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    Arsenal (H) 29/12

  2. amli

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Were the City fans just singing the ‘Raheem Sterling, he’s top of the league’ song before his penalty?
  3. amli

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    Let’s drain all their faeces from their rectums.
  4. amli

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    paul joyce@_pauljoyce Sadio Mane will train with Liverpool after illness and set to travel for PSG game
  5. Curly haired speed merchant
  6. amli


    Is that a Straitjacket?
  7. amli

    Cardiff (H) 27/10 Premier League

    Haha, just when they thought they might have a sniff.
  8. amli

    Cardiff (H) 27/10 Premier League

    Shaqiri is streets ahead of Lallana.
  9. amli

    Cardiff (H) 27/10 Premier League

    Cardiff City striker Bobby Reid admits he's still a regular at Anfield. Reid is such a big Liverpool fan that he tries to watch Jurgen Klopp’s side when he is not playing himself. The 25-year-old saw them beat Paris St Germain 3-2 last month. And Reid will be up close and personal with his heroes on Saturday as he plays at Anfield for the first time. "I can't wait," said Reid. "It will be so nice for my family to see me out there. "My older brothers are Liverpool fans and it's just something that's gone through the generations. "I love football and love watching games - and the PSG one was some game. I got a ticket late for that one, and it was worth it. "But I've got a job to do on Saturday and I have to be as professional as I can. I'll be enjoying it, but at the same time I'll be looking to do a job there."
  10. Curly haired speed merchant.
  11. amli

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Both teams drop 2 points and another Mourinho melt down at the end. Ideal result.