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  1. Israel is much larger than Gaza, and it occupies palastinian land http://www.globalresearch.ca/war-and-natural-gas-the-israeli-invasion-and-gaza-s-offshore-gas-fields/11680
  2. I'm not sure it is, not with the ones giving the orders anyway, its all about money and they don't care how many children they execute to get their hands on it. Israels gas supplies are running low, palastine has plenty, the Israeli govt want it and they intend to get it by any means http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/jul/09/israel-war-gaza-palestine-natural-gas-energy-crisis If they can grab the land as well, even better. They feed their own people the self defence/in the name of god bollocks because they know religious fanatics lap it up, look at Isis or Deep South good ol USA, want to get the masses on your side? Say god told you. It's also the defence most often used in court by other psychopathic murderers like Peter Sutcliffe.
  3. Gnasher

    Summer Transfers 2014

    I disagree, i think he's a fantastic player and I'd rather us shelve the ballotelli deal and put in the extra to buy him.
  4. Gnasher

    Summer Transfers 2014

    I hope Di Maria shows the mancs the same amount of undivided love and loyalty as their past Argentinian players Veron, Heinz and Tevez.
  5. Gnasher

    Summer Transfers 2014

    News on tv that Di Maria defo joinining utd next week, great player.
  6. Spanish newspapers reporting they negotiating a deal for Di Maria, don't wont that happening, need them to lose the relegation six pointer at Sunderland.
  7. Gnasher

    This Cardiffgate thingyo......

    Sorry you are talking rubbish. Cardiff and Palace have been in dispute over the leaking of the Cardiff team sheet before a game last year, http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/aug/18/crystal-palace-fined-premier-league-cardiff-city-leak Tan hates Mackey, Moody and the Palace chairman with a passion and felt slighted that the Palace chairman did not make a public apology when found guilty, he took revenge against all three before Mackey was due to be announced Palace manager. There is no way Palace would have asked or recived a reference of Tan.
  8. They seem to believe Welbeck is being allowed to leave as Di Maria is coming next week.
  9. Gnasher


    Top trolling https://mobile.twitter.com/Beijingcasuals/status/502862792983330816
  10. My money's on it being David Moyes.
  11. Gnasher

    Summer Transfers 2014

    And there are some people who think Frank Malony's mad to have his own bollocks chopped off to become a women.
  12. Gnasher

    Mario Balotelli

    Jim McDonald to Peter Barlow?
  13. Nani five year deal. The flame of genius may have been put out but Davey's glow still enlightens us all, http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11667/8913186/nani-says-david-moyes-convinced-him-to-sign-a-new-deal-at-manchester-united
  14. Gnasher

    Other football

    Shame Mb and Celtic meeting so early, could've been the final.
  15. Gnasher

    Other football

    I'm looking forward to seeing Celtic stamp their mark on the champions league tonight, well done uefa for keeping them in it after they were nearly cheated out of going through in the last leg.
  16. Where would Falco play? Centre forward and push out Sturridge? Falco'a a great player but i can't see that benefiting the team. Out wide? Don't think so, so where will he play? I'd prefer the money spent on a world class box to box midfielder, Llalana, Sterling, Lambert can all play up front. What we need up front is a top class young striker coming through the ranks to put pressure on the first team players, where's the next Owen or Fowler? Sturridge the main man, Lambert the experienced old head as back up, top young striker from the youth knocking on the door is imo how it should be.
  17. Didnt take long. Protests coming back to the cinema of dreams, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2728379/Manchester-United-fans-plan-anti-Glazer-protest-club-fails-make-world-class-signings-end-transfer-window.html
  18. If they don't buy any of his transfer targets i can see Van Gaal looking at Giggs after a defeat and thinking fuck these cunts I'm going back to Hollland to paint windmills and slice of my left ear.
  19. Gnasher

    Other football

    It's operation break a few of their fucking legs time for Burnley. Hopefully.
  20. Gnasher

    Other football

    Danny ings could be one to watch, i thought we were taking a look at him last year.
  21. Gnasher

    Liverpool Vs Southampton (August 17th, 2014)

    That Schiedensaintlin looked very good, especially as he's not played in pre season, hope spuds don't get him.
  22. Gnasher

    Other football

    Suarez being welcomed by barca fans on sky sports 5. Sad seeing him in their shirt.
  23. Gnasher

    Rickie Lambert

    Oh Rickie will be smoking But he won't be smoking Lamberts Unlike Joe Cole Who's now on the dole
  24. If they lose the next game the protests will start again, the club shop will have to stock up on a load more Norwich city scarves.
  25. Brain dead Giggs waiting in the wings.