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  1. Big Cheese

    And So It Begins

    If its a poll on twitter then he may get a ban Suarez. After all the ban he got for the bite was instigated and I quote the FA "IT WAS TRENDING ON TWITTER"
  2. Big Cheese

    And So It Begins

    Stan was very vocal(one of very few) on talksport over Hicks and Gillett and I thank him for that, but he's wrong on this and he's hard to listen too as he really loves the sound of his own voice and certainly likes to shout over people. Its all to do with the world cup game coming up in my opinion and Luis scares the living daylights out of England and that beautiful FA who run our game.
  3. Big Cheese


    From Only Fools and Horses has died.
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/liverpool/10383740/Liverpools-Anfield-redevelopment-plans-hit-an-impasse-over-six-neighbouring-properties.html
  5. Ay. If anybody deserves £250,000 plus its the people who actually lived in the houses and lived in the community. Not the chances. Imagine how you'd feel if the club paid two no-marks £250,000 plus and you had lived there for donkeys years and got £70,000. With the club and council on the same hymn sheet, I'm confident the remaining houses will be sorted soon.
  6. I'd give them fuck all and let the council CPO them.
  7. There are two from overseas. One is from Gibraltar, can't remember where the other is from. Neither have lived in the house or rented it out. Both want over £250,000.
  8. Big Cheese

    Ashes Down Under 2013/14

    Because he is a one day player. Yorkshire shite again.
  9. Big Cheese

    Ashes Down Under 2013/14

    Fucking bunch of shithouses. That Joe Root is the Raheem Sterling of English cricket. You're a disgrace to your country you spineless bastards.
  10. Big Cheese

    There is nothing wrong with our midfield

    We need 3 top quality midfield players. Gerrard is on his last legs which is no surprise having carried the team for over a decade, and Lucas is shit.
  11. Big Cheese

    Did Dalglish fuck Torres off?

    same as the shite he deserves on the crap he bought. Take it elsewhere boy.
  12. Big Cheese

    Did Dalglish fuck Torres off?

    He had a £50m clause in his contract. It was met and paid up front. The man who put it in deserves the credit. Unless you think £50m was to cheap. Keep up boy!!
  13. Big Cheese

    Did Dalglish fuck Torres off?

    Dalglish had nothing to do with getting 50m. It was in his contract that he could go if somebody offered 50m. The credit should go to the man who put the 50m in his contract.
  14. Big Cheese

    Did Dalglish fuck Torres off?

    We had a £50m clause in his contract. Chelsea activated it and he went.