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    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Fuck sake why did they have to bring this piece of shit in...my relegation wishes were all with the bitter bastards and the blood money geordies plus A.N. Other i was not arsed who.... Now Watford simply have to go on that list and its too much to ask for all 3 isn't it!
  2. an tha

    2021 Africa Cup of Nations

    Tournament is under FIFA rules so surely there is a rule around concussion and returning to play? Would imagine it will be around 7 days for a concussion surely?
  3. One of the biggest reasons we are so widely hated by fans of clubs all over the land is this: It is largely down to fact that we have 'fans' all over the rest of the country, and supporters of other clubs have to put up with our fans every day at school, work, in the ale house etc etc. Other clubs (Man Utd aside) just don't have same presence all over and therefore are not universally hated....it must (and i know it does because i have heard people say it does) really nark people who have to listen to their local people, born/raised etc in their local town give it the big one about LFC to them.... People take it genuinely badly when what they see as 'glory hunters' basically betray their own towns/cities to 'support' us and compound it by giving it the big one. I moved to London years ago and I remember a West Ham fan at our work saying to me how much he hated all the 'cockney reds' at work, and how as a result he developed a real hatred of LFC and i remember Tottenham and Arsenal fans saying same thing...and thing is these 'fans' they refer to are often the worst sort - clueless, sneering about the locals 'shit' teams and often so lacking in knowledge about game. They then have a massive presence online too which then builds up the perception in other clubs fans minds all our fans are same dickheads/clueless pricks....and it builds hatred. Imagine being a born and bred native of say Southampton for example and having to listen to another born and bred native of Southampton call Southampton FC shite and go on about how 'we' (Liverpool) are better than you/giving it the big one after beating you.....that happens in more or less every city and town across the land - and other clubs fans hate us as a result, because our club is a constant presence to them day in day out. Man Utd are the only other club with same presence and they are hated a lot too. Add that to a large dislike of us amongst people old enough to have lived through our dominance, and the generally quite high levels of anti scouse sentiment that exists and it explains the hate pretty well.
  4. Kelleher Williams Gomez Konate Tsimikas Thiago Henderson Morton Minamino Firmino Origi
  5. One week 'its contact so its a pen'.... Next week 'its a contact sport no pen'.... Beauts
  6. When the bar for penalties is set as low as that one Brighton were awarded v us when Andy Robbo touched Wellbeck's foot then that today is a stonewall job. Loving the fume over it but it is a pen. If the keeper does not make the contact he makes then Jota gets to the ball he had pushed past him. He might not be able to get a really good shot off from there but he'd deffo be able to get ball again to cut it back or cross or something.... So as the keeper making contact stopped him getting to ball and doing that its a pen.
  7. As for the pen...its a pen. If you take the man out without touching the ball and clearly prevent him getting to the ball that he has just knocked past you - that is a pen. He probably couldn't have got a good shot off if he'd got to it but he clearly would have been able to touch the ball again afterwards but for the contact from the keeper - so it is a pen.
  8. A chelsea tottenham draw would (manc vermin aside) complete a pretty good weekend....
  9. Bit fortunate here today. Game management shocking even Jota in 95th min just aimlessly and needlessly gives ball away. 3 pts though so ultimately ok. Good job got 2 weeks off now...we need rest and players back. Think fatigue played a part today as we thought it may....so to come away with 3 pts is all that really matters.
  10. Stop dicking around with ball and being sloppy and we win this at a canter. Keep doing it and this could get sticky.
  11. Would you say Man City will get to 90 pts? That is just 33 from their remaining 15 games...a mere 2.2 a game.... If they do we can only afford to drop a mere 6 pts in our last 17 games for it to end 90 each. If they get 91 then we can only drop 5, 92 means just 4.... I just can't see it - its a ridiculously big ask for us and it needs their form to fall off a cliff.
  12. Sadly the league is gone IMO....against non cheats there would be a chance, but against these cheating bastards i can't really see it. Everything has fallen for them as well. But we need to keep winning to not get dragged into any top 4 battle and of course to just rack up as many points as we can just in case the highly unlikely scenario of the cheats dropping lots of points plays out. I think they will break 90 pts with ease....the maximum we can get is 96 and that is being absolutely perfect, 17 straight wins - so you can see how difficult an ask it is...just a mere 6 pts dropped from now until end of season would see us with just 90 pts.
  13. Yeah. Will be hard today - asking the same small group of players to go again for 3rd time in a week. Fatigue is a real worry today for me, with no real options to freshen up side.
  14. an tha

    Other Football 2021/22

    Will be hard today - asking the same small group of players to go again for 3rd time in a week. Fatigue is a real worry today for me, with no real options to freshen up side.
  15. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Nobody talks about it because nobody cares about them.
  16. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yeah without that collapse they'd be in real trouble now. I don't think they'll go this year...too much shite below them, but make no mistake they are in trouble next couple of years and that trap door could very well open.
  17. an tha

    Other Football 2021/22

    Sadly i'd say not....just too much shite below them. But its a real possibility over next couple of seasons for money.
  18. an tha

    Other Football 2021/22

    Got some real contenders for the 'punchable face XI' have the bitters. Holgate and Richarlison leading the way. Holgate has a grid i could never tire of punching.
  19. an tha

    Other Football 2021/22

    I think Buendia is a really nice footballer....i said in summer he was sort i was hopeful we might take a punt on.
  20. an tha

    Diogo Jota

    This is a classic case of how wrong words get sung. It should be 'he will take us to victory' and 'and when he's running down the left wing'
  21. Furry muff. By 'proper knock' i thought he meant crocked.