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  1. Etienne77

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Good old big Dunc picking the team Sunday.
  2. Etienne77

    Luis Suarez: The little magician

    Him masch, alonso, sterling. They never learn the clever cunts.
  3. Etienne77

    Stoke City (Home) - 10 April 2016

    Who else is there to pick from? By the way it's been a while since Case, Sounness, McDermott and Kennedy played together you whinging cunt. It's only Stoke ffs
  4. Etienne77

    Philippe Coutinho

    He's a great player who is going to improve with better quality around him. I can see Barcelona looking to take him as Iniestas eventual successor. Cunts
  5. Etienne77


    I was sick when he left and thought he was a cunt but I was at the game at their place when Johnson scored the winner late on. He was on the bench. He warmed up running towards us and he was getting dogs abuse. I thought it was so sad that it had come to this as I was thinking about his time with us and what it seemed to mean to him. He deserved it but I felt he didn't at the same time. Fucking great player.
  6. Etienne77

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    For me Kante has been their standout player. He was missed by them when injured the other week. Ive been impressed with him.
  7. Etienne77

    Europa League Quarter Final Draw 18 March

    Correct. Made up with the draw. After all the shite putting up them cunts up the road it will be a pleasure mixing with The Dortmund lot. Two great games to come. just got to stay in the tie for the return.
  8. Etienne77

    London Football Pubs

    The Gunmakers in aybrook street Marylebone.I watched some of the Utd arsenal game before the final.
  9. Etienne77

    Man City - League cup final

    Fucking useless
  10. Etienne77

    West Ham (A) Fa cup replay

    Fuck the so called first eleven.They are piss poor, spineless shitbags especially the chuckle brothers Can and Henderson. Made of quavers to slot a couple before coming off with fuck all wrong with him not to be seen again until 4-30 on the 28th. Ward Flanagan Toure Caulker Smith Stewart Branagan Allen Firminho Sturridge Texeira.
  11. By a long long way. No way hodgsons team worse as Gerrard was still here so could not possibly be worse. Nah this bag of shite is nonpareil. I would take Mike marsh and don Hutchison over any of them. Jordan Henderson Liverpool captain!!! What a fucking tragic state we are in. Brendan has truly fucked us up.
  12. Etienne77

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    So all true then. Fucking obvious when you think about it. That cunt in graft is getting it tomorrow.
  13. Etienne77

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    A lad in graft showed me a text he got from his mate whose lad plays for the under 19s. The latest shite is that he has found God and feels he is Compromising his new found faith playing football. His heads in bits apparently. The club want it keeping quiet while they try and sort it out. Basically refusing to play. It wasn't one of our lovely taxi drivers who told me honest. Probably shite all the same. Can someone ask him on Twitter. It's gone dead quiet
  14. Etienne77

    Other football

    Thank fuck they got knocked out. Fucking unbearable deluded cunts. We'll fuck City. Trip to Russia for the millionaires before the final. Fucks sake we'll never hear the last of that 2nd goal. Chuckle chuckle chuckle.