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    Brighton(a) PL- Match Thread

    Any streams for this match?
  2. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    [quote name="Thoth" post="4938427" timestamp="1511478311 Three goals in the final four minutes left the Toffees red-faced, though. Red-faced?!?!?! Fuuuuuuuuummmmmmeeeeee!!
  3. Sandman40

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Is it wrong that the main thing that stood out for me in that article is that it is continued on page 69? Ha, 69!
  4. Sandman40

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    He likes everything he does so much that he sold him to Everton.
  5. Sandman40

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Doesn't every club in the world do this? I realized we got "caught" but how did Wenger know Suarez's release clause? Shouldn't they have been punished?
  6. Sandman40

    Emeka Obi

    He only wears it if it is blue.
  7. Lincoln supporters singing "you're getting sacked in the morning" to Rodgers.
  8. Sandman40

    Copa America

    Close...just other way around! At least Coutinho will be back to preseason training sooner
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    Copa America

    Coutinho with a tap in for his second
  10. Sandman40

    Copa America

    Coutinho scores for Brazil against might Haiti!
  11. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not sure if this hard-hitting article has been posted yet Everton fans rejoice at prospect of new manager to blame for being rubbish Everton fans have described themselves as ‘being over the fucking moon’, as they look forward to being able to blame a new manager for mediocre performances next season. “I keep pinching myself in case it’s all just some wonderful dream,” sobbed crotchety blues fan Simon Williams, 58, wiping a sniffly nose with his Everton shirt. “We’ve been letting other teams with more money to spend on better players score too many goals, whilst our less expensive and not as talented players haven’t scored as many. And we all know what that means! “That manager Roberto Martinez is solely to blame for our utter mediocre-ness, and that absolutely everything that went wrong with our season was entirely his fault. “Apart from those meanie referee decisions, obviously. “But at last the rubbish craphead has gone and next year we’ll have a spanking new scapegoat to have a go at. Sorry, I mean manager. “I haven’t been this happy since heading to Wembley a few weeks ago after clever old Martinez got us closer to winning a real life actual trophy than we had been in years. “No, wait, hang on a sec. I mean since that useless bastard Martinez got us closer to winning a trophy… “No wait… Shit… Er… Er… Oh fuck it. You know what I mean.” When asked who he thought should manage Everton next, Mr Williams smiled dreamily. “Someone brilliant obviously,” he said. “Someone totally out of our league who we’ll never be able to afford unless we sell all the players we have – well, those who don’t get confused about the right direction to kick the ball in. “Actually, that really wouldn’t be a winning strategy now I think about it.” “Wow,” Mr Williams said, his eyes lighting up, “Imagine how much misguided blame and abuse we can hurl at the newbie then! “It’ll be like Christmas every match day!”
  12. Sandman40

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    Does anyone know what their allocation for tickets was for the away end?
  13. Sandman40

    Steven Caulker

  14. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Hope this brings a smile. http://youtu.be/CGkn4tYdS5U
  15. Sandman40

    Man City (A) 21 Nov 2015

    Since the moment he has arrived, Klopp has said all he cares about are the players that are fit and he can't worry about the others. Definitely proved that today!
  16. Sandman40

    January Transfer Window 2016

    From ESPN: Corinthians have dismissed reports that Liverpool have agreed a deal to sign Alexandre Pato. Pato's loan deal with Sao Paulo is due to end next month and he has confirmed he expects to leave Brazil amid reported interest from a host of European sides, including Barcelona and Tottenham. Tuttomercatoweb.com reported on Saturday that the former AC Milan forward had lined up a move to Anfield in the January window, while Corinthians president Roberto de Andrade had been quoted in other publications as saying "Liverpool await" the player. However, De Andrade told GloboEsporte.com that there have been no negotiations with Liverpool for the 26-year-old and he later added on SporTV: "Corinthians have received nothing. Nothing concrete has arrived." Sources have also told ESPN FC that there is no truth to claims that Liverpool are pursuing Pato. However, De Andrade said he remained confident that Corinthians -- who sent Pato on loan to Sao Paulo in February 2014 -- would be able to sell the player in January. "I still think Pato is a great player, and I continue to be certain that we will negotiate a deal for the player on the European market," he said. The Brazilian joined Corinthians from Milan in January 2013 on a four-year contract.
  17. Sandman40

    Klopp Kopped.

  18. Sandman40

    Loan Watch 2015/16

    Supposedly showed up for training late and was fined 50 quid. Paid the fine in pennies and was sent back!
  19. The pinnacle of my career was scoring a brace (including the game winner!) and losing 2-1. TBF, it was a magnificent own goal into the top corner. I left my keeper no chance.
  20. This. Only a matter of days before Ibra round house kicks him in the head. Wins all around.
  21. Sandman40

    Rentboys - Oh dear.

    Those cheating other clubs! Only Chelsea is allowed to buy a title! TBF he does say they bought the title first. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says that the contenders for the Premier League title are trying to buy silverware. The current Premier League champions brought in Asmir Begovic and Falcao this summer for minimal fees and have not spent more than £30 million on one player since signing Fernando Torres from Liverpool back in 2011. The Blues have still spent significant cash on the likes of Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matic in recent years, but Mourinho claims that others are now trying to mirror the kind of spending that he enjoyed when he first took over the club in 2004 and lavished over £150m on players like Didier Drogba, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Arjen Robben and Petr Cech. "In the beginning of Mr Abramovich coming to Chelsea, Chelsea was buying the title," Mourinho said after the friendly win over PSG on Saturday. "Now, they are buying the title. All of them, they are buying the title. "It is up to us to be strong and to fight them and, obviously, to try and win it again, even without the big investments." Manchester City spent £49m alone on bringing in Raheem Sterling this summer, while Manchester United and Liverpool have also spent large amounts of money on improving their squads ahead of the new season. http://www.espnfc.co.uk/barclays-premier-league/story/2536879/chelsea-jose-mourinho-premier-league-rivals-buying-the-title
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    Are you happy about Benteke?

    He has already broken my heart by signing on a Wednesday.
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    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    Jamie Carragher ‏@Carra23 I wish Lfc bought players as well as they sold them!!
  24. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Makes sense. Just work on the half of Goodison that is empty on match day. They will not even notice.
  25. Sandman40

    Nathaniel Clyne

    I read somewhere (Telegraph?) that they are waiting to make the announcement until July 1st because it is the opening day of the transfer window. Why they didn't do that for everyone...I'm not sure!