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  1. 6 hours ago, Section_31 said:

    Soaps get a bad rap sometimes but the writing in Corry over the Nina and Seb attack storyline is incredible, every aspect of it. 

    Yeah it’s been very good to be fair, it was obviously based on the Sophie Lancaster murder in 2007 and at first I thought that’s a bit close to the bone but then I saw on Look North that her Mum was heavily involved with the storyline which must have been very hard for her.


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  2. On 12/02/2021 at 11:16, Gnasher said:




    I see this unfunny cunt  is at it again....Apparently he helped co-write Borat 2 which if you’ve ever seen it is comfortably more racist than anything Corbyn has said or done 

    I guess the Tories cosying up to the anti-Semitic Govt of Hungary is best ignored by Lee



  3. Been watching the Fawlty Towers reruns on the Beeb and glad to say it's still as laugh out loud and brilliant even 45 years later . It's just so brilliantly written in that not one scene is wasterd as a filler, every one has a moment ...Just genius 

    And the fact there's wasn't many episodes really does prove less is more ...


  4. I mean there's still no fans in the stadium people are still dying and heroic acts of sacrifice do still happen .


    So I wonder what changed ?




    Henry Winter

    mcfc fans @MoSurrey &@IanCheesemant tookviews of 2,000 fans and wrote to @premierleague @FA

    "to respectfully consider: No football behind closed doors; Cancel the season now to show respect for all the lost lives to the pandemic & the heroic acts of sacrifice shown by so many."



    Yet now


    Ian Cheeseman

    My latest newspaper column reflects on Pep’s perfect team performance against PSG #ManCity #mcfc #MCIPSG #ChampionsLeague













  5. 1 hour ago, chrisbonnie said:

    She's bloody gorgeous that one. 


    I watched that show to on Netflix and she's just the perfect milf. 


    In going to come across as a right creep but she even has great hair. That's weird isn't it. 



    No no not at all ....





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