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  1. The toilet does seem to be in a pretty bad state...


    Obviously the rodent infestation refers to the 70,000 rats who attend games there!


    Apologies for first source - but seemed most thorough.






  2.  Neville was like a petulant child today.


    Wouldn't listen to any reason and just kept on banging the 'owners fault' drum and talking over everybody


    Banging on about how they have only spent money the club generates - like doing so is some sort of crime.


    The fact is regardless of where it comes from, they have spent both on players and wages incredible amounts of money - and it is down to poor recruitment, poor coaching and management and poor performances, a lack of application, fight and heart from the players that they are where they are.


    It amzes me that nobody pulls him up on it properly on sky.



  3. 22 hours ago, dockers_strike said:

    A good plan. Even athletes take on water for half and full marathons! You can get those nutrition gels in a tube but I dont know whether they're any good. Id maybe look to see about taking on some water before the hour mark because dehydration can be real nasty and can affect the brain and body very quickly.

    Deffo gonna be taking advice onboard.


    I have bought a couple of those gels to give them a go - see how get on with them.

  4. 7 hours ago, Scooby Dudek said:

    You should start sipping water approx 40 minutes in, whilst you will have run longer without drinking, it is a good habit to get into. I normally run with shorts with bigger pockets with a plastic bottle in each. Like most things, once settled in it seems perfectly normal and comfortable.


    What time does your marathon start ? Ideally plan to start your long runs around the same so the body/mind gets use to it. 

    Remember to enjoy it

    I really hate carrying anything at all.


    I know i need to learn to and i will.


    I am going to look at/work on hydration/fueling strategies as i have been doing it all a bit too 'hardcore' and it isn't right.


    I did 14 miles last sun with no water - somehow set a PB!


    But it isn't right i know.


    I am doing London Marathon so its an earlyish start i believe 9-9.30 ish.


    I usually start my weekly long run between 10.30 and 11 ish.


    Usually manage to enjoy it, although do get a bit bored with my routes - i am for some reason though apprehensive about tomorrow - thinkni have been building it up too much....longest run i will have done since 2009.


    I'll probably be sound once off and settled into it.

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  5. 3 hours ago, m0e said:

    Mate, you do whatever works for you. We've obviously got totally different perspectives on what being really pissed off is. I'd invite you to watch the whole thing.


    He's cool as fuck about the situation, and even in your clip, he goes out of his way to explain himself after his initial irritation with the criticism that we start games slowly.


    My take is that he got arsey having to defend his side, and that lasted all of 10 seconds. That's Klopp 101.

    We'll just agree to disgaree on this one.


    No big deal, mate.



  6. On 08/08/2022 at 08:32, Trojan1892 said:

    West Ham were pathetic yesterday, it just seems to me that the majority of teams down tools when they play City and give it fucking everything when they face us it’s so strange.

    A big part of it is the atmosphere - whenever we go away the atmosphere is big and often hate filled and that of course it lifts home players...when Man City go away there is no such atmosphere.

  7. The ridiculous calendar, the sheer amount of football, the laughable international shite that seems to be getting more of a problem each year are all unhelpful and players are at risk more than ever....nobody will do anything about though because of £££££'s.


    But we simply do have some injury prone and maybe too many injury prone players in comparison to other clubs unfortunately - players who are repeatedly getting injured....


    There is just no getting away from that and those same players will likely continue to pick up injuries.


  8. 8 minutes ago, dockers_strike said:

    It was brutal when I went about quarter to five this avvie. I literally couldnt have managed another 100 m when Id done my 5k.


    Unless you're going early morning or evening, Id be wary of doing 16 mile on Sunday especially if you arent carry a running water bottle.

    It seems to be almost peak of heat around 4/5 nowadays.


    Good work from you though today.


    I'll be ok Sunday - i did 14 miles last Sun and it was red hot.


    My mrs is gonna come and find me on route after i have been out for an hour or so with water - to drink and to pour over myself and again when i circle round after about 2....she has route i'll be running and we have agreed meeting point.


    I have got into bad habits because i hate carrying a bottle of running without water...i did the 14 miles last sun without and i realised that was pushing it too far.


    I also need to start practicing taking on fuel during long runs now over next few weeks as it ramps up to 20 miles or so and them tapers off ahead of marathon.


    I need to practice hydration and fueling on these runs so get it right on big day.

  9. Just now, Mudface said:

    Early morning run? Really used to enjoy those in the summer.

    Sadly i am just not an early morning person.


    It is a bad habit i know....but i am a night owl and a late riser - and it isn't gonna change!


    I do in the hot weather in week usually try and get runs done by 11am....weekday runs are under an hour or an hour max usually...i just couldn't get out earlier than i did today....started work at 9 and was busy until 1.30.


    The challenge on sunday is it is gonna take me around 2.5 hrs and i just know i won't start until say 10.30 at the earliest...so i won't avoid the heat.


    It will be ok though...not ideal but ok.

  10. 13 minutes ago, m0e said:

    Mate, I give up. You're clearly a glass half empty guy, and I hope that works for you.

    I have no idea why you are having a pop at me here.


    My comment was that Klopp was pissed off in a 2 minute video.


    That is why i wrote 'really pissed off here' and posted the 2 min video.


    The 'here' was referring to the clip.....and i stand by what i said - to me he looked and sounded really frustrated and pissed off with the woman asking the question and the question.


    He even called it silly and also said something to her about 'you have such an easy life' or something like that.


    Why you are having a pop at me over that and calling me a glass half empty guy over it i don't know. Feels wires are crossed somewhere on this one.


    I am by own admission a glass half empty guy, yeah - but seriously i don't know why this comment about a 2 min video where in my view Klopp is clearly pissed off (and where we have already agreed i was not having a pop at Klopp) with the question he was fielding has got you worked up.


    I was not suggesting for a moment Klopp being pissed off was a bad thing.


    I can only assume you have somehow misinterpreted what i meant - or the clip i posted is not what i thought it was or something.


    Anyway no big deal - just feels a bit weird it has blown to this point.


    Here is the 2 mins i was referring to....IMHO, Klopp is pissed off here...