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  1. TK421


    When Boris spoke about herd immunity, that was kind of wishing death on people. A lot of death. It was only the other day that Prof Medley of Imperial College spoke about "letting people catch the virus in the least deadly way", or words to that effect. I believe that BJ's poor response to this virus will cause a lot of deaths which would have been preventable had he treated this pandemic with the respect it deserves. This was a massive opportunity for him to go down as a truly great Prime Minister. He could have done any number of things; halting inbound infections (flights), aggressive testing, contact tracing. Instead, he was quite happy to move from containment straight to mitigation - a move met with incredulity from the scientific community around the world. The Tory party has fucked the NHS for over a decade. They have placed all of us in jeapordy. I don't want him to die but that's as far as my sympathy extends.
  2. TK421

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    He's just being deliberately obtuse and arguing for the sake of it. It's his MO. You were right with the troll angle.
  3. TK421

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I'm voting Green because I think the next sea change in politics will come from environmental concerns. I also want to be able to look my nephews in the eye and tell them that I did something to try and stop the climate crisis they will have to live through. Probably too late, but one has to try.
  4. TK421

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Keir Starmer is actually an anagram of free markets. Almost. Capitalist pig dog.
  5. TK421

    Online food shopping

    Who needs hands anyway? Fuck off, limbs.
  6. TK421

    Online food shopping

    Get some aloe vera gel and a bottle of 99.9% isopropanol. Two parts isopropanol mixed with one part aloe vera gel.
  7. TK421


    Makes no sense to me and sends out the wrong message.
  8. TK421


    Corbyn must be thinking "every cloud...".
  9. TK421


    Italy and Spain set to go with face masks in public. They're now compulsory in Lombardy. This is the sweet smell of face mask victory. UK is being left behind here. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/05/lombardy-insists-on-face-masks-outside-homes-to-stop-covid-19
  10. TK421


    There's a doctor on YouTube who says that the people on ventilators have an 86% mortality rate.
  11. Must have had some decent managers.
  12. TK421


    That Prof Neil Ferguson makes an appearance in the first article and it's not a glowing endorsement. I posted the other one in the Facemask thread earlier, needless to say I agree with it. Hoping that this WHO change in guidance will come soon. A lot of countries with good mask policies now, the mask battle is nearly won except in Boris's backwards Britain.
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