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  1. 14 minutes ago, Jairzinho said:

    Sad and worrying.

    Yeah , I dont understand why the labour party do not push the origins of the nhs down peoples throats. Especially those who work for it. Maybe I'm not being fair and they try but it's odd how people are so ignorant of the recent past 

  2. 24 minutes ago, Manny said:

    Also the cunt who says that 44 thousand dead should lift the pension costs so new kitchen? Hope the cupboards are wonky and the drawers don't shut properly. Cunt.


    One of the saddest parts is he works in the NHS.

  3. 20 minutes ago, skend04 said:

    Where were you with your moral indignation when all the Chinese cocklepickers drowned in Morecambe Bay? I don't see a single post about that you hypocrite. Is it because they're Chinese, and didn't use EU FoM, that they don't count in your weird point scoring attempt?



    You reinforce my point. If I was posting here then I'm pretty sure i would have condemned the enslavement of the Chinese as I'm sure would certain posters who have beeb very quiet regarding the slavery in Leicester.  In the words of Kurt Cobain smells  like hypocrisy.

  4. 8 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

    I know nothing of the headline he is talking about.

    I was trying (badly) to make the point of slavery/racism having many outlets. The moral indignation in the racism in south america thread feels hypocritical when the modern day slavery iin Leicester s ignored, possi6 because the issue in Leicester sheds light on the downside of eu policy on free movement  but as I've stated it's unfair to clog up another thread when its elsewhere on the forum.


  5. 22 minutes ago, Numero said:

    The original article. It wasn’t Israeli police training American police. It was American police were taught to kneel on George Floyd’s neck by Israeli secret services. It’s a pack of unsubstantiated nonsense that plays into prejudice by regurgitating well known tropes about Mossad and does its bit to add to that prejudice. I don’t think Maxine Peake is antisemitic, I think she is ignorant. She apologised and retracted. I don’t think the Independent is antisemitic, I think they were ignorant. They retracted and removed the comments. I don’t think RLB is antisemitic, I think she is ignorant and made a mistake. She would not retract and apologise, and still has not. I don’t think Reed is antisemitic, I think he was ignorant. He retracted and apologised. Spot the odd one out, luvvie. 

    So it was Israeli police.


    As I said in a post above, I believe Starmer sacked Bailey for the non apology. Which you just confirmed.

  6. 26 minutes ago, Numero said:

    He’s lying. Nobody is ignoring modern slavery. They’re denying that it’s caused by free movement. 

    I'm not lying, there has been a distinct lack of comment on the exposure of the slavery in Leicester, probably because of the role the eu free movement has played in enabling modern day slavery to flourish.


    It's unfair to clog up another thread so I will leave it there.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Numero said:

    It wasn’t Israeli police. Please stop saying that. 

    It was clearly for not taking it down. If he sacked her for retweeting it he wouldn’t have had multiple discussions with her about taking it down. It was only when she wouldn’t take it down that he fired her. It’s been the same thing with Reed. The difference is he did take it down and apologise. RLB did not. 

    It’s not a chore to hold people to account and be consistent. 


    What wasnt Isreali police? The original maxine peak tweet?


    I cant her tweet now but I read it at the time and it seemed pretty valid and innocuous to me but I'm obviously not a senior labour politician who's party is embroiled in anti semitism slurs.

  8. 22 minutes ago, aRdja said:

    I’m okay with him sacking Steve Reed. As far as anti-semitic comments go, that’s the worst as I’ve seen from a British politician over the last five years or so. Labour can’t afford to have another anti-semitism saga hanging over them. Just nip it in the bud.


    But I dont think Starmer has stacked Steve Reed.  I know he definitely sacked Rebecca long Bailey,  I'm not sure on the full details of the Bailey sacking but if it was for liking the tweet regarding Israeli police it seems draconian, if it was for not apologising for liking the tweet then Starmer has imo got a case. The trouble for Starmer now is for the next four years his line will be judged on the Bailey sacking.

  9. 5 hours ago, Strontium Dog™ said:

    I'm evidently missing something because I don't understand how leaving the EU will stop unscrupulous gangmasters from exploiting illegal labour. Did they all wake up on February 1st and think "Oh fuck, we're out of the EU now, guess I gotta get rid of all my slaves".


    5 hours ago, Numero said:

    Don’t worry, Gnash, I’ve got this one for you. 

    Fuck off, Luvvie. 

    No he makes a fair point, this is where the government has a stick or twist decision regarding free movement. Does it enforce a rigorous policy to stop the influx of cheap labour? Easier said than done, plus you are then biting of your nose to spite your face so to speak as immigrants in general give a great boost to the country culturally and economically. 


    One small push in the fight against modern slavery is the power of the consumer, and the change exposure brings, ie that firm in Leicester with the billionaire owers has thankfully lost a lot of money in share value, if these firms/organised criminals (there is not much between the two) are put to the coals instead of being left to operate in a haze of public sedation the exploitation continues unabated.




  10. 5 hours ago, Champ said:

    It has to be said that a lot of posts from just even a few years ago have not aged well. Forum legends apparently 

    I think a lot of posts ignoring the modern day slavery happening in Britain and Leicester today on the eu thread will not age well, not well at all, I think the casual shrugging of shoulders by some known posters is telling.

  11. The nhs turned 72 this week. I darent think what its founder Nye Bevan would think of some of the casual dismissal of in work slavery by some posters on this thread, and for what? to protect your view of the eu?  A organisation Bevan had no time for.  You really should give your fucking head a wobble.