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  1. Will be interesting to see if they look to try and target TAA with Vinicius - he is a real threat and could be a massive supply line for Benzema.....By same token of course TAA could really give him a big problem. Feel we need to help TAA down that side though which makes IMO the need to start our best midfield 3 of Hendo, Thiago and Fabinho all the more pressing....I feel we are less able to help him when we can't field that 3.
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    Sadio Mane

    Interesting... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61600753
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    Bought a garmin watch "Forerunner 245 Music" cost £179 but it is boss. The app that it works with is really good as well for loads of data. Highly recommend the music feature is a real game changer - no need to have to take phone when running now.
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    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    No chaaanthe...
  5. I reckon this one is done in 90. Could go either way like of course, but feel it will be done in 90.....Got this feeling we are due one of our 20/30 minute blitz periods where we win game.
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    One more sleep...
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    All that work and can't spell Colombian!
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    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Just come on here to post that! Boss!
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    Other Football 2021/22

    Yeah and a free easier hit at making it back into the thing you have failed in.
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    Other Football 2021/22

    It is an absolute joke of competition. But that of course is uefa's fault not the clubs. UEFA have backed themselves into a corner with how the European Cup is structured and then how teams qualify for that and the UEFA Cup....leaving qualification for this Conference lark the joke it is. They won't of course fix any of it, oh and another thing they should stop the dropping down for the European Cup group stage failures into the UEFA Cup and from UEFA Cup to this lark - it rewards failure and devalues the comps they drop into - and gives clubs an arguably easier route back into the bigger one the following year, doubly rewarding failure. Just wrong IMO.
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    Nike deal

  12. 10 regional variations to try.... https://amp.theguardian.com/food/2022/may/25/the-great-british-breakfast-the-regional-treats-that-make-the-perfect-fry-up-from-laverbread-to-fruit-pudding
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    I think mine are coming to an end. The cost is getting higher and higher all the time, and it is starting to get to me (i can afford it, but i am becoming increasingly uneasy about the cost) The amount of time and energy that goes into getting tickets is actually pretty draining too - especially way club goes about it all. The matchday experience is OK mostly, but i am a bit jaded with a lot of the modern experience frankly....and i'm not getting any younger.
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    Nice one
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    Fixed that, pal....
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    Sounds like a plan We are staying a bit out - haven't looked it up yet, but it is a good 10 mile out from ground - 25 mins or so in cab....out towards the airport. So not sure if this fan lark is on way to ground or not for us - but as i say will swerve it anyway im favour of a quieter (IMO) better drink and some scran.
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    Given they are talking about what is on sale there, i'd be very surprised if you get your own ale in and i would be equally surprised if the stuff they are selling there is 1. Any cop and 2. Cheap. To each their own of course, but we'll be swerving it.
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    Swerving that fan park lark. Be absolutely chocker, be a nightmare leaving it with thousands of others leaving at same time to get to ground. Everything will be massively overpriced and frankly I personally find a lot of these 'Boss Night' lads and the whole thing around them/it a bit shite. The idea of standing watching all that whilst people throw ale around all over the shop just does not appeal to me. Be better off IMO having a decent drink and some scran somewhere a bit quieter and swerving it.
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    3 hr thing is laughable and i doubt it will be a thing - but checks that stop people without tickets getting to the gates are IMHO a great idea and very welcome. Really shouldn't be hard to put in place either.
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    Wembley could learn a bit from the French. I am not advocating heavy handed policing - but checks to stop ticketless fans getting to turnstiles and bunking in should happen. Was shite at final other week...and inside was chocker by us 2 or 3 to a spec.
  21. I've got this feeling we are going to come out and deliver one of our 20-30 minute blitz jobs on Saturday....
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    Man City - the new bitters?

    Fella is an absolute fucking moron...and he's everywhere the fucking beaut.