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    Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 - 5-6 on pens (May 14 2022)

    Yeah it was crazy. And the flag wasn't raised at ANY point!
  2. terry symes

    Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 - 5-6 on pens (May 14 2022)

    One moment that had my blood boiling was when Mount was offside, went for the ball initially but then realised he was miles offside so walked away from it, allowing another player to take over. We basically stopped playing, assuming the lino would put his flag up. Anyway, the lino never put his flag up and the ball was switched to the other side and it culminated in them having a decent chance - it either went wide or Ali saved it - I can't remember. I then thought 'Ok, it's that appalling new rule and the lino will now put his flag up' but he still didn't! No idea whether it would have counted or not, but I was fucking fuming at the time. I read your Villa report and then this straight after and your assessment of the Watkins offside for their goal reminded me of this Mount moment. It needs fucking off. Well VAR in its entirety needs fucking off but especially this delayed flag bollocks.
  3. terry symes

    West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 (Nov 7 2021)

    Think that's a very good point. We really didn't take advantage of the position of power we were in after winning the CL then the league. I know finances obviously dictate, but that's where United were so good under Ferguson. They never stood still in terms of changing and improving the squad. One of Klopp's criticisms (if it can be called that) is that he is maybe too loyal to players and I certainly think there's an element of truth in that. The fact the likes of Origi, Chamberlain, Keita etc are still here and haven't been improved upon is incredible really. But then that's what sets us apart from City, Chelsea and Man U i suppose. It's the financial situation we find ourselves in.
  4. terry symes

    West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 (Nov 7 2021)

    I agree Dave, i don't think that was a foul on the keeper in a million years. I don't care if 'you see them given' or 'it would be given in any other country' - they shouldn't be, as what is the attacker meant to do? Not go for the ball? This game worried me, and reminded me of the Brentford game. Both centre halves were so casual and weak. We dominated possession but every time West Ham came forward they looked like scoring. Same with set pieces. The year we won the league there seemed to be a real desire and hunger to keep clean sheets and that, weirdly, seems sorely lacking at the moment. They were bullied.
  5. terry symes

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 2 (Oct 30 2021)

    Still unfathomable to me that Gini was allowed to leave, leaving us with midfielders that you just cannot rely on to be consistently fit and available. Ox and Keita are consistently injured, (or just not up to it, but that's another matter). Never anything serious, but a few weeks here and there meaning they're always needing to get up to speed. Thiago has struggled with injuries in the latter part of his career. Let's be honest, he's missed a fucking lot of games for us now since he's been here. Fabinho and Henderson never come through a season without missing fairly large chunks. Milner is 36. You need a consistent 2 out of the 3 playing and we will never get that without a Gini - Mr Dependable, as you put it. Yes we have 8 centre mids on the books, but surely you'd rather have say 5 that you can actually rely on? You'd have thought they'd have learned from the centre back situation last season but clearly not.
  6. terry symes

    Liverpool 2 Manchester City 2 (Oct 3 2021)

    You know who’s usually boss in these situations? Big Game Gini. I couldn't agree more with that and said it during the game. He was made for a game like that, one where he could put his foot on the ball and calm things down. We missed his experience, and i think we will for all the big games this year in the league and Champions League. I sort of understood why the club took the stance they did, but i'm still not on board with it. We're a fraction into the season and we're already missing him because an adequate replacement wasn't brought in. Thiago will always miss games with injury. Same with Keita and Chamberlain, and even then there's a case they're not up to it. That's 3 with questions marks over their availability and reliability. Yes we have Curtis (and Elliott) who are top talents - but do you want them starting in huge games like this just yet? Against the bottom half of the league you can throw in anyone of them alongside 2 of Henderson/Fab/Thiago but i think we'll struggle against the top teams. Gini's nous and knowhow will be sorely missed. Although it didn't help Trent was injured as maybe Milner could have been in the midfield
  7. "He’s not exceptionally sick and he’s not going to be scoring 30 goals a season" typo or you just down with the kids now?
  8. terry symes

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    People will say “don’t let them win” or “why let them stop you supporting England?”. If you can compartmentalise it and put that to one side then good for you. Seriously. I’m not being facetious. If you want to support England then do it. I respect your right to do it. Hopefully you respect mine to not. Think you have nailed it there to be honest. I'm a Liverpool fan, but was born and raised in the south (Kent). I have always supported England in major tournaments and will continue to do so. I am totally ashamed by the large portion of the fanbase who continue to embarrass the rest of the country with their behaviour, but that won't stop me in supporting the team. I, like many others, don't identify myself with those 'supporters' and it's important not to tar everyone with the same brush. I was absolutely gutted at full time because i'd have been made up to see everyone genuinely happy. Not the nobhead, nationalistic 'fans' or band wagon jumping MP's. I don't care about them. But to see my friends and family happy, especially after the past 15 months, would have been great. It would have done the country the world of good.
  9. terry symes

    Brighton 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 28 2020)

    First time i've commented on here but literally couldn't agree more with your take on the Robbo penalty incident. First time i've written on twitter regarding it too (read twitter but never have the energy to respond to stuff!), but was compelled to by the Salah v West Ham comparisons i was reading. Absolutely bang on.