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  1. 5 hours ago, Reckoner said:

    Here’s that YNWA from 2008. One of the comments describes it as being sung like a defiant hymn that day as the club was being dragged through the mud to the brink of extinction which sums it up nicely.  I remember how good it felt to just keep singing it and everyone else must have felt the same. I was sat under the scoreboard in the corner.


    It was amazing.  I remember I was stood next to an Inter supporter and when everyone starting singing "Go Back to Italy"  he replied to me:  "I will.  My flight isn't until tomorrow"


    To be fair he was a nice lad

  2. 2 hours ago, niallers said:

    Goalkeepers: Alisson (Liverpool), Santos (Athletico) and Weverton (Palmeiras)

    Defenders: Danilo (Juventus), Gabriel Menino (Palmeiras), Alex Telles (Porto), Felipe (Atletico Madrid), Renan Lodi (Atletico Madrid), Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Rodrigo Caio (Flamengo)

    Midfielders: Casemiro (Real Madrid), Fabinho (Liverpool), Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona), Bruno Guimaraes(Lyon), Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa), Everton Ribeiro (Flamengo)

    Forwards: Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Richarlison (Everton) Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Everton (Benfica), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain)

    Is Ederson hurt or is he just tired of watching the best keeper in the world play?

  3. 59 minutes ago, coachpotato said:

    The City result will show whether Leicester have the balls to stay the distance or not as they’ll need to bounce back to keep up, nothing less than a win will do for them.

    They’ll have to attack us, we don’t need to attack them, it’s made for us to be patient and pick them off.

    Vardy is their key player, either scoring or making chances for others, he’s easily riled so someone should be into his ear all the time, he’ll react and could get sent off.

    We should be wary of his simulation though, he’s got that “drag the boot onto the defender” thing down to a fine art and has kidded many referees with it.

    Given the travelling we’ve done, a draw might be a good enough result for us.

    I thought if we can get through this fixture and the others and still be six points clear going into the cup game vs Everton then we’d be doing ok.



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