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    Featured: That was the Week that Was (Jul 25-29 2022)

    Good to have you back again, when you don’t write for a couple of weeks it feels like months! Season report card for Virgil? Have I missed it somewhere?
  2. GodWearsNumber9

    Europa League Draw

    Fucking great... Brace yourselves, Suarez jokes are on their way.
  3. GodWearsNumber9

    Jimmy Savile dead

    I used to like Lostprophets too. Fuck.
  4. GodWearsNumber9


    About damn time.
  5. GodWearsNumber9

    Charlie Adam´s father found dead at age of 50

    Terrible news. Condolences to his family.
  6. GodWearsNumber9

    PSN ID's

    Mine's CTP_123. Shit name I know, all the names I wanted were taken.
  7. GodWearsNumber9

    tears in my eye

    I've watched this so many times. Brilliant.
  8. GodWearsNumber9

    Fulham (H) match thread

    I just want this game to happen now. I hate having to wait after a shit result. Let's get back to winning ways.
  9. GodWearsNumber9

    Rodgers Out

    I wouldn't rule out a swap deal for Downing... ...Well okay, that's not very fair. We can have David Villa too.
  10. GodWearsNumber9

    The Hobbit Movie

    Gotta say, I was a little disappointed. I didn't HATE it, but it was a letdown for me. I think it's just too damn long. They've basically turned 100 pages of a book into a 3 hour movie, and a lot of it drags. Martin Freeman was damn good though.
  11. GodWearsNumber9

    Zenit racist bastards

    The World Cup should be fun...
  12. GodWearsNumber9

    Have a rant thread

    People who constantly talk over movies. SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.
  13. Horrible stuff. My thoughts go out to the families. When will shit like this end?
  14. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    Pretty shitty day all round. Hard to take any positives really. The sooner we bounce back the better.
  15. GodWearsNumber9

    Rodgers Out

    I wondered how long it'd be before this shit started. We don't need to sack another manager so soon.
  16. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    Wow, I mean...wow. Unfuckingbelievable.
  17. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    If we get an early goal in the 2nd half anything could happen. I still think we can get SOMETHING out of the game. Villa might shit themselves 2nd half and we might have a chance. An early goal is crucial though.
  18. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    Okay, now we're in deep shit. I can't see us producing a comeback like the mancs did.
  19. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    Great... just great. Still a long way to go though, we can pull it back.
  20. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    At least Gerrard is getting forward more, I prefer seeing him further up the pitch. Having Lucas back is such a boost.
  21. GodWearsNumber9

    How many sites do you visit regularly?

    When I open a new tab the links to 9 sites (including this one) come up. They're the only ones I usually go on.
  22. GodWearsNumber9

    Being a hypocrite, because you can

    So many cunts associated with this league nowadays. Might as well just change its name to the Cuntiership.
  23. GodWearsNumber9

    Liverpool Supporters Union - Upcoming Aston Villa Game

    Great idea. I hope the guy recovers soon.
  24. GodWearsNumber9

    Another PR success story

    Everytime I see something written by Martin Samuel it makes me angrier and angrier. I just want to punch the fucking pig straight in the jaw. He always seems to have an opinion on Liverpool, and it's rarely positive. People bring up a good point, where DID he get that information? Did one of his higher ups find out about it?