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  1. He is going to need to and hopefully does. One of the big reasons IMO Matip stayed fit last season was because his workload was cleverly managed - he rarely if ever played 3 games a week and was smartly rotated with Konate....with Konate out Gomez steps into that role helping manage Matip's workload and of course it looks like Matip may be injured now so he'll be even more needed. Gomez getting injured again now would leave us with 1 fit senior centre half - ok we don't know how long Matip is out - hopefully not long at all, but regardless Gomez is now really important to us. The lad deserves a decent injury free period and we really need it.
  2. It wasn't a criticism of him at all....just feel he was fed up with the stupid questions and yeah to me was pissed off in his reply and manner.
  3. an tha

    PODCAST: Should we sign another midfielder?

    Last season we struggled a lot in first half of season to put out same midfield two games in a row, it really was a revolving door game to game and we were rarely able to put out our "best 3" ....2nd half of season it settled more and it is no surprise to see our results improved. Take the much criticised home draw with Brighton for example - we started that game with Keita, Henderson and Jones and Keita went off injured after 20 mins.  The next week at West Ham it was Oxlade, Fabinho and Henderson who started.... Some of the chopping and changing in the very early part of season was really unfortunate, Thiago was injured at start of season - Fabinho lost his arl fella and i think Brazil acted the twats as well stopping him playing one week....stuff like that of course is unfortunate and in Fabinho's case with his arl fella more important. Then just as Elliott looked like he was settling he picked up a bad injury...  We went into this season hoping we would be more fortunate but it looks like it is going to even more unsettled in midfield We now really need Keita to step up and stay fit and we'll need at least one of the "kids" Elliott, Jones and Carvalho to step up a fair bit too IMO if we aren't adding. 4-2-3-1 is a shout i have made myself before and i would not be surprised to see us move to it in a few games. I know it is about "targets" and the "right players" but surely we must know that next summer Oxlade is finally flushed, Milner will surely be finished and of course we will be looking at Hendo being 33. And Thiago's constant injury problems are not going to get better - he's a bonus if he is available for half the games. So there is going to have to be significant action in the transfer market next year - and that is without thinking about what might happen with Keita - if we finally say enough is enough with him and of course we don't know how it goes with the kids and Jones... So if as it looks we are, we are walking into an injury crisis in midfield now - then surely we can look to bring a deal forward and get one in now - even if it costs a bit more than it would next summer....It also means we are not settling in 2 or 3 new midfielders in one go next summer. We literally have nobody Fabinho aside who is in their prime and can be relied on to be fit and available regualarly and Fabinho is not immune to the odd spell out. It seems a touch odd to me we are in situation we are in with our midfield...a mix of ageing players, highly injury prone players and unrpoven kids.....the balance and blend does not feel right to me either. Our 'best 3' when we can get it out regularly is very good - the reliability of our cover is not great and the drop off in quality is IMO too big as well. For me the Henderson and Thiago are at the point in their careers where they simply can't be at full tilt every week. They can turn it on at the right time and are of course class players but on a week to week basis it will get dodgy, they need rests and their workloads need to be managed - but they have no reliable, proven back up really, just kids and injury prone players....and of course in Thiago's case he just can't stay fit himself. The other issue is we can't unload the shite like Oxlade. I am convinced we would have sold him this summer - just needed him to stay fit, play a few pre-season games and he'd have been sold. Nobody is going to want to look at him now he is injured again and has had no pre-season, so we are stuck with him and he eats up a big wage. It probably shouldn't be a problem to a club of our means, but we are run as a very tight ship and i'd wager that we won't see a midfielder come in until we see one go - and of course it looks highly likely that is not going to happen now whether that is the "right" thing or not is of course a discussion, but i feel it is very much the stance the club are taking. It is for me the wrong stance and is likely to cost us. We are going to need to be lucky on the injury front and we've started on that front about as badly as could.
  4. He probably has the nark with all these fucking injuries that we are suffering at present....it gives me the nark and now it seems Matip is added to list. I can see why his patience might be a bit thin at the mo.
  5. Yeah....we have not far off what might be our bench out.
  6. We have got a couple of key men and arguably most of what would be our bench out injured at moment. Kelleher, Tsimikas, Konate, Matip, Ramsey, Thiago, Jones, Jota, Oxlade. Some list that - it really is.
  7. an tha

    The Foodie thread

    Just smashed this down....
  8. Yeah....i am not a fan at all. One game last season a mate convinced me to meet him in that TIA...I am old school and usually go in places like The Cabbage....but i went and there was one of this fellers on with the guitar - i couldn't stick it for more than 5 mins, made excuses and left.
  9. He looked bored shitless by the stupid questions and full of disdain for the clowns asking them... Hopefully nothing more than that.
  10. an tha

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    He looks deeply fed up with that shite there.
  11. an tha

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Put a fork in it....this one is done.
  12. an tha

    January 2023 Transfer Thread

    With Nottingham Forest
  13. an tha

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Yeah F&F i believe list had to be finalised by something like 5th Aug this season. Last season could off them to anyone - just needed name and email address.
  14. an tha

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Wouldn't you be better shifting them to Friends/Family or even to people on here?
  15. an tha

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Tine to open the Jan transfer thread....
  16. They definitely have more of the "lads" in ground than we do.
  17. @Barrington Womble yeah we will have to agree to disagree.....i really feel that Anfield is a lot 'nicer' than it used to be and not as intimidating, as loud and as raw as it used to be. I agree with you about that Jamie Webster lad though - good luck to him, he has done well out of it all - but i am not a fan of him/his stuff myself.
  18. an tha

    NFC pass season 2022/23

  19. I disagree....the atmosphere has lost its edge, it has lost some of the grit, the rawness it had. Even going back to 2005 - the ground was shaking at that semi v Chelsea - the Barcelona semi whilst still good was just not at same level noise and passion wise. Even the 2014 run in - the games were louder, more raucous than more recent ones where we have been going for it like last season. For me it is down to Anfield having a more diverse crowd in now - it has diluted the atmosphere a little.
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    Exagerated Scouse Disorder (ESD)

    Lids from the fucking Swan swill the lot of yers......
  21. an tha

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Read some stuff linking us with Leroy Sane....would love to see him signed, think he is a lovely player. But lets face it - there is more chance of me getting in tonight to find Katy Perry has cooked my tea and is waiting in the bath for me.
  22. Oh aye definitely. I just don't like the change in our support - it is to me very noticeable and it has impacted the atmosphere negatively....Anfield is not what it was.