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  1. Maybe the two of you can find out with this lad is doing... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1562856/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-attacked-in-London-station.html
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    Fabio Borini

    Start building the case next to the European cup!
  3. Sandman40

    25 years ago today

    Rest in Peace.
  4. Sandman40

    Other football

    Fantastic comeback by Valencia in extra time!
  5. Sandman40

    Hoovering up relegated talent

    Yes, Swansea
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    Other football

    I thought the goal the Norwich lad scored was better this weekend than Rooney...let alone Luis's goal!
  7. Not sure if this has already been posted... http://youtu.be/_X896zEhDew
  8. David Moyes has admitted to feeling "ashamed" by some of Manchester United’s performances this season but claims the Champions League quarter-final draw against Bayern Munich is proof of his team turning a corner. Moyes, who takes United to West Ham on Saturday evening, banished speculation over his job prospects by guiding the club to a 3-0 Champions League victory against Olympiakos on Wednesday. The win ultimately secured United a last eight tie against European and world champions Bayern, but after experiencing the euphoria of defeating Olympiakos, Moyes admits it was a rare moment of joy following a season of lows at Old Trafford. “The big thing was that I could look the supporters in the face after the game on Wednesday night,” Moyes said. “I thought that we had given them something to shout about and we had nothing to be ashamed of in our performances. “In some of the other games, I’ve felt ashamed because the team haven’t played well enough and I haven’t got a team out that has got a good enough result. “Our form hasn’t been consistent enough or our performances haven’t been consistent enough. We’ve shown some top performances and then some really low performances. “We’ve got to get better at that but it’s going to take time, we’re not going to be able to do everything immediately and because of the period we’re in that’s happening a little bit. “A good one and then a bad one at times and my job over the years ahead is to make sure we get rid of that.” Moyes, who confirmed that Robin van Persie will miss the trip to West Ham with a knee injury sustained against Olympiakos, insists United can confound the odds by eliminating Bayern to reach the Champions League semi-finals. “It’s a really tough draw for us but one I’m looking forward to,” Moyes said. “People asked me the question about being inexperienced and not having any Champions League experience so I was amazed that none of you asked me the question the other night. “It must have slipped your minds ... but I said before that I’d watched enough games and seen enough Champions League football and hopefully watched so much football that I know a bit about it. “But I got help from a lot of people around me – I said I would do that – and thankfully we’ve got ourselves to the quarter-finals but hopefully we can get to the semi-finals.” I watched Champions League on the telly and am looking for a carrer upgrade...6 year contract, anyone?
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    Howard Webb

    Blatent handball in the box on virtually the last kick of the game for Newcastle against Fulham. Bottled it as usual.
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    Other football

    I don't think we could have asked for a better result! Two red cards for Chelsea, one for Citeh...
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    Youth Team/Cup

    Cramps were too much to overcome in the end. Good fight from the lads
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    Youth Team/Cup

    Get in!!!!!!!
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    Youth Team/Cup

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    Ah, cheers! That sounds more correct.
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    Still John Achterberg from Tranmere. I think he joined when Rafa was still around? Could be wrong of course.
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    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    If you think about it without emotion here is the plan: 1) Invest nothing 2) Make champions league = get 50mil 3) Do not make champions league = get 100 mil from Suarez Win, win for the heartless bastards. Businessmen to the bone. Tell me when we meet up with the pitchforks.
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    Yevhen Konoplyanka

    Brian Durand from twitter Brian Durand ‏@BrianDurand56 1h LFC medical team on standby for medical in next hour. But who?
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    Aly Cissokho

    Was Owen wearing his Champion League's winner medal when he said it?
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    Oldham - FA Cup 3rd Round

    Aspas is unstoppable!!
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    Other football

    To be fair, this is the first time I've really watched him play but does anyone else think we might have been lucky to have missed out on Willian?
  21. Sandman40

    Other football

    He has lost control. The mikel challenge in the first half set the tone when he didn't get a red card (let alone a yellow!)
  22. Sandman40

    West Ham (Home)

    I was wondering the same thing and I thought I read that it was the American "gang" sign for West side (like a "W") that he put across his face. It is to represent something about where he grew up...not sure if it is from living on the west side of Jamaica or London. He is a dangerous gangster our Raheem!