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  1. Rotherham Red

    Liverpool 2 Swansea 3 (Jan 21 2017)

    Im right there with you Dave. They never fail to let us down.
  2. Rotherham Red

    Liverpool 4 Stoke City 1 (Dec 27 2016)

    Great report as always, Happy New Year Hopefully.........
  3. Rotherham Red

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 29-31 2016)

    Great report Dave.
  4. Rotherham Red

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 24-26 2016)

    "stupid camp dinosaur running style. " Great description Dave. Even the Wife says He runs like a girl.
  5. Rotherham Red

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Semi Finals)

    Love the caravan an Star Wars comments.
  6. Rotherham Red

    FAO People with Little children

    Is this supposed to be funny?
  7. Rotherham Red

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 19-21 2015)

    Great report as always, very worried about todays game. A Belated Merry Christmas to you all.
  8. Rotherham Red

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Totally agree, while missing the other more obvious sending off - Costa kicking out of Skirtel.
  9. Rotherham Red

    Everton 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 4 2015)

    I watched my 8 year old nephew play prior to the match and the defending for their goal wouldn't have been out of place on his pitch!
  10. Rotherham Red

    Manchester United 3 Liverpool 1 (Sep 12 2015)

    Two women playing pool, love that comment.
  11. I was 12 and was over the moon He was back as He was my favourite player, I didn't consider any tactical issues.
  12. Reina Rob Jones Hansen Hypia Carragher Gerrard Redknapp Alonso Barnes Fowler Suarez Subs Aldridge Torres Whelan Walsh McManaman Murphy Owen Berger Gillespie McAteer Crouch Player/Manager Dalglish I know this more like a squad than a team but its only pretend.
  13. Rotherham Red

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 7-11 2015)

    Brilliant report Dave, cheered me up on a Monday morning before work.
  14. Rotherham Red

    "Wintertime Shakeup has Reds Looking Up" by Joel Tracy

    Well written, I thought Markovic was the worst player since El Haj Diouf, however seems I was wrong, thank God.
  15. Too right Dave, it wasn't that bad apart from the goal and a couple of Sunday league defending moments I thought we defended better than we have for a while against the long ball onslaught Skirtel especially. We know the keeper is shit at crosses, so why are people surprised he did what he did. Weve let similar goals in nearly every game. Yes they had a few chances after scrambles in the box but with a bit more composure we could and should have had five or six. Markovic, Lambert and Gerrard. obviously we should be wiping the floor with teams like this but this is the cup after all.