made him player of the year I see. Sums up how shite they are . Its brilliant.
  11. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0 (Feb 19 2019)

    all this warm weather training bollocks does for me. we play two in a week the nowt for two weeks, this team needs rhythm and tempo, yes they need a rest, but small rests, breath catching rests, not holiday lengths. we very quickly don't look match sharp, that's why staying in the FA cup etc can be important, rest a few, not all of them, rotate them each round, keeps the lads keep ticking over. hopefully now its a week in week out run in. also like you sunday is my least favourite match in the entire season. Until we are 3 up!!
  12. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 2-6 2019)

    Pickford might be "England's Number One" but Foster is by far their best keeper. It's a low bar though to be fair. Fuckin ell, those arms are even shorter than I thought !!!
  13. Paul Wright

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    Agree with every single word. 100%. Like I wrote it myself. All it is, is lack of confidence & belief from fans to players. Dave sir, suspect you are like me, can call a performance within 10 minutes of a game, why, because we have watched and learnt from decades of watching football. That's what I saw last night, despite scoring first, my first comment was we need another, and HOPING we would go for the jugular. Jurgen, please can we have that Heavy Metal football we were promised, this Radio 3 shit is doing my head in.
  14. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 1 Leicester 1 (Jan 30 2019)

    Just backing up something you mentioned a few times over the weeks, where is the run in behind the full back, every time we do it we create something, Mane & salah give and go on each side of the pitch, then running in the box with their trickery …..I lost count of the times Moreno got the ball on left, checked and came back inside (it must have been him in a Robertson mask surely). Only that brainfart would have tripped a man going nowhere in the last minute of a tight first half or take on a knee high volley from 25 yards out, I bet after the game they found Robbo bound and gagged in a shower cubicle. Also where are those pacey counter attacks? can't all be down to the pitch? . I am like you, if they are like this with 14 to go god help us in April.
  15. That’s nothing to what I had to deal with from my junior school PE teacher, who is the only (yes, that's right, ONLY) reason I never had a career in football. He was one fucking bastard him. Mr Gerrard was his name and I’ll never forgive him for the pain and mental anguish he caused me as a promising 9 year old with the world at his feet. Amen to that. Mr Smallridge, played me in nets 3 times in a shit team where I kept the score down, we fell out, I swore in training, and he never picked me again, only as a sub he never put on. Cunt. Medals for football at the end of year for everyone who played 4 games, that meant only yours truly did not get a medal. No not over it 45 years later. Bastard