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  1. Paul's tirade against the Hendo haters is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on the Internet, and I've visited some pretty fucked up websites in my time. Heh. I particularly liked his "too stupid to support Liverpool" quip from the PSG "Few Thoughts". A superb definition of some of the regulars around here. Well played, Natton. Internet gobshite bollocks bad beauts... is fucking right. *goes back to lurking because you're all twats*
  2. TK421

    The McCanns...

    No, I'm not "the prosecution". I'm a bloke on the internet who doesn't believe the McCanns' story. So... why do you think she was abducted? And can we cool it on the physical threats?
  3. TK421

    The McCanns...

    But I'm not trying to prove anything here, Rob. I don't believe the McCanns' story but I'm still open to persuasion. Disregarding my view entirely, why do you think she was abducted and what evidence are you basing your view upon? Is there anything specific at all that points to an abduction by a third party? If so, what is it?
  4. TK421

    The McCanns...

    I think number one is more likely and believe that the death was accidental. The thing I'm not sure about is whether it was on Sunday 30th April or 3rd May (or any time in between). Can I just ask once more, why do you think she was abducted and what are you basing your view on? The reason I'm persisting with this question is because you were very definitive in your original post, so I thought you would be able to elaborate on why you came to your conclusion. Is there a specific piece of evidence that persuades you that Madeleine was abducted and killed by. a paedo? If so, what is it?
  5. TK421

    The McCanns...

    I'll ask once more: why do you think Madeleine was abducted and what evidence are you basing your view upon?
  6. TK421

    The McCanns...

    *turns other cheek*
  7. TK421

    The McCanns...

    Sorry, in this post I meant Sunday 30th April. There is a school of thought that Madeleine died on Sunday 30th April because there are no photos of her taken after that day in the public domain and other verifiable sightings of her are sparse/dubious.
  8. TK421

    The McCanns...

    That doesn't answer my question, though. Why do you think Madeleine was abducted and what evidence are you basing that view on? That's what I'm trying to get at.
  9. TK421

    The McCanns...

    I don't think they murdered her - I think she died in their care. I think that if she was abducted, their witness statements would be accurate, consistent and would tally both with themselves and each other's over time, but this is not the case. Their recollection of events that night changes over the course of the several witness statements they made and information given in other on the record interviews (with the media etc.), it changes over time and the statements have inconsistencies when compared against each other and the rest of the tapas seven. It is not surprising that they were made arguidos given the high number of inconsistencies in their statements. Against this backdrop you then have Kate refusing to answer 48 questions when being interviewed under caution. Now that I've answered your question about why I don't think there was an abduction, why do you think there was one?
  10. TK421

    The McCanns...

    The evidence that she wasn't abducted is manifold and if I were to list it all I would literally be here all night. If there is one single bit of evidence that convinces me there wasn't an abduction, it is the McCanns changing their witness statement about the shutters being jemmied/forced open. They later said that the so-called abductor entered through the apartment front doors, which were unlocked. I also think it's unlikely that the abductor wouldn't have been spotted following the largest scale investigation for a missing person in Portuguese history. Finally, a corpse has not been found. I'm not being "lippy", I'm posting about this because I find it generally interesting.
  11. TK421

    The McCanns...

    Just being serious for a minute, what evidence do you have that Madeleine was abducted and killed? I respect your view but I don't think you've looked into this case much. That's the impression I get from reading your post. I think if you looked into it properly then given your background/profession, you would realise that the abduction theory is extremely unlikely.
  12. TK421

    The McCanns...

  13. TK421

    The McCanns...

    Sorry, but it is.
  14. TK421

    The McCanns...

    The whole "checking routine" was most likely fabricated as part of the cover-up. Who organises a system of checks every 15 minutes when they are dining out? Nobody, that's who. It would completely kill the ambience of the evening. It is also documented that the resort offered a free baby-sitting/watching service for parents, to enable them to go out in the evenings without worrying about their children. There is evidence to suggest that Madeleine died four days earlier on the Sunday. This is because there are no known images of her alive after that day. The so-called "last photo" of her taken by the swimming pool could not have possibly been taken after Sunday 31st May, because the weather on the following days was overcast, whereas on Sunday 31st May the weather was bright and sunny as appears in the photo. It is a virtual certainty that the last photo was taken on Sunday 31st May given the weather on the following days. There are no other photos of Madeleine after Sunday 31st May, except for the ludicrous "tennis ball" photo which doesn't even look like Madeleine.