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  1. Fi!

    Bolton (H) Fa Cup 24/1/2015

    I think we are seeing a back 3 with 2 non specialist CB, pretty interesting on how Rodger values Johnson here. A very strong attack though
  2. With a full strength team, I could see us getting a draw or even sneaking a win. But I am expecting Rodgers to focus more on the league or Europa for the CL slot next season thus rotating quite a bit. I don't think I will be expecting much or anything from this.
  3. Fi!

    Villa match thread

    Can and Markovic look really wasted in the defence, especially Markovic who is basically a right back today. Nonetheless I thought they had done really really well considered being played out of position. Really hope Lovren would do better to free Can from his current CB position and push onto the midfield to replace Lucas.
  4. Fi!

    January Transfer Window 2015

    I do agree that Shaqiri would be a great addition to the club. Suso isn't getting any chance to prove himself, not even some min from the bench in a cup game. I just think it is wrong to think that he won't make it here so soon.
  5. Fi!

    January Transfer Window 2015

    Getting Shaqiri and selling Suso is like not doing a transfer. I just don't want to see Suso go though.
  6. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    At this rate, everyone in the club needs to improve big time if we are still thinking to be 4th or close to 4th. If he does pull off such a huge improvement in the later part of the season then fair play to him to keep the job. Like what everyone is worrying about is the way we have been playing. It is so shit at the moment that i doubt they even tried to play against our reserve team during training, or else he would definitely realise this shit tactic is not going to work, never.
  7. Fi!

    Alberto Moreno

    He actually needs to stand further back and play like a full back who run into space the opposition full back left behind. It is pretty damn pointless for him to stand next to their right back and wonder why he is never able to get that long ball played in by Gerrard.
  8. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    Agree. Though i think the sack is coming as long as we are out of top 4, other than the case where we pull off some amazing 10 wins in a row in the 2nd half of season and still be outside top 4.
  9. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    I honestly don't think we have reach the point that the manager needs to be sacked, replace by who anyway. We are just creating more problems that way. Though this does gets a lot more serious if Sturridge is back and we are still shit like this.
  10. Fi!

    Alberto Moreno

    How can he be effective when he is ask to control that long ball with a defender 1 head taller than him pressuring. Still a decent player by the squad's standard
  11. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    The ball is never played forward the first time when we regain possession, it always end up with Skrtel/Lovren then they will knock it around the back 3. When you can't be the man, at least pass it forward to start a counter attack.
  12. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    How has we become so shit, not a single thing was done right today
  13. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    Lovren to Skrtel to Johnson to Skrtel to Lovren to Skrtel to Johnson to Skrtel to Lovren
  14. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    I think the attackers need be told that they are to move between the lines, not stay between the lines....
  15. Fi!

    Newcastle v liverpool

    Expecting either Lallana and Lambert/Borini to come on at the 60th min if we are losing or drawing, Can and Lallana if we are winning.