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  1. Her last words were reported to be "I tort I taw a puddy tat"
  2. Shitbag Tiger,shouldn't he be picking on someone his own size.
  3. Stickman

    Neil Young

    Think you'll find it came out about nearly a year ago.
  4. The Nazi Stormtroopers have turned up.
  5. I wish these 24 hour news channels could be banned they seem to glorify more and more with every atrocity that happens they actually seem to enjoy it. Going along interviewing whoever is passing to tell us in every gory detail how the man was killed. I know they had The Leveson Inquiry into newspaper ethics but I think something needs to be done about not only Sky but the BBC is getting just as bad.
  6. Stickman

    RIP Ray Manzarek

    R.I.P Ray ...you've gone over to the other side
  7. Stickman

    david fucking beckham

    While I was watching that it was quite funny as the kitchen table I was watching it on has more personality than he does.....whoop yeah whoop yeahhhh whoppppp yeah mannnnnmmmm
  8. Tony Blair...."Why? What's the point" What an absolute twat of a man........ Wish there had been something about the FA.
  9. Stickman

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Star Trek .....8/10 great film Anne great fun and and for once the 3D was actually worth if. And Beniylin Cuminyerpants is a great baddie......
  10. Stickman

    Other football

    I'm sure Carlisle will blame Suarez for this bumming he's getting.
  11. Stickman

    Neil Young

    Have The Who not got a thread on here??? One of the most influential and greatest bands ever and no thread......I'm appalled and ashamed....:wallbutt:
  12. Stickman

    Neil Young

    Don't know what I'm looking forward to more Young or before that The Orrible Oo (that's The Who for younger posters) at the Arena .
  13. Stickman

    Sky Sports news Girls

    Now yer talking she is simply stunning..... Can't believe people are picking Kirsty Gallagher maybe a few years back but what's goin on with her nose?..
  14. Stickman

    Old Trafford tomorrow, under 21's playoff!

    That ref is taking up half the screen
  15. Stickman

    The New Everton Manager

    Looks like Howard is back on the sauce....
  16. Stickman

    Sky Sports news Girls

    Jim White....well he's the biggest woman on the show so I guess he should be included. But then after him Sawyer then Godfrey
  17. Stickman

    Huhne to be charged

    These sort of people though operate under different rules to us. Whereas in the show like The Prisoners they're left to rot for the likes of Archer and Jonathan Aitken it's quite a good career move, and you can be sure it's only a matter of time before Hulme will be on current affair shows.
  18. Stickman


    Thing with Gale and other cunts in the media is that they can spit as much vitriol about us as they like as we are a soft and easy target. Gale and the like would never dream of spouting the same shite about Manu because of you know who....hopefully that will change now radish nose has gone......doubt it though.... Like Sky news going on about Fergie and how the fans backed him in his difficult early years ......so I guess I must have imagined those Fergie out banners
  19. Stickman

    27 years ago

    Liverpool 3 Everton 1 Kinda ironic with the cup final tomorrow and how shite this competition thanks to the FA has become. What made if so special was that even though it was against the bitters it was a cup despite being so dominant we couldn't win since 74 because teams treated it like it was the greatest national knock out completion it was. One of the great FA cup finals and one I can still remember like it was yesterday. Great atmosphere as well.
  20. Stickman

    Brilliant British Comedy's

    First couple of series of Bo Selecta were really good which just and I mean just about gets Leigh Francis a pass with the truly dreadful Keith Lemon. Also The Day Today..... And another great Steve Coogan character Saxondale.
  21. Stickman

    Alison Brie is sublime.

    My word I'd certainly let her have some fun with my cheesy love wand.
  22. Stickman

    27 years ago

    Maybe iit was a shite thread /title but I thought someone after 90 odd looks would have commented about actually winning and their memories of the double season.. But maybe if it had been about how shite Roger's is then it would probaly have got all guns blazing,,,,,,
  23. Stickman

    Brilliant British Comedy's

    On The Buses....you might see the jokes a mile off but the characters are still great and far better than say Dads Army.....which is totally overrated .