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  1. Just thinking about game Tues....Gonna be an interesting one line up wise anyway and more so if cheats somehow (as unlikel as it is) slip up today. Can't see many if any starting who played 120 yesterday and obviously the injured players/key men who might be too risky to start again. Maybe be something like this: Alisson Gomez Matip Konate Tsimikas Keita Milner Jones Firmino Origi Jota
  2. an tha

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    He had so many near/nearish things yesterday it is reminiscent of Suarez in his first season and some of 2nd....Let's hope he explodes ins same way....without the other stuff though!
  3. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They don't - or at least that is what they sing.....
  4. It isn't a national anthem though is it.... A national anthem is about a land or the people....like Advance Australia Fair or O Canada for example or any of the many, many others around the world that celebrate pride in their lands, the people who live in them, the history etc etc. GSTQ is a dirge to an establishment of privilege. For those who support an elected head of state, singing in praise of a hereditary monarch is politically problematic too Those who don't believe in the existence of a deity might have problems with it as well. People in both categories like myself have a double issue with it.... As a republican and an atheist why would I sing this national anthem, or sing hymns... As a republican who believes that the establishment this dirge celebrates and frankly bows and scrapes to was at the heart of a cover up over Hillsborough and who enabled a Tory government that wanted to manage the decline of Liverpool, why would I not want to protest against it and yeah fucking boo it?....
  5. an tha

    The shitness of modern football

    The absolutely relentless can't hear yourself think music and PA operator shouting and screaming before and after games at Wembley. Just knock it on the head and let the fans generate the atmosphere. Ok, the one kiss thing has worked, but rest of it is shite and totally over the top.
  6. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That fat tory prick will probably come out and play to the gallery over it...
  7. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I can see them all suddenly becoming very patriotic and big supporters of the monarchy over the next day or so.
  8. Fuck the daily mail, fuck the tories, fuck the monarchy, fuck "william", fuck the dirge that is god save the queen, fuck all the little ingerlunders who will read that headline tomorrow and have their piss boiled by it, fuck those who slag us off over it, fuck the establishment.
  9. Love fact the mail are running that as front page...all their tory/brexit/little ingerlunder readers can all have a nice big bladder full of boiled piss tomorrow with their breakfast....
  10. It is. Fucking superb. Pissed the daily mail and the tories off big time!!
  11. Loved what Alisson did getting ball each time and taking it and handing it to our players on edge of are to stop their keeper getting in our players faces/fucking around. Class.
  12. Imagine getting paid a bomb to basically keep dead fit, and get to experience winning the biggest trophies in football without needing to actually do anything.
  13. With impressive gusto and feeling. The horrible bastards on way back to wembley park down wembley way were giving it all the 'murderers' shite. Massive chorus of the new klopp song and allez allez allez went up from ours and all it was met with was 'murderers' and then that shit Gerrard song about him slipping. Horrible fucking pricks...all this while scores of them, fully grown men were carrying those plastic flags they get given rolled up under their arms and in their hands. Tory loving, plastic flag waving fucking nomark shithouses.
  14. Buzzing like fuck. "The Cups don't matter"..... "MY ARSE"... .if you were in the explosion of joy when Tsimikas buried that penalty, you know they do! Thought we were poor in final third and wasted so much promising play - a blistering start had to yield a goal and if it had we would have battered them....but it didn't and you knew we were in for a long day... Thought they were just so ugly, ugly and negative. When we had ball we tried to play quickly....When our keeper for example had it he would look to get us moving quickly - their keeper was wasting time/doing a bottom of league keeper away at Anfield impression. They were afraid and scared to play quickly and just wanted to sit in shape waiting for counters when we lost ball... They are a really cowardly side considering the quality they have and enormous money spent. Yes they are hard to play against, but it is ugly. They play like Burnley, difference is they have spent hundreds of millions. We always find it hard to break them down, but seriously only one team really tried to win that football match.... Klopp has now won the lot with us in just 6 years. ... just superb It's boss being us.....it really is. Anyone know about VVD/Salah? VVD going off at 90 mins was a big shock.... Fucking need them for Paris!
  15. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The city's all yours The city's all yours We're off to wembley (again) The city's all yours.
  16. an tha

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    We need to bring age profile of squad down. Likes of Son and Kane won't do that....appreciate they are very good players and very unlikely signings anyway. We do need an inhection of quality players between around 23-26 age though IMO. A good chunk of our key men/spine are in that 30 plus age group. VVD: 31 before next season starts Hendo: 32 before next season starts Firmino: 31 early next season Matip: 31 before next season starts Thiago: 31 recently Mane: 30 recently Salah: 30 before next season starts
  17. an tha

    Mohamed Salah

    I am genuinely starting to think he just wants to get the season done and then focus on serious negotiation....my view is he'll sign a new deal.
  18. Got one tonight.... Fucking hell...superb, pisses all over chocolate orange.
  19. an tha

    Nike deal

    Around £100 a pop those new adidas 80's mancs tops. The ones including ours on footy classics are identical and only £35.99
  20. I'll be on it Sunday....will report back.